Mural Festival 2016

This article features the new murals created during the 2016 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic (June 9th to 19th).

Five earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the sponsored one by Bicicleta Sem Freio and the 4-Tin mural from the 2015 edition, the Alexis Diaz one from the 2014 edition, the LNY mural from the 2013 edition, as well as the Ashop mural done last autumn because the wall was not ready on time for last year’s edition.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area. It starts from ‘mural central’ behind the LNDMRK offices, goes up St-Dominique and the eastern side of St-Laurent then down Clark and the western side of St-Laurent.

See also: Google’s Street Art Project feature on the Mural Festival.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2016 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement (9 au 19 juin).

Cinq murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Bicicleta Sem Freio et de 4-Tin produites pour l’édition 2015, celle d’Alexis Diaz produite dans le cadre de l’édition 2014, celle de LNY datant de l’édition 2013 ainsi que la murale commanditée d’Ashop produite l’automne dernier sur un mur qui n’était pas prêt à temps pour le festival.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre connectant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier. Le tour débute à la ‘place des murales’ derrière les bureaux de LNDMRK, monte vers le nord le long de St-Dominique et le côté est de St-Laurent, puis redescend vers le sud le long de Clark et le côté ouest de St-Laurent.

A voir aussi: expo sur le Festival Mural par le Google Street Art Project.

the murals

Five Eight

Fonki; see also the ‘installations’ section below for more by Fonki.

See a brief making of video of the above Fonki piece by Greg Pistol.




Pantone; see also the ‘installations’ section below for more by Pantone.

Buff Monster

Bik Ismo

Mateo; see also the ‘installations’ section below for more by Mateo.


Jonathan Bergeron

Klone Yourself

Natalia Rak. The lower part on the right is by C5 aka Charlie Johnston, see next photo.

C5 aka Charlie Johnston was not officially on the festival programme but he extended Natalia Rak’s mural with the same theme (see above) with these two walls.

Ms Teri

See a brief making of video of the above Ms Teri piece by Greg Pistol.

Grems‘ mural is on a rooftop.

Acidum Project (1/2). This duo actually did two pieces, see next for the other one.

Acidum Project (2/2) This duo actually did two pieces, see above for the other one.

Roadsworth‘s contribution was not a mural, but a street piece for Amnesty International Canada FR. This is almost impossible to photograph from ground level so I’m showing this photo © Roadsworth. See next for close-up

Detail of Roadsworth‘s street piece seen above.

Jason Botkin’s sidewalk pieces

Jason Botkin contributed 10 sidewalk pieces inside the festival zone. Here they are, in order of creation.

Jason Botkin a créé 10 pièces sur trottoir dans la zone du festival. Les voici, présentées en ordre de création.

installations and other artistic works

Maser‘s installation is a makeover of the St-Laurent metro station. This is a frontal view, see next for a side view.

Side view of the above St-Laurent metro station makeover by Maser. See above for a frontal view.

Besides his mural (scroll up to the ‘murals’ section above to view), Pantone also contributed this installation.


After completing his mural (scroll up to the ‘murals’ section above to view), Mateo took over the four sides of this bus with his stencils and wheatpastes (photo 1/3; see below for more).

Photo 2/3 of this bus makeover by Mateo.

Photo 3/3 of this bus makeover by Mateo.

This K-way truck was redone by Scaner (sides) and Dodo Osé (back; view below).

The back end of the above truck was done by Dodo Osé.

The opposite side of the above truck was done by Scaner doing the name of Dodo Osé.

Chris Dyer on truck side. See below for back.

Chris Dyer on back of truck. See above for side.

Kat put together this selfie booth/installation with the aim of bringing awareness to animal rights. This is photo 1/5, scroll down for more.

Photo 2/5 of the above installation by Kat.

Photo 3/5 of the above installation by Kat.

Photo 4/5 of the above installation by Kat.

Photo 5/5 of the above installation by Kat.

Before getting started on his mural (scroll up to the ‘murals’ section above to view) Fonki warmed up with this smaller piece on board.

Unofficial piece on shutters by Omen within the Mural Festival zone.

On the final day of the festival Mark Jenkins came up with this installation which he installed on the roof edge above the LNDMARK / Station 16 offices.

Jonathan Bergeron also came up with this little piece on a tree stump next to his mural (scroll up to the ‘murals’ section above to view the mural).

information boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent. Included in here are a few “your face here” boards also found here and there on site for the enjoyment of kids and adults.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellent initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais. Cette section inclut aussi quelques panneaux dans lesquels les enfants et adultes peuvent insérer leur visage et se prendre en photo.

Futur Lasor Now

Turtle Caps



Mono Sourcil

Mono Sourcil

MC Baldassari

Alex Produkt




Germ Dee

C5 aka Charlie Johnston

Hot Sluts’n’Poutine

Hot Sluts’n’Poutine


Mathieu Connery


Tyler K Rauman

Zoltan V

Zoltan V



One Ton

One Ton

Wzrds Gng




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