Peru143 aka Peru Dyer

Peru Dyer aka Peru143 is based in Toronto but he is very active in Montreal. He is mainly known for his murals which are usually commissioned. He has also contributed to projects for En Masse. He sometimes works within Wastoids, an unofficial ‘crew’ featuring his friends Cabin aka Cabe, Fasin and Anode. He also happens to be the brother of Chris Dyer, one of this city’s best known artists. For more information and photos of Peru Dyer’s art, check out and his Instagram page. Older material is still found at his apparently abandoned Flickr and WordPress pages.

Peru Dyer, surtout connu sous le nom Peru143, est basé à Toronto mais il est très actif à Montréal. Il est surtout reconnu pour ses murales commandées. Il a aussi participé à divers projets du ‘collectif’ En Masse. Il fait partie de Wastoids, un ‘crew’ non-officiel dont font aussi partie ses amis Cabin (Cabe), Fasin et Anode. Peru est le frère de Chris Dyer, un des artistes les plus connus à Montréal. Pour plus d’information sur Peru et pour plus de photos de son travail, voir et sa page Instagram. Ses pages Flickr et WordPress semblent avoir été abandonnées depuis quelques années, mais on y trouve toujours une grande quantité de photos.

At Lhasa de Sela park.

At Lhasa de Sela park, opposite side of the above, with his crew Wastoids.

On garage doors in Monkland village.

On garage door in Akira’s alley.

On one of the pillars of the Van Horne|Rosemont overpass.

In alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

In the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough.

“Diversitree” in NDG.

On St-Denis.

On a Plateau garage door.

In a Plateau back alley.

Peru143 (left) and Fiefo (right) in Plateau alley.

On the side wall of a Plateau laundromat, perhaps in a collaboration with someone else.

On the side-wall of a Plateau drugstore.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark. Notice the Wastoids throwie (in yellow) on the right.

Detail of the En Masse piece at Espace Go.

Another detail (bottom left) of the En Masse piece at Espace Go (most of what is visible top right is by Tyler K Rauman).

Chris Dyer (left), his brother Peru143 (top right) and MSHL (bottom right) in upper Plateau.

Same spot as above, but different wall showcasing Wastoids (right) and George S Blott (left).

Another brotherly collaboration between Chris Dyer (left) and Peru (right), this one in alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

This is a segment of the 2016 Sun Youth front wall production involving at least a dozen artists. This part shows Waxhead top left around letters by Getso, Cryote in pink top right, Meor in the middle beneath Cryote, Peru143 middle right, Mole Patrol bottom left, Cryote bottom middle and Pound Puppy middle right.

On Plateau alley doors.

Golden throwie from 2016.

Throwie, representing Peru’s ‘crew’ Wastoids.



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