Stare will undoubtedly make history as one of the greatest Montreal artists of our era. After becoming one of the best graffiti writers, he has taken his place as one of our city’s best muralists. He has managed to earn the respect of his peers in both fields. His graffiti pieces – which by the way are usually done on legal walls and places where this artform is tolerated – are rarely hit by taggers, which is the ultimate sign of respect in this field.

The image gallery below is split into two main sections: murals and graffiti. However, in some instances, the line between the two can be blurry. Stare’s murals often include his name as a figurative element, albeit sometimes deconstructed to near-abstraction (see his Chinatown mural below for an example of this). And on the other hand his graffiti pieces can be as big and elaborate as your typical mural.

For more information on Stare, and to see more of his work than what is shown here, check out his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Il n’y a aucun doute que Stare va passer à l’histoire comme un des plus grands artistes Montréalais de notre époque. Non seulement s’est-il affirmé comme un des plus grands du milieu du graffiti où il a fait ses débuts, mais depuis un certain temps maintenant il est devenu un des meilleurs muralistes de Montréal. De plus, il a acquis dans ces deux domaines le respect de ses pairs. Ses oeuvres graffiti qui, soit dit en passant, sont généralement créées sur des murs légaux et à d’autres endroits où cet art est toléré, sont rarement touchées par les taggeurs, preuve ultime de respect dans ce domaine.

La galerie-photo ci-dessous est séparée en deux grandes sections: les murales et les graffitis. Cependant, dans certains cas la ligne entre les deux peut être floue. Les murales de Stare peuvent contenir son nom comme élément figuratif, parfois décomposé à la limite de l’abstraction (voir la murale de Chinatown ci-dessous comme exemple). Et inversement, ses pièces de graffitis sont parfois aussi grandes et aussi élaborées qu’une murale peut l’être.

Pour de plus amples informations sur Stare, et pour en voir plus que ce qui est présenté ici, jetez un coup d’oeil à ses pages Facebook et Instagram.

Stare sticker
Stare sticker


Contribution to the 2018 edition of Mural Festival.

Autumn 2016 mural in Mile End.

Impressive 2015 mural in the Plateau.

2015 mural by Stare and Ware.

In the Quartier des Spectacles.

Graffiti mural in Chinatown.

Mural in the village.

Stare and Tchug for the 2013 edition of Mural Festival.

Collaboration with Zek (letters bottom left) and Tchug (creature). Stare’s involvement is mostly the deconstructed letters in the right half.

Mural piece on one of the pillars of the Van Horne|Rosemont overpass.

Mural by Scaner, Axe and Stare in Hochelaga. Stare’s contribution is the blue ‘K’ bottom left and the yellow ‘G’ on the right (making the name of the KG crew).

Scaner and Stare wall in Old Montreal.

Old NME wall in Centre-Sud featuring Stare amongs others.

This Petite-Patrie wall is credited to Stare, Hest and Sino.

NME wall in the Plateau featuring Stare, Kers, etc (part 1/4).

NME wall in the Plateau featuring Stare, Kers, etc (part 2/4).

NME wall in the Plateau featuring Stare, Kers, etc (part 3/4).

NME wall in the Plateau featuring Stare, Kers, etc (part 4/4).

Art Du Commum murals

Stare is part of Art Du Commun (a French pun on Hors Du Commun – “out of the ordinary”), an artist collective dedicated to the creation of murals – often large scale ones – that are community-based or socially-minded. The biography found on states that their “…pieces are designed to integrate into their environments while respecting, incorporating, and enriching the existing architecture. Artducommun’s creative process takes into consideration the history and experience of a work’s location. The positioning of each mural thus creates a space for social interaction, while offering passersby a original and timeless visual experience.”

Stare fait partie du collectif Art Du Commun dont le mandat est la création de murales (souvent de très grande taille) à vocation communautaire ou sociale. La biographie trouvée sur leur site web indique que leurs “…oeuvres sont pensées et conçues pour s’intégrer à leur environnement en respectant, incorporant et enrichissant l’architecture existante. [Leur] démarche de création consiste à [se] laisser imprégner par l’histoire, le vécu et la vocation du lieu de la réalisation. L’emplacement de l’oeuvre devient alors un lieu d’interaction sociale, tout en offrant aux passants un visuel intemporel et hors du commun.”

This iconic wall in Old Montreal is one of our city’s biggest murals. It was created in 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the World Expo.

Mural in the Quartier des Spectacles.

Huge mural on the wall of a school in the Plateau.

Mural in the village.

In Rosemont; there’s more on the left but it’s now hidden by a building that was just built in front of it.

At the Lachine legal graffiti wall.

Graffiti mural in the Plateau.

In Little Burgandy.

In Little Burgandy.

In Little Burgandy.

In Lachine.

letter pieces

All pieces shown below were commissioned or were done on legal graffiti walls or on walls where this artform is tolerated.

Toutes les pièces présentées ci-dessous ont été commandées ou exécutées sur des murs légaux ou autres endroits où cette forme d’art est tolérée.

In the Plateau.

In the Plateau.

This detail of the Scan You Rock tribute wall to Scaner shows Stare’s part. Click on the latter link to view the complete wall.

For the Surfaces outside artshow.

In the upper Plateau.

Tribute to his KG brother Scaner in Wynwood, Miami.

From a long tribute wall to Scaner also involving Zek and Benny Wilding.

From the same long tribute wall to Scaner as above, this is Stare and Zek doing Scan’s name.

Stare’s piece in the Time Is Gold production.

Stare on letters and Axe along the ground, in a dark recessed parking space in the Plateau.

In the Quartier Latin.

At the abandoned Montreal Hippodrome.

Stare’s part in the Scan You Rock mega-jam.

In the Plateau.

In Hochelaga.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

In Centre-sud.

Stare’s contribution to Plaza Walls.

This huge graffiti mural next to the alley between St-Denis and Drolet is about to disappear.

In the Plateau.

This official piece is found near the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

In Rosemont.

In Pointe St-Charles.

In Pointe St-Charles.

In Hochelaga.

In Angus.

In Ste-Marie.


In Mile End.

Same wall as above, but redone in 2016.

In the Plateau.

In the Plateau.

With Sino in Plateau End.

In Hochelaga; this is a detail of a larger wall also featuring Axe, Scaner, Zek and Sewk.

In Ste-Marie.

On a Petite-Patrie rooftop.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

In the village.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Same spot as above, but one year earlier.

At Fattal.

By West Island highway.

In Rosemont.

In Rosemont.

In St-Henri.

Somewhere between Hochelaga and Mercier.

In the Quartier des Spectacles, this is a detail of a larger wall.

In the Plateau.

In a Ville-Marie park.

Throw on the front is by Zek.

Floppy throws by Scaner and Stare.

Throw found in Pointe St-Charles.

Wall of flops from the Time Is Gold production featuring Stare amongst many others (in white and red, third from from the top, second from the left).

Ageing oldie in Mile End.

In Mile End.

In Mile End.

An old classic on a Plateau rooftop.

A tag.

A tag.

A tag on an abandoned road.

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