Under Pressure Festival 2016

Here’s a photo gallery featuring all the works produced during the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. For other editions, see the general Under Pressure Festival page.

Cet article-photo présente les oeuvres produites dans le cadre de l’édition 2016 du Festival Under Pressure. Pour les autres éditions, voir la page générale du Festival Under Pressure.

K6A wall featuring Axe (raccoons), Serak (bottom left), Otak (middle left), Satyr (top left), Fleo (top right), Dodo Osé (middle right) and Fluke (bottom right).

Kuby (top), Haks (middle) and Nemo (bottom).

Ankh One (top), Eskro (middle), Apok (bottom right) and Jasp (bottom left).

Serna (top), Asyne (middle), Minus Two (bottom letters) and Rouks (bird; from larger piece, see below)

Rouks (woman and bird), Lapin (headdress) and Sirvis (top). If you look closely, you’ll see that the feathers on the woman’s headdress are actually graffiti letters by Speak (top feather), Capes (middle feather), Eskae One (bottom feather).

123Klan wall featuring Scien (bottom left) and Klor (bottom right), plus guests Mark Esprit (top left) and Zek (top right)

Hsix (bottom left), Sermob (bears), Bryan Beyung (horse) and les Hommes de Lettres (top), all tied together by Monk.e.

A very large wheatpaste by Miss Me, plus one of her previously seen Portrait Of A Vandal wheatpastes top left.

Crazy Apes wall, segment 1/4: Havok on letters and Fezat on toys.

Crazy Apes wall, segment 2/4: Akuma on letters and Fezat and Korb on toys.

Crazy Apes wall, segment 3/4: Crane on letters and Fezat and Korb on toys.

Crazy Apes wall, segment 4/4: Mistx on letters and Korb on toys.


Five Eight (top), Skor (middle) and Cemz (bottom), with a bit of help from Earth Crusher / Dré.

Acro (top) and Distort (ground). The dancing punk guy is an older tribute to ‘Steeve’ by Quermit and Cheeb that has been preserved.


M’Os Geez



The 203 crew wall featuring, from top to bottom, Lyfer, Ekes, Naimo and Sener, with baseball player by Arnold.

Collaboration between MC Baldassari (character) and Mateo (around character).


Ms Teri, with help from Sobez at the top.



One Ton

One Ton, in the same door recess as below.

One Ton, in the same door recess as above.

HRKR on the wall of the terrasse of the Foufounes Electriques.

Wuna and Sly2.

Dial M wheatpaste over painted door.

Mono Sourcil representing 4U.

Labrona (humans) and Gawd (animals).

Azulejo tiles made out of sugar, by Shelley Miller.



Marc-André Giguère

Adida Fallen Angel

Jaymie Dylan

Louisa Donnelly



IAmBatman on container.

Monstr (left) and MSHL (right) posters in windows.

MSHL (left) and Monstr (right) posters in windows.

Mirabolle posters in windows.

Dalkhafine posters in windows.

Posters by unidentified artist.

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