Mural Festival 2014

This post covers the 2014 edition of Mural Festival. For other editions, click on the latter link. You may want to check out this walking tour which I have put together: starting from ‘mural central’ behind the LNDMRK offices, up St-Dominique and the eastern side of St-Laurent then down Clark and the western side of St-Laurent. See also: Google’s Street Art Project feature on the Mural Festival.

Cet article présente les oeuvres produites dans le cadre de l’édition 2014 du Festival Mural. Pour les autres éditions, cliquez sur ce dernier lien. Vous pourriez être intéressé par ce tour pédestre que j’ai créé: débutant à la ‘place des murales’ derrière les bureaux de LNDMRK, ensuite vers le nord le long de St-Dominique et le côté est de St-Laurent, puis vers le sud le long de Clark et le côté ouest de St-Laurent. A voir aussi: expo sur le Festival Mural par le Google Street Art Project.

The sponsored mural for 2014 was done by Kashink from France. It replaced the En Masse one from the 2013 edition.

Cyrcle from the USA.

Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico.

Wheatpaste mural by Miss Me.

By 123Klan.

Seth from France.

Vilx from France but residing in Montreal at the time.

Rone from Australia.

Alex Produkt. This unfortunately did not last long before it was erased by the owner of the wall.

Betz from the Etam Cru (Poland).

Bryan Beyung



Kevin Ledo

Scaner and Axe (side view).

Scaner and Axe (back view).

Zoltan V


RR & DB. This photo was taken only a few weeks after the piece was created and unfortunately the wheatpastes were coming off the wall.


Andrew Antonaccio.

2501 from Italy. Unfortunately this wall is only properly visible from a seldom used segment of St-Dominique. The bottom of it was also quickly covered in graffiti (more than what is seen in this photo, which was taken only a few days after the piece was finished).

Mathieu Connery’s sidewalk pieces

For the 2013 edition of the festival, Montreal artist Mathieu Connery painted three pieces in his own abstract and somewhat geometrical style on the sidewalks of St-Laurent. For the 2014 edition, the fading 2013 creations were painted over with new pieces, and seven new ones were added along the St-Laurent axis. Photos in the gallery below that were taken from an elevated position are © Vandalog. The ones taken at ground level are mine.

Dans le cadre de l’édition 2013 du festival, l’artiste montréalais Mathieu Connery a peint sur les trottoirs de la rue St-Laurent trois différentes pièces dans son style abstrait et géométrique. Pour l’édition 2014 du festival, ces dernières ayant été défraichies par l’hiver et la pluie, de nouvelles créations ont été peintes par dessus et sept nouvelles pièces ont été ajoutées le long de l’axe St-Laurent. Les photos aériennes dans la galerie ci-dessous sont © Vandalog. Celles prises au niveau du sol sont miennes.

On Milton corner St-Laurent.

Between Milton and Prince-Arthur.

On the corner of Prince-Arthur.

On Roy corner St-Laurent.

On the corner of Napoleon.

On the corner of Bagg.

On the corner of Duluth.

Between Rachel and Marie-Anne. We can still see the faded remnants of the 2013 piece.

On the corner of Marie-Anne.

On the corner of Mont-Royal.

Other / Autre

For the 2014 edition of the Mural Festival, France’s Le Diamantaire put up some of his creations – diamonds cut out of recycled mirror pieces – all over the St-Laurent axis and beyond. Two of these are shown here.

Dans le cadre de l’édition 2014 du Festival Mural, Le Diamantaire a collé ici et là le long de l’axe St-Laurent et aux alentours un certain nombre de ses créations, des formes de diamants taillés à partir de miroirs recyclés. Deux exemplaires sont présentés ici

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