The first purpose of this blog is to share my passion for the Montreal street art and graffiti scenes, and in doing so, increase exposure for its artists, writers and crews. Because of the quality of our creators (quite a few with an international reputation), Montreal has made its way into the top cities of the world for urban art, and thanks to its numerous festivals such as the Mural Festival and Under Pressure, it is found alongside places like Berlin, Paris, London, Miami and Melbourne amongst the urban art capitals of the world. Wall2Wall Montreal is there to witness and chronicle this artistic effervescence.

Another purpose of this blog is to show that urban art is more than just huge murals. It is also wheatpastes and other paste-ups, stencil, graffiti, stickers, installations, sculptures, video projections, etc. Mural art has crossed into the mainstream, yet very few people are able to come up with the name a local artist, and most of the other forms of public art usually go unnoticed by people who walk next to or over them. Another purpose of Wall2Wall Montreal is therefore to help recognize this city’s major artists as well as bring attention to the emerging creators with an exciting vision.

Finally, considering the short lifespan of most forms of urban art, its ‘underground’ nature and the fact that the gallery in which the artists expose is so spread out (it’s the whole city!), it is easy to miss a major work before it disappears. My aim is therefore to inform about our favorite artists’ new works and archive photographic mementos of lost creations.

Art, under any form, is a personal experience and therefore this blog will remain as objective as possible and avoid negative value judgements and criticism.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great blog!
    Can you clear up something for me?
    I’ve always wondered how the City of Montreal acquires the ”legal walls” for events such as Under Pressure ou Mural Festival. Do they pay the owners of the buildings to use their wall for X number of years or do the owner simply give them their authorization for free for the love of art?
    Thank you!

    1. For Mural Festival I’m pretty sure most or all are authorized for free. As for Under Pressure, they are always using the same walls.

  2. Hi, I am planning a trip to Montreal in July. Do you know of anyone who does a street art walking tour?

    1. Yes, Mural Festival offers tours of their murals. Check out their website for info or contact (link in the links section from the menu above).

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