Time Is Gold

Time Is Gold is the name of the last production supervised by Scaner before he passed away in early September 2017. Most of his closest buddies in crews KG, DA and Four S as well as a few other friends from the Montreal graffiti scene were invited by him to contribute. The production was halfway completed at the time of Scaner’s death, so it then turned into a tribute to the writer the Montreal graff community calls their king. A candle memorial at the base of his unfinished piece was actually where his friends would congregate for a few weeks following the day Scaner passed.

The production is found on the back and side walls as well as around the playground of a private high school in central/eastern Montreal. The premises are therefore only partially accessible and should be respected.

Time Is Gold est le nom de la dernière production dirigée par Scaner avant son décès au début de septembre 2017. La plupart des ses frères dans les crews KG, DA et Four S ainsi que quelques très bons amis de la scène montréalaise du graff ont répondu à son invitation de contribuer à la production. Puisque que celle-ci n’était qu’à demi complétée au moment du décès de Scaner, elle est par la suite devenue un hommage à l’artiste que la communauté montréalaise du graff nomme maintenant son “king”. D’ailleurs un mémorial à la chandelle à la base de sa dernière pièce demeurée inachevée était l’endroit où ses amis sont venus se recueillir et lui rendre hommage pendant quelques semaines suite à son départ.

La production se trouve sur les murs arrière et latéral ainsi qu’autour du terrain de jeu d’une école privée du centre-est de Montréal. Celle-ci n’est conséquemment que partiellement accessible et le coté privé de l’endroit devrait être respecté.

The production’s main wall. Scaner did the outlines of his letters before he passed away. The fill and background of that area were completed by his brothers in KG, Stare and Zek. On the left is Scaner’s crewmate in the Four S’s, Harry Bones.

Top left on the adjacent wall is Cemz.


Beneath Cemz and Serak is Dodo Osé‘s part.

Sewk (above) and Stare (below).

Ware on letters and mural. More by Ware below.

Axe (top letters and figurative) and Jaber (ground letters). Both have supplied more, scroll down.



One more bit by Axe, this is King the squirrel.

Wall of flops featuring Zek, Stare, Deep, Pito, Her, F.One, Jaber, Axe, Some, Shok, Tuna, Oper, Getsa, Zion, Dolar, Casp, Smak, Morz, Peace, Expos, Nixon and many others (feel free to let me know about anyone I have been unable to identify).

Tribute to Jays by Jaker, Peace and Legal (almost completed – finished shot will be put up when the wall is completed).

One more by Jaber, this time his character.






123Klan‘s Scien.








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