St-Laurent|Clark back alley between Duluth and Des Pins

The back alley that runs behind the western side of St-Laurent is one of Montreal’s great hotspots for commissioned and non-commissioned street art. Two stretches of that alley are particularly interesting: the one from Laurier to St-Viateur (the subject of a separate post) and the one from Duluth to Des Pins which is covered here. Some of this city’s greatest artists have left their mark there in the form of big murals, smaller figurative pieces, great graffiti, wheatpastes, stencils and of course the unavoidable stickers.

Each segment of the alley has a different feel, so this post is divided accordingly. Follow me as we walk down from Duluth to Des Pins.

La ruelle se trouvant derrière le coté ouest de la rue St-Laurent est une des meilleures galeries à ciel ouvert à Montréal. Deux portions de cette ruelle sont particulièrement intéressantes: celle comprise entre les rues Laurier et St-Viateur (le sujet d’un différent article) et celle comprise entre Duluth et Des Pins, que nous traitons ici. Plusieurs parmi les meilleurs artistes à Montréal y ont laissé leur marque (commandée ou non) sous forme de murales et pièces figuratives de plus petite envergure, graffitis, pièces collées, pochoirs, et évidemment les inévitables autocollants.

La gallerie-photo ci-dessous est divisée en chapitres reflétant le caractère différent de chaque segment de cette portion de la ruelle. Suivez-moi dans cette marche de Duluth à Des Pins.


The walk down the alley starts at the corner of Duluth. At the entrance of the alley, on Duluth itself, is this house featuring Waxhead, plus Gawd at the top of the latter six photos. Waxhead appears to love repainting the house once or twice a year. Photos below appear in chronological order, two from 2012, one from 2013, two from 2014 and three from 2015.

Notre marche commence au coin de la rue Duluth. A l’entrée de la ruelle, sur Duluth même, se trouve cette maison dont le frontispice a été peint par Waxhead, avec Gawd au dessus de la porte pour ce qui est des six dernières images. Waxhead semble aimer repeindre la maison une ou deux fois par année. Les photos ci-dessous sont présentées en ordre chronologique. Il y en a deux de 2012, une de 2013, deux de 2014 et trois de 2015.

2016 piece by Scribe next to the above house.

Duluth to Bagg

This short segment features mainly one big mural, smaller figurative pieces, a bit of pasting and lots of graffiti and tags.

Ce court segment inclut une grande murale, quelques pièces figuratives de plus petite envergure, quelques pièces collées et beaucoup de graffitis et tags.

Mural by Monk.e on the corner of Bagg.

Two pieces by Waxhead

Left: presumably Cryote
Right: someone from the WC crew.

Kat wheatpaste.

Kat wheatpaste.

Kat wheatpaste.



Peams, with a bit of contribution from Scribe.




It’s Alive

Miss Conduct

Stencil by Dookie3.

Left: stencil by Graffiti Knight on the ground, guarding the entrance of this segment of the alley
Right: wheatpastes by Futur Lasor Now (top) and Swarm (bottom)

Collaboration between Stela and Zu.

Another collaboration between Stela and Zu.

Left: wheatpaste by unidentified artist
Right: door featuring small paste-ups by Tava (top) and Swarm (bottom)

G.Knight poster.

G.Knight wheatpaste.

Starkey wood-up.

Unidentified artist.

Unidentified artist on the left, El Moot Moot on the right, with tags by Feros and Thief!, at the Duluth end of the alley.

El Moot Moot again, this time at the Bagg end of this segment of the alley. Also visible are a sticker and part of a wheatpaste by ROC514.

El Moot Moot.

Unidentified artist.

ROC514 (top) and Flavor (bottom).

ROC514 representing the KLC crew.


Akym (left) and Lapin (right).


Lapin (with LSNR?).

Paste-up by Ether TFB

Paste-up by unidentified artist

Poster by unidentified artist.

Poster by unidentified artist.

Stencil by unidentified artist

Canvas by Flavor tied to a post.

Bagg to St-Cuthbert

This segment features mostly great graffiti as well as big figurative pieces.

Ce segment est caractérisé par un grand nombre de graffitis de qualité et quelques grandes pièces figuratives.

Different views of the Bagg end of the alley in early 2014 (above) and late 2014 (below). Main artist seen here is presumably Axe.

Her, Seker, Sirvis and others.

Further into the alley, Emske at the forefront.

Piece by Jaber at the forefront.


Hitem‘s companion piece to the Naimo one above






Jaws in the same spot as his other piece above, but about a week later.

Narc in the same spot as his other piece above, but about a week later.

Kzam in the same spot as his other piece above, but about a week later.

Off-muralfest piece by Beaf




Maine aka Secret beneath the Bask one seen above.






Herlen as above, but one week later.

One Tulip and Nems for Orgasthme.

Nems representing Orgasthme.

One Tulip representing Orgasthme.



Further into the alley, view from 2012. At the top: Waxhead and perhaps other members of the then Wzrds Gng, Gawd, then more Waxhead. Photo © Aline M.

Same wall as above, in 2014, with new graffiti at the bottom, graffiti over most of the top, and new creature by Waxhead at the end (close-up below).

The Waxhead piece in 2013 (left) and in 2014 (right). Left photo © Mr Mocha.

The Waxhead piece seen in the 2012 photo above was later covered by graffiti from Dré aka Earth Crusher.

(photo © Aline M)

Further into the alley.

Above and below: same wall, different times.

Regimental One Ton (left) and Waxhead (right).

Cryote and Stela at the time for the Wzrds Gng (left) and Zoids (right), in 2012. Everything but the graffiti at the top has since been painted over (see next). Photo © Aline M.

For many years this garage door was covered with a piece by Peru143. The yellow and red throwie on the right is by Wastoids, Peru143’s ‘crew’.

Same spot as above, redone by Turtle Caps. Above the door is a new fat throwie by Sake and to the right the older throwie by Peru143‘s Wastoids. Also visible are tags by Omen and others.

After Turtle Caps redid the above garage door, it was consistently vandalised by taggers. A turf war ensued, with each party going over each other within a day or two. This is the third version of Turtle Caps’ contribution.

See above. This is something like Turtle Caps‘ seventh version of this door. Notice the new Waxhead piece on the left.

Turtle Caps‘s eighth version of the above garage door.

Turtle Caps in the same spot as above, one year later.

A Positive Creation by Chris Dyer on the left and wheatpastes by Turtle Caps top right.

Same spot as above, after Chris Dyer repaired and slightly altered his piece. Chris’ brother Peru143 filled the space to his right.

El Moot Moot.

El Moot Moot (left) and Waxhead (right)

Group piece featuring Waxhead (left and barely visible in bottom corner), Turtle Caps (above ladder), Futur Lasor Now (above door), Deadliest Rosa (middle bottom), Loks (right) and El Moot Moot (right wall).

SBU One and MSHL (see next).

Wzrds Gng crawling over the SBU One and MSHL wall seen above.






Huge Sake throwie







Beeforeo aka Bfour (bottom) and Scaner (top); the Scaner piece is still there but not the bottom part (photo © Aline M).


Graffiti by Soma and LS (Eles)

Wheatpaste by Kat

Pasted poster by Kat

Stencil by Graffiti Knight on the ground, guarding the entrance of this segment of the alley


Scaner flop.

Some (left) and Maps (right).


Unidentified artist.

Naia sticker (left) and Scaner paste-up (right).

Left: Turtle Caps wheatpaste at the end of this segment of the alley
Right: ROC514

Unknown artist

Left: small stencil from Damon
Right: hand-drawn piece by unidentified artist

Quickie by Eskae.


Figurative tags by Loopkin.

Poster by Elsol25. Also visible bottom left is a small paste-up by Gwan (see next).

Gwan paste-up.

The Edgy Way poster

Piece by Ali in the middle of this segment of the alley.


As we cross St-Cuthbert over to the next segment of the alley, contributions to the Mural Festival can be seen on the lateral wall of a St-Laurent pawn shop. Shown below is Scaner and Axe’s contribution to the 2014 edition of the festival, which replaced the piece done by WZRDS GNG for the 2013 edition (also shown below). Until 2012 this wall only featured tags and uninteresting graffiti.

Alors que nous traversons St-Cuthbert vers le prochain segment de la ruelle, nous sommes en mesure de voir une des contributions au Festival Mural sur le mur lateral d’un pawn shop de la rue St-Laurent. La gallerie-photo ci-dessous inclut la contribution de Scaner et Axe à l’édition 2014 ainsi que la contribution du collectif WZRDS GNG à l’édition 2013 du festival. Avant sa sélection comme canevas par le Festival Mural, ce mur ne présentait que des tags et graffitis sans grand intérêt.

KG’s (Scaner, Axe, etc) collective contribution to the 2014 edition of the Mural Festival. Lateral view above and back view below.

WZRDS GNG‘s collective contribution to the 2013 edition of the Mural Festival. Lateral view above and back view below.

Stela‘s signature Starchild is recognizable in this photo © Vitrolaeletrica.

St-Cuthbert to Roy

Omen‘s contribution to the 2013 edition of the Mural Festival was visible (until it was replaced with a new mural; see next) from this segment of the alley just as much as from St-Laurent, through a parking space accessible from both sides. At the bottom of the mural are graffiti pieces by Omen and Five Eight.

The above Omen mural was replaced by one from Nychos for the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.

Great piece by Nixon.

Waxhead (left) and Foxtwat (right) on doors.

Two smaller pieces by other members of the then Wzrds Gng, perhaps Cryote.

Waxhead (top) and Lyfer (bottom)


Legal on letters and Jmoe on characters.



Elsol25 in the same spot as above, one week later.









Ratur(?) in same spot as image above.


Dear graffiti.



PH crew, Aper, etc.

View from 2012 (photo © Aline M).

Begor from KHB.

VC crew graffiti.

Futur Lasor Now wheatpaste (right) and unidentified artist (left)

Pposter by Elsol25.

Poster by Elsol25. Also visible on the right is a Portrait Of A Vandal by Miss Me.

Miss Me wheatpaste.

Kat poster

Kat poster

Two shots of the same delivery door, from early 2014 (left) and late 2014 (right). Features wheatpastes by Mono Sourcil (top right) and Scaner (centre left) over tags and an old Bill W poster. The Labrona wheatpaste at the bottom (left photo) was pasted over with something from A in B (right photo).

Left: pasted paws by Swarm
Right: stencil by unidentified artist (top) and small paste-ups by Swarm (centre) and Stela (bottom)

ROC514 (right) and Flavor (left).

Wheatpaste/stencil combo by Cazo

Left: Swaz piece in and around a hole in the wall.
Right: heavily tagged door featuring wheatpastes by Rage5 and unidentified artist, a Waxhead drawing at the bottom and a white drawing of the head of some horned animal by an unidentifed artist.

Two pieces by Swaz with lots of tags.

Coz/Snail from the WC crew and lots of tags.

Left: screaming heart wheatpaste by Tava
Right: Futur Lasor Now poster

Unidentified artists

Paste-up on wooden support by the It’s OK Project.

Stickers by Naia (left, centre) and the It’s OK Project (right).


Halfway between St-Cuthbert and Des Pins, a short perpendicular alley connects our alley to St-Laurent and the beginning of Roy. This segment is therefore visible from St-Laurent and is much cleaner (as in ‘free of tags’) than the back alley.

A mi-chemin entre St-Cuthbert et Des Pins, une courte ruelle perpendiculaire permet de rejoindre la rue St-Laurent et le début de Roy. Les quelques oeuvres qui y sont présentées sont en conséquence visibles de la grande artère et les murs ne sont pas aussi vandalisés par des tags que les murs de la ruelle arrière.




Earth Crusher

The AG Crew

Johste (letters) and Bezoman (character).

Sceak representing FT (Fresh Tagz, Fun Times, etc.)

This city needs more Fonki.

Mural by M. Abstrakt.


G.Knight wheatpaste.

Roy to Des Pins

Waxhead and probably someone else from the then Waxhead.

Two by Waxhead

Waxhead. Also visible in the top left corner of the photo is a wood-up by Loks; see further down this gallery for close-up.

Same spot as above, redone by Waxhead after being vandalised.

Killa EF

Futur Lasor Now

Andrew The Alien


Left: door featuring work by Waxhead (in red) and Cryote (in blue), as well as a lot of tags
Right: unidentified artist

Waxhead? for the then Wzrds Gng.


Starkey wood-up.

Wood-up by Loks.

Lovebot wheatpaste.

Lovebot wheatpaste at the Des Pins end of the alley.

El Moot Moot

El Moot Moot

Wheatpaste by Swarm.

Wheatpaste by Kat.

Sloast wheatpaste.

Gwan paste-up.

unidentified artist.


Wood-up by City Kitty.


Stencil by Dookie3.

Paste-ups by Turtle Caps (left) and Futur Lasor Now (right)

Two smaller paste-ups/stickers by Futur Lasor Now

Two of ROC514‘s iconic bird


Two smaller pieces by unidentified artists

Drawing (left) and stencil (right) by unidentified artists


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