Monk.e logoIn his own words, Monk.e is “…a multi-talented thinker who expresses himself through his painting, his poetry and his daily actions” (my translation). He his indeed a great communicator who leads two careers in parallel: urban visual artist and hip hop MC with already a handful of albums released. He his mainly known in the streets of Montreal for his community-oriented work often done alongside other members from K6A or for A’Shop. He his mostly recognised for his figurative murals bringing together man and nature, but he also does graffiti deconstructed to near-abstraction.

Even though the image gallery below only shows Montreal creations, Monk.e is also very active in the rest of Quebec as well as in many other places around the world such as Mexico, Uganda, Guyana and Kenya. To view his work outside Montreal or for info about his musical career check out his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Monk.e se dit être “…un penseur aux multiples talents qui exprime ses pensées les plus profondes à travers sa peinture, sa poésie et ses actions au quotidien”. Il est effectivement un grand communicateur et mène deux carrières en parallèle, celle d’artiste visuel urbain et celle d’emcee hip hop ayant déjà plusieurs albums à son actif. Il est surtout reconnu dans les rues de Montréal pour ses oeuvres à caractère communautaire, souvent effectuées en tandem avec ses collègues de K6A ou pour A’Shop. Son art balance entre du figuratif très axé sur l’humain et la nature, et du graffiti déconstruit à la limite de l’abstraction.

Bien que la galerie-photo ci-dessous ne montre que des oeuvres crées à Montréal, Monk.e est aussi très actif dans le reste du Québec ainsi qu’à plusieurs autres endroits de par le monde, tel que le Mexique, l’Ouganda, la Guyane et le Kenya. Pour des photos de son travail à l’extérieur de Montréal ou pour de l’information sur sa carrière musicale, jetez un coup d’oeil sur ses pages Facebook et Instagram.

Underneath expressway.

At Plaza Walls.

In Little Italy for the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough. You can view the making of this mural on Youtube.

In Hochelaga.

Also in Hochelaga, next to the one above in this gallery.

This Hochelaga mural also served as the cover for one of Monk.e’s albums.

Contribution to the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.

2016 updated version of the Mural Festival wall seen above, with new letters at the bottom.

In lower Mile-End, view from the street.

Same as above, view from the alley.

In a Hochelaga alley.

For the 2016 edition of the graffiti jam at the Lachine legal wall.

For the Chemin Vert block party organised by A’Shop.

Monk.e’s part in the 2016 Amalgam Festival in Sherbrooke.

Monk.e (left), Strike (middle) and Flying Eric (right) for A’Shop‘s Hip Hop You Don’t Stop project on the walls of a NDG garage.

In Rosemont.

In a Hochelaga alley.

In a Hochelaga alley.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Monk.e’s part in a mural collaboration with Axe and Awe in Ahuntsic.

On a container in Mile End.

Side of the above container.

Back of the above container.

Same container as above, one year later.

Side of the above 2016 edition of a Mile End container.

In the Plateau.

In the Plateau.

This is the 2013 edition of a Hochelaga mural with Axe for K6A.

This is the 2014 edition of a Hochelaga mural with Axe for K6A.

This is the 2015 edition of a Hochelaga mural with Axe for K6A.

This is the 2016 edition of the above wall, by Sermob from Mexico and Monk.e.

Collaboration with Tiburón at Plaza Walls.

In Petite-Patrie.

In Rosemont for the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough.

Another one in Petite-Patrie for the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough.

In Hochelaga back alley, blending in with Mastrocola on the left.

Same wall as above, redone in 2016 with Ygrek on the left.

In Rosemont.

In Hochelaga alley.

On garage door in St-Henri.

In Hochelaga back alley.

In Hochelaga back alley.

At the Papineau legal graffiti wall.

In Rosemont.

Monk.e (left) and Scaner (right) in Hochelaga.

Representing K6A on a city of Montreal building on Marie-Anne.

Same as above, frontal view (click to view bigger).

Well hidden in St-Henri/Little Burgundy.

Axe (left) and Monk.e (centre and right) in Hochelaga.

One of the pillars of the Van Horne|Rosemont overpass.

Unofficial piece in Rosemont.

In alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen. Also visible at the top is a wheatpaste by Lovebot.

With the help of Smilé/Smilee at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Baldwin pool, Fullum side. For A’Shop.

Baldwin pool, Rachel side, left half. For A’Shop.

Baldwin pool, Rachel side, right half. For A’Shop.

‘Deconstructivism’ in Rosemont back alley.

Monk.e on wheels.

Another truck piece, this one with Mastrocola.

For the 2016 edition of the Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Festival.

The opposite side to the above is a collaboration between Tiburón (characters) and Monk.e (around).

This A’Shop wall on a Verdun high school was designed and created by Zek, with Monk.e as an assistant.

A’Shop creation on a Plateau school by Bryan Beyung, assisted by Ankh One and Monk.e.

In Ahuntsic-Cartierville for A’Shop; photo © Monk.e.

Near St-Laurent. This piece was eventually replaced with the one shown below.

Near St-Laurent. This piece replaced the one shown above it in this image gallery.

Same spot as before, done off-Muralfest2016.

Parc Jeanne-Mance container, photo 1/3.

Parc Jeanne-Mance container, photo 2/3.

Parc Jeanne-Mance container, photo 3/3.

Parc Laurier container, photo 1/2.

Parc Laurier container, photo 2/2. Top right is a laminate by National Zombi which was integrated by Monk.e into the art instead of being removed.

Parc Lafontaine, photo 1/3.

Parc Lafontaine, photo 2/3.

Parc Lafontaine, photo 3/3.

This huge wall from the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Hsix (bottom left), Sermob (bears), Bryan Beyung (horse) and les Hommes de Lettres (top), all tied together by Monk.e.

The K6A wall done during the 2015 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Monk.e as well as Axe, Fleo, Philemon, etc.

The K6A wall done during the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Monk.e amongst many others.

A’Shop wall featuring Shadow (middle ground level), Zek (above, plus background), Monk.e (left) and Ankh One (right).

Collaboration with Bonga, Becors, Jotapepax and Shalak on the Plateau.

Collaboration with Bruno Smoky and Shalak in Hochelaga.

Collaboration with Clandestinos (Shalak and Bruno Smoky).

Monk.e did the background for this piece by Chris Dyer / Positive Creations.

At the abandoned “Jailspot”.

Representing K6A on the Plateau.

This Plateau wall from 2007 is now almost completely covered in graffiti; photo © Monk.e.

This 2002 piece is fading and the wall has been extensively patched, but it is worth showing here because it presumably is Monk.e’s (or perhaps anyone’s!) oldest graffiti still up in this city.


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