If only one name is known to even the most casual of Montreal street art followers, it is Omen’s. Not only because he is the most prolific muralist in this city, but also because his work appeals to a large spectrum of people, from the casual fan to the most hardcore graffiti artists and taggers who respect his work and very rarely tag over his pieces.

Omen has been ‘taking it to the street’ since the late 1990s. His recognizable style quickly garnered the attention of Montrealers. His reputation has since overflowed outside of Montreal and he has been commissioned to bring his art to many other places in Canada, in the States and even Mexico or Dubai.

For more information and for more photos than what appears in the image gallery below, or to commission him for a mural, please see his official webpage and his Instagram page. Additional reading: a Q&A with Omen published at “I’m In Miami Bitch” and Art-Facto.Today interview. Recommended viewing: Omen’s TEDx Talk titled “Graffiti is not the problem”.

Si quelqu’un ne connait le nom que d’un artiste street oeuvrant à Montréal, c’est celui d’Omen. Il a acquis cette réputation parce qu’il est le peintre qui a produit le plus grand nombre d’oeuvres de grande taille sur les murs de notre ville. Mais la qualité de son art y est aussi pour beaucoup. Son style plait aux amateurs occasionnels autant qu’à ses pairs graffeurs et taggeurs qui respectent son travail et vandalisent très rarement ses oeuvres.

Suite à ses débuts à la fin des années 1990, Omen s’est rapidement affirmé comme un des préférés des montréalais. Sa réputation a depuis débordé de Montréal et son art est maintenant ‘affiché’ dans les rues de plusieurs villes canadiennes et américaines, même au Mexique et à Dubai!

Pour plus d’information ou plus de photos que ce qui apparait dans la galerie-photo ci-dessous, ou pour lui commander une murale, voyez son site web officiel et sa page Instagram. Lecture recommandée: un questionnaire avec Omen publié sur le blog “I’m In Miami Bitch” et cette entrevue par Art-Facto.Today. A voir aussi: présentation TEDx par Omen intitulée “Graffiti is not the problem”.

Murals / murales

For the 2015 VHS – Van Horne Station event.

In alley behind Mentana

Off-Muralfest2016 piece.

Tribute to Warshaw’s Mrs Levy by on the back wall of where Warshaw used to be.

Portrait of Gaston Miron on a wall of a Montreal Nord school. Bottom part is preemptive damage control by the artist himself.

Contribution to the 2013 edition of the Mural Festival
(also features Five Eight in bottom right corner)

On Père-Marquette

On Bleury

On Fairmount

In Monkland Village

In alley behind Laurier (near following)

In alley behind Laurier (near previous)

In alley between St-Denis and Drolet (next to following)

Collaboration with Jess in alley between St-Denis and Drolet (next to previous)

Same spot as above, but retouched in the autumn of 2015.

On Coloniale

In alley between Parc and Jeanne-Mance

In alley between St-Urbain and Clark

On St-Dominique

On the corner of Beaudet and Décarie.
photo © Mu

In alley behind St-Denis, corner St-Zotique

Omen (woman) and Five Eight (letters) in abandoned industrial building.

Omen (face) and Five Eight (letters) in another abandoned industrial building.

In alley behind Henri-Julien

Inside the Omnipac building. Photo © Kris Murray 2010.

On Coloniale

On Prince-Arthur

Two pieces on Coloniale

On Chateaubriand garage door

Collaboration with Kashink on door of garage on St-Dominique

In alley off St-Laurent above Laurier photo © Omen

Collaboration mural with Other on Clark

In Rosemont (pre-damage photo is welcome).

Smaller piece on Cabot x Gilmore walls.

On St-Norbert

On Bleury, with Vesk in the bottom right corner.

Drawn graffiti / graffitis dessinés

In alley off Fairmount (left) and on St-Laurent (right).

On St-Dominique (left) and on traffic sign (right).

In alley off Fairmount

Promo stickers / autocollants promotionnels



Inside paella pan displayed by restaurant during St-Laurent outdoor events.

Unofficial piece on shutters done during the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.


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