Fluke is one of those artists who started off in graffiti and has subsequently become one of the key players in the Montreal urban art scene. The artist learned his trade in the world of graffiti in the early 1990s, at the tender age of 9! In 2009 he co-founded Ashop, “an artist-run production company specialized in graffiti murals, street art and urban aesthetics” (source: ashop.ca). He is still the president of the company, as well as one of its main artists.

Ashop, which employs a handful of artists among the best of this city, has since changed the face of urban art in Montreal with the creation of an amazing number of murals and other artistic endeavours. And for the past few years the company has started shining outside Montreal thanks to major creations done elsewhere in the country as well as in the USA and Europe.

To see more of Fluke’s work than what I was lucky enough to photograph, have a look at his Instagram, Facebook and Ashop pages. To find out more about Ashop, check out ashop.ca as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Fluke est un de ces artistes qui se sont développés dans le monde du graffiti et sont depuis devenus des acteurs incontournables de la scène d’art urbain montréalaise. L’artiste a fait ses premières armes dans le monde du graffiti dans les années 1990, à l’âge de 9 ans. En 2009 il a co-fondé Ashop, “une compagnie de production d’artistes autogérés spécialisée en peinture murale, en street art et en esthétique urbaine” (source: ashop.ca). Il en est toujours le président ainsi qu’un de ses principaux créateurs.

Ashop, qui emploie une poignée d’artistes parmi les meilleurs en ville, a depuis changé le visage de l’art urbain à Montréal grâce à la création d’un nombre impressionnant de murales et autres interventions de nature artistique. De plus, depuis quelques années la compagnie a commencé à rayonner à l’extérieur de Montréal, avec des interventions ailleurs au pays ainsi qu’aux Etats-Unis et en Europe.

Pour en voir plus sur le travail de Fluke que ce que j’ai eu la chance de photographier, jetez un coup d’oeil à ses pages Instagram, Facebook et Ashop. Pour en apprendre plus sur Ashop, visitez ashop.ca ou ses pages Instagram et Facebook du collectif.

figurative solo work

On a curved wall of a Montreal North school.

In Lasalle.

Fluke was assisted by Fonki, Five Eight and Dodo Osé on this mural in Hochelaga. See below for 2 details.

Detail #1 of the above Hochelaga mural.

Detail #2 of the above Hochelaga mural.

For the 2017 edition of Art Basel in Wynwood.

Tribute to Bad News Brown to replace an earlier one (see ‘Figurative collaborations’ section below).

Huge mural over two walls of a St-Michel school.

Tribute to Jackie Robinson for the 2017 edition of Mural Festival.

figurative collaborations

Most collaborations below are Ashop projects.

La plupart des collaborations ci-dessous sont des projets d’Ashop.

Ashop‘s long wall, by Fluke, Zek, Dodo Osé and Ankh One, at Wynwood Walls for the 2018 edition of Art Basel. See below for close-up.

Close-up on Ashop‘s long wall, by Fluke, Zek, Dodo Osé and Ankh One, at Wynwood Walls for the 2018 edition of Art Basel.

With Ankh One for Ashop in Hochelaga.

Ashop mural in the Plateau, designed by Fluke and done with Zek and Benny Wilding.

The Carey Price piece (goalie) is a collaboration with Axe Lalime. Also visible on the left are letter pieces by Maniak (top) and Zek (ground level).

Ashop‘s mural for the 2013 edition of Mural Festival features Fluke, Axe Lalime, Zek and Apashe.

In just a few years this iconic NDG mural has become the most internationally famous one in Montreal. By Ashop featuring Fluke, Axe Lalime, Phile, Zek and Dodo Osé.

Tribute mural to Bad News Brown by Ashop featuring Fluke, Saer and Zek. After having been painted over, a new tribute was done in 2017 (see Fluke solo section above).

Fluke and Axe Lalime for Ashop on one of the pillars of the Van Horne|Rosemont overpass.

Ashop mural in the Plateau featuring Dodo Osé, Phile, Zek and Fluke.


In a K6A production in the South West.

For the Chemin Vert production in the summer of 2016. The prod was actually organised by Fluke.

Zek (left) and Fluke (right) for Plaza Walls.

K6A‘s wall for the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Fluke (bottom right) as well as Axe Lalime (racoons), Serak (bottom left), Otak (middle left), Satyr (top left), Fleo (top right) and Dodo Osé (middle right). See close-up on Fluke’s piece below.

Close-up on Fluke’s piece on the above wall from the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Fluke’s part in a 123Klan production in the Plateau. Character is by Aiik.

Earth Crusher character on a temporary Ashop wall, surrounded by tags from both Earth Crusher and his alter ego Dré, as well as Zek, Fluke (bottom right), Ankh One, etc.

At the Rouen legal graffiti tunnel.

On a container near the Ashop offices.

Fluke’s part in a Ashop/123Klan production in the Plateau.

Shadow (top letters), Zek (bottom left letters), Fluke (bottom right letters) and Ankh One (figurative) on Ashop‘s wall in Hochelaga.

Nature taking over this older Fluke letter piece on a K6A wall in St-Henri.

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