Earth Crusher / Dré

To mark the launch of his Slave Made Brand, here is a spotlight on the artist Dré, better known as Earth Crusher, the character he created.

Even the people around me who pay no or very little attention to public art have noticed Earth Crusher, that odd character with a transmitter head found on a number of murals produced around Montreal over the past few years. Created by Dré, this character is inspired by the unscrupulous political and financial leaders of today’s world. In fact, Dré has pushed the concept further than the mere portrayal of Earth Crusher on murals. He has been known to make public appearances disguised as Earth Crusher, in suit, tie and transmitter head. He has also slipped into the skin of his character to give interviews, such as this one for the Under Pressure blog. The marketing around his Slave Made Brand is also a caricature of aggressive capitalism.

The photo gallery below features mainly Earth Crusher murals and pieces, but because he comes from the world of graffiti, it also includes his work as Dré. To learn more about Dré and Earth Crusher, or to view many more photos than what is featured here (including studio/gallery and non-Montreal work), see, as well as the artist’s Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr pages. As Dré/Earth Crusher is also a collaborator within the A’Shop collective, you will find more material at and on the collective’s Instagram page.

Pour souligner le lancement de sa marque Slave Made Brand, voici un profil-photo de l’artiste montréalais Dré, mieux connu sous le nom de son personnage Earth Crusher.

Les gens autour de moi qui ne portent pas ou que très peu attention à l’art urbain ont tout de même remarqué ce curieux personnage à tête d’émetteur radio qu’est Earth Crusher, la vedette de plusieurs murales apparues à Montréal au cours des dernières années. Créé par l’artiste Dré, ce personnage est inspiré des leaders politiques et financiers sans scrupules qui mènent le monde d’aujourd’hui. L’artiste a poussé l’idée d’Earth Crusher plus loin que la simple représentation murale. Il apparait à l’occasion en public costumé en Earth Crusher, donc en veston-cravate et arborant cette tête d’émetteur radio. L’artiste donne aussi à l’occasion des entrevues dans la peau de son personnage (par exemple cette entrevue donnée pour le blogue d’Under Pressure). Le marketing autour du lancement de sa marque Slave Made Brand est aussi une caricature du capitalisme sauvage.

La galerie ci-dessous présente surtout les oeuvres d’Earth Crusher, mais comme Dré est issu du monde du graffiti, on y retrouve aussi quelques pièces sous son nom d’origine. Pour en apprendre plus sur Dré et Earth Crusher, et pour voir beaucoup plus de photos que ce qui est présenté ici (incluant des oeuvres de studio/gallerie ou son travail hors de Montréal), voir, ainsi que les pages Instagram, Facebook et Tumblr de l’artiste. Et comme il fait partie du collectif d’A’Shop, vous êtes aussi invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à et la page Instagram du collectif.

murals and other painted pieces

For A’Shop downtown Montreal.

Representing A’Shop for the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.

Representing A’Shop for one of the 2015 editions of the VHS – Van Horne Station block parties.

For the Scan You Rock mega-jam in April 2017 in the South West.

From a K6A jam in St-Henri.

In a recessed parking space in the Plateau.

In upper Plateau, from the same production of the two below.

In upper Plateau, from the same production of the one above and the one below.

In upper Plateau, from the same production of the two above.

In Rosemont, in anticipation of the release of his Slave Made Brand.

Earth Crusher’s contribution to the unofficial Silver Beach Jam in Rosemont.

On the side wall of a Plateau café/restaurant.

Same wall as above, one year later with Ether.

At the Cabot x Gilmore walls.

Earth Crusher’s contribution to a K6A wall in St-Henri.

An off-Muralfest piece in an alley.

See a brief making of video of the above piece by Greg Pistol.

With letters by Senk in a central Montreal alley.

A door in Plateau End leading to the roof piece seen below.

Earth Crusher with letters by Five Eight doing Soma’s name (because the spot was originally his).

Earth Crusher and Five Eight on a Plateau garage door.

Five Eight (left) and Dré (right and reaper drone in the middle) for Plaza Walls.

Earth Crusher between Five Eight (top) and Skor (bottom) for the 2015 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. Also visible above is an older piece by Serak.

Dré with Five Eight for the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Earth Crusher/Dré with Five Eight for the 2013 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Billboards for the 2013 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

At the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen with Zek to the left, and many others including Lyfer, Penar and Acro above.

Squeezed in between letters by Scaner and end characters by Axe Lalime.

A’Shop wall downtown featuring Fleo and Dré.

Contribution to one of the 2015 Chromatic block parties.

Painted barrels made to look like Pabst beer cans for one of the 2015 Chromatic block parties.

graffiti / letters

Back of truck for the 2017 edition of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop.

In upper Plateau.

For the Chemin Vert block party.

With Fleo on the left, under an expressway (pieces unfortunately slightly damaged by machinery in this shot, sorry).

Dré’s contribution to the 2015 edition of the Lachine graffiti jam. Notice the litte Earth Crusher character on the right.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Dré (bottom left), Nems (bottom right) and Sec (above) at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Dré (bottom centre) at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Pieces by Five Eight and Dré.

In Parc-Ex.

throws and tags

Earth Crusher character on a temporary A’Shop wall, surrounded by tags from both Earth Crusher and Dré, as well as Zek, Fluke, Ankh One, etc.

Tags by Earth Crusher, Dré and Nus III (?).

A flop on a building awaiting demolition.

These two tags were found next to his 2015 contribution to the Under Pressure festival. In between is a tag by Five Eight.

These tags were found on the same building awaiting demolition as the flop seen above.


Although he is mentioned under both his monikers on this sticker, it is not clear if Dré/Earth Crusher had anything to do with its creation and distribution.


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