Cabot x Gilmore MPC Papers walls

The 4 walls of the MPC Papers industrial building on the corner of Cabot and Gilmore in the Southwest are sometimes referred to as being legal graffiti walls, but they are not. These walls have been used in the past in the context of various graffiti festivals such as Meeting Of Styles/Can You Rock and are not really for anyone to do their thing. This explains why the pieces here are often quite big in size and they are usually by big names in the local and international graffiti scene.

The photo gallery below shows works created over the years 2013-2016. The spot was in April 2017 the site of an event unofficially titled Scan You Rock, celebrating the work of Scaner, one of Montreal’s best and most respected writers. The pieces created during the latter event are presented in this Scan You Rock post. In September 2018 a huge 100-artist tribute to Scaner was done on the Cabot wall, see all those photos here.

Les 4 murs de l’édifice industriel logeant Les Papiers MPC, situé au coin des rues Cabot et Gilmore dans le sud-ouest de la ville, sont parfois appelés ‘murs légaux’ mais ils ne le sont pas. Ces murs ont par le passé été utilisés dans le cadre de divers festivals du graffiti tels que Meeting Of Styles/Can You Rock et ne sont pas vraiment offerts aux graffeurs qui veulent venir y exercer leur art. Ceci explique pourquoi les pièces qui y sont produites sont souvent de très grande taille et par de grands noms des scènes locale et internationale du graffiti.

La galerie-photo ci-dessous présente les pièces qui y ont été créées de 2013 à 2016. En avril 2017 le site a été choisi pour l’événement Scan You Rock célébrant Scaner, un des meilleurs et des plus respectés artistes graffitis de Montréal. Les pièces créées au cours de cet événement sont présentées dans un article consacré entièrement à Scan You Rock. En septembre 2018 une immense murale hommage à Scaner impliquant une centaine de graffeurs et autres artistes a été créée sur le mur Cabot. Toutes les photos se trouvent ici.

general view

General view. Click to enlarge, then click ‘view full size’ in bottom right corner to view larger.

Artists at work in the summer of 2014.

Cabot side

Sen2 (top), AG Crew (bottom left) and Geser (bottom right)

Bacon (left) and Scaner (right)

Scaner (left) and Kemr (right)

Sewk (left) and Brong (right)

Omen (left) and unknown artist (over door and right)

Tchug (left), Dfek (top right) and Timer (bottom right).

Royal Kingbee

Rubin (top) and Deem One (bottom)

Sen2 (top left), Logek (bottom left) and Hsix (right).

Maniak (top left), Zek (bottom left), Axe and Fluke for K6A and Ashop (right)

Gilmore side

K6A portion of the building, featuring Serak (top), Fleo (middle) and Dodo Osé (bottom).

Earth Crusher

AG Crew

The 2018 edition of the above wall by the AG Crew.

123Klan‘s Scien (left) and Klor (right).

Unidentified artist.

Lith and Fezat from the Crazy Apes.


Oreks at the top and Some at the bottom.

Soma (top), Beast (middle) and tribute to Dock (bottom).

side and back walls

The side and back walls are covered in more unofficial work.

Les murs latéraux et de derrière sont recouvert d’oeuvres moins officielles.



Art Gang‘s Snipe and Senck.

Axe (left), Smak (bottom right) and what’s left of Pito (top).

AG Crew

Serak (top) and Sewk (bottom).

Unidentified artist.

Zonek on truck, Senck and the bottom, Sore at the top edge of building. Other writers are unidentified. Photo © Guillaume Couture.

AG Crew on truck, Sore at the top edge of building.

Unidentified artist (bottom left), Jaber (bottom right) and someone from the KP10s (top).

Senk (bottom right), Snipes (partial on the left) and unidentified artists.


Unidentified artist.

nearby on Eadie

3-wall mural by ThaPhlash on Eadie (only first two walls visible in this shot, see below).

3-wall mural by ThaPhlash on Eadie (only last two walls visible in this shot, see above).

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