Zek is an institution in both the Montreal graffiti and street art scenes. He started doing graffiti in 1993 and eventually moved on to figurative art. Being decicated to his work and immensely talented in both art forms, he gradually forged his way into the Montreal urban art hall of fame, respected by his fellow writers for his style and loved by fans of street art for the photorealism of his figurative work.

Zek is one of the few writers/artists of his generation still very active. It is no surprise that he has helped shape and define the Montreal scene, having been cited as an influence by so many writers and artists who came after him. He is very involved with A’Shop, not just as an artist but also as a project supervisor. He also collaborates with other artists on multi-writer graffiti murals and does a lot of solo work as well.

For more on this internationally renowned Montreal pillar, check out Zekone.com and Zek’s Instagram. His collaborative work with other A’Shop artists can be seen on A’Shop webpage.

Zek est une institution des scènes de graffiti et de street art à Montréal. Il a découvert le graffiti en 1993 et ceci l’a éventuellement mené à l’art mural figuratif. Grâce à son talent et sa persévérance il a graduellement pris sa place au temple de la renommée de l’art urbain montréalais. Il est respecté par ses pairs du milieu du graffiti pour son style, et admiré des amateurs de street art pour le photoréalisme de son art figuratif.

Zek est un des quelques artistes de sa génération qui sont toujours actifs. Ayant été cité comme une influence par de nombreux graffeurs qui l’ont suivi, il a contribué à façonner la scène et le style montréalais. Il fait partie du collectif A’Shop, non seulement en tant qu’artiste mais aussi comme directeur de projets. Il collabore souvent à des murales multi-artistes et travaille aussi à l’occasion en solo.

Pour plus d’information sur ce pilier montréalais de réputation internationale, vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à Zekone.com et Instagram. Ses collaborations avec le collectif A’Shop se trouvent dans les galleries-photos du site web d’A’Shop.

figurative work, solo

Beautiful piece in Monkland village.

Figurative/letter mix in Montreal West.

Another figurative/letter combo, this one downtown.

Zek’s half of a wall also featuring Hsix (not pictured) in Montreal West.

On one of the pillars of the Van Horne|Rosemont overpass.

In a Plateau back alley.

In Montreal West.

This one of three trackside murals in NDG by A’Shop was done by Zek.

figurative work, with collaborators

This iconic and internationally renowned Montreal mural by A’Shop features Fluke, Axe, Phile, Zek and Dodo Osé.

A’Shop‘s contribution to the 2013 edition of Mural Festival features Axe, Zek, Apashe and Fluke.

A’Shop mural in the Plateau featuring Dodo Osé, Phile, Zek and Fluke.

Tribute mural to Bad News Brown by A’Shop featuring Saer, Fluke and Zek.

A’Shop mural in Hochelaga featuring Zek and Dodo Osé.

A’Shop mural in Côte des Neiges featuring Dré, Dodo Osé and Zek.

Zek and Dodo Osé for A’Shop in Ahuntsic.

This A’Shop mural for the Mercier library features Zek, Dodo Osé and Ankh One. Photo © A’Shop.

This A’Shop wall on a Verdun high school was designed and created by Zek, with Monk.e as an assistant.

This Trife Life / Dfek garage door features Zek.

A’Shop mural designed by Fluke and done by Zek and Benny Wilding.

Zek, Simo, Fiuser and Swarm in the Plateau.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 1/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 2/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 3/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 4/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 5/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 6/7.

Zek and Fleo in NDG, detail 7/7.

Zek and Hsix in NDG, complete wall. See details below.

Detail #1 of the Zek and Hsix wall in NDG shown above.

Detail #2 of the Zek and Hsix wall in NDG shown above.

Long wall in Hochelaga for A’Shop, with Monk.e as an assistant. See below for 2 close-ups.

Close-up 1/2 of the long Hochelaga wall above.

Close-up 2/2 of the long Hochelaga wall above.


From a long tribute wall to Scaner also involving Stare and Benny Wilding.

From the same long tribute wall to Scaner as above, this is Stare and Zek doing Scan’s name.

Zek’s part in the Time Is Gold production.

In a Plateau alley.

From a K6A and friends jam in St-Henri.

With Axe, Awe and Dodo Osé in St-Henri.

From the Scan You Rock mega-jam in the South West.

In upper Plateau.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

On truck side for the 2016 edition of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop. The back is by Zek with Shadow who did the opposite side of this truck.

The 123Klan contribution to the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features guests Mark Esprit (top left) and Zek (top right).

Zek (central letters and background), Shadow (bottom letters), Monk.e (left) and Ankh One (right) on the A’Shop wall in Hochelaga.

Zek’s final piece of 2016.

On A’Shop‘s wall in Hochelaga.

Zek from a Hochelaga production also featuring Tchug (right) and Stare (not in photo).

From a Hochelaga production also featuring Trace and Monk.e (not in photo).

From A’Shop‘s Chemin Vert block party in Mile-End.

With Fluke on the right at Plaza Walls.

On A’Shop‘s wall in Hochelaga.

In Rosemont.

In Côte des Neiges.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

At the Papineau legal graffiti wall.

Zek’s part in a 123Klan production in Plateau End.

In an alley prior to the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.

In Rosemont.

On the roof of the abandoned Transco.

For a block party in Mile End.

On a park’s garbage bin.

Doing A’Shop‘s name on a park’s garbage bin.

Zek letters at the bottom of a Plateau mural by Hsix.

On a Plaza St-Hubert roof.

In a Plateau alley.

Zek letters in the middle of a mural also featuring Mark Esprit, Hsix, Dcae and Dekor for the 2015 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

In the Plateau.

Zek’s part in a 123Klan / A’Shop wall in the Plateau.

In a Rosemont alley.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen. Also visible above is Aces.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen (ground level).

Cat by Axe between letters by Zek (left) and Scaner (right) in Centre-Sud.

Near TMR.

In Pointe St-Charles.

In Pointe St-Charles.

A’Shop wall in Hochelaga featuring Shadow (top letters), Zek (bottom left), Fluke (bottom right) and Ankh One (figurative material).

Zek on letters and Tchug on creature in this segment of a Plateau wall also featuring Stare (not pictured here).

This segment of a KG wall in Hochelaga shows Zek on the left and Stare (doing KG) on the right.

Part of a wall in Centre-Sud also featuring Stare and Tchug (not pictured).

In Centre-Sud.

Serak (left) and Zek (right) in Griffintown.

On truck side.

Opposite side to the above also presumably by Zek.

In Montreal West.

In Montreal West.

On a multi-artist Plateau wall.

In Monkland Village.

Near TMR.

Maniak (top left), Zek (bottom left), Axe and Fluke for K6A and A’Shop (right), at the Cabot x Gilmore walls.

Detail of a multi-artist wall in NDG.

Zek (ground bottom left) and Earth Crusher (ground bottom right) at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Zek (left letters) and Hsix in Hochelaga.

Zek (left letters) and Hsix in NDG.

Detail of an old wall in NDG.

Detail of an old wall in the Plateau.

In Monkland Village.

Zek, Stack and Dfek in the Plateau.

<a href="http://Stack” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Stack (top) and Zek (right) in the Plateau.

Detail of an old NDG wall.

On trackside rooftop in Rosemont/Hochelaga.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Detail of a AG Crew / 123 Klan graffiti wall in NDG / Cote des Neiges.

Detail of a very old multi-artist wall in Lachine.

An old wall in the Plateau, in collaboration with Dfek.

Detail of an old multi-artist mural in the Plateau.

Detail of a long mural in Centre-Sud.

Detail of a multi-artist mural in Hochelaga.

Zek (letters) and Striker (figurative) on a Hochelaga garage door.

throws and tags

Wall of flops from the Time Is Gold production featuring Zek amongst many others (in black and yellow, third from from the top, first from the left).


These temporary fences put up in the Quartier des spectacles during the 2015-2016 winter were designed by Zek. The work appears to have been drawn by computer then transfered onto the thick vinyl from which the fences were made.

Ces clôtures temporaires, apparues dans le Quartier des spectacles au cours de l’hiver 2015-2016, ont été dessinées par Zek. Elles ont probablement été conçues par ordinateur avant d’être imprimées sur vinyle.



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