El Moot Moot

To mark the departure of El Moot Moot, I have put together this anthology of the work he created while in Montreal. In just slightly more than four months this French artist has left an incredible amount of art in the streets and alleys of our city. Not only was he prolific, but he has left his mark from the Old Port to Villeray, from St-Henri to HoMa, and probably beyond. Rarely have I seen an artist take over this city with such speed and presence.

My first encounter with El Moot Moot took place in late February when I found his first stickers here and there in centre-sud and the Quartier des Spectacles. Within a week I started finding small paste-ups. I must admit I wasn’t that impressed at first with the little creature with its arms in the air and its tongue sticking out. I started finding it drawn or painted on walls in early March even though there was still snow on the ground and most of our local artists had not yet gone back to the streets. As Spring (slowly) set in and the weather warmed up, so did my appreciation of the little fella. By the time I found the first ‘mural’ in mid-May I was hooked. In his last month in Montreal El Moot Moot had started to collaborate with some of our locals, namely Waxhead. The pair worked side by side on a few mural pieces and even had some stickers printed featuring their characters together.

The image gallery below shows just a fraction of what El Moot Moot has left on our streets. There isn’t much more online to be found about this artist, but a quick search on the internet should lead you to work done outside Montreal, namely in Rennes and Toulouse.

Pour marquer le départ d’El Moot Moot, j’ai mis sur pied cette compilation d’oeuvres créées au cours de son séjour à Montréal. En à peine plus de quatre mois cet artiste français a laissé une quantité incroyable d’art dans les rues et ruelles de notre ville. En plus d’être très prolifique, El Moot Moot a laissé sa marque sur un très grand territoire, du vieux port à Villeray, de St-Henri à HoMa, et probablement au-delà. J’ai rarement vu un artiste prendre d’assaut notre ville avec autant de rapidité et de présence.

Mon premier contact avec El Moot Moot s’est produit vers la fin février lorsque j’ai trouvé son premier autocollant ici et là dans centre-sud et le quartier des spectacles. Une semaine plus tard je commençais à trouver de petits collages. Je dois admettre ne pas avoir été très impressionné au départ par cette petite créature avec les bras dans les airs et la langue pendante. Puis à la mi-mars sont apparues les premières pièces peintes ou dessinées, alors que la ville était toujours sous la neige et que nos artistes locaux n’avaient pas encore repris la rue. Alors que le printemps s’est (lentement) installé et que j’ai commencé à la croiser un peu partout, j’ai finalement commencé à apprécier la petite créature en question. Quand la première ‘murale’ d’El Moot Moot est apparue à la mi-mai, j’étais déjà accro. Au cours du son dernier mois passé à Montréal, El Moot Moot s’est mis à collaborer avec certains de nos artistes locaux, dont Waxhead. Ce dernier et El Moot Moot on travaillé côte à côte sur quelques pièces murales et ont même fait imprimer quelques autocollants avec leurs personnages.

La galerie-photo ci-dessous ne montre qu’une fraction de ce qu’El Moot Moot a laissé dans nos rues. On trouve très peu d’information sur l’internet concernant cet artiste, mais une recherche rapide sur l’internet devrait surement vous permettre de trouver des pièces créées ailleurs qu’à Montréal, particulièrement à Rennes et Toulouse.


This was the first ‘mural’ I found, in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

In Mile End.

Summer creation, again in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Next to the above is this collaboration with Waxhead.

Waxhead (top) and El Moot Moot (bottom), for the Chromatic block party.

Collective work featuring Waxhead (left and bottom corner), Turtle Caps (above ladder), Futur Lasor Now (above door), Deadliest Rosa (middle bottom), Loks (right) and El Moot Moot (right wall)

smaller pieces

A sign of El Moot Moot’s quick integration in our city’s scene: he added his own touch to this St-Dominique house featuring on its front the works of many of Montreal’s best and most known artists.

In the alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

The piece in white is by an unidentified artist.

On the George General d’Auto Reparation.

In the alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark. Also visible are tags by Feros and Thief! as well as a piece by some unidentified artist.

In the alley between St-Laurent and Clark. The bird sticker and wheatpaste are from ROC514.

Teasing Mr Chose‘s cat. Also visible are tags by Debiel and Kelen.

This one was found in Quebec City.

Also visible is a tag by Thief!

The pink piece on the left is by an unidentified artist.

Between great tags by Scaner.

Seen through the windows of an abandoned industrial building.


The bird is from an unidentified artist.


Collaboration between Waxhead and El Moot Moot.

As above, different colours.

As above, different colours.

Collaboration between Waxhead and El Moot Moot.

As above, different colours.

As above, different colours.

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