Chris Dyer

To see much more of Chris Dyer’s street work than what this spotlight offers, check out or his Facebook, Blogspot, Instagram and Flickr pages. A 90-minute documentary on the artist can be viewed on Youtube.

Beware, colour ahead.

Ce profil sur l’oeuvre street de Chris Dyer ne présente que des oeuvres récentes et locales. Pour beaucoup plus, voir ainsi que ses pages Facebook, Blogspot, Instagram et Flickr. Un documentaire de 90 minutes sur l’artiste est disponible sur Youtube.

Attention, couleur droit devant.

murals and other painted work

Inside a skate pipe.

Inside a skate pipe.

On a Plateau rooftop.

In a Mile End alley.

With girlfriend Arianne in Wynwood, Miami for the 2019 edition of Art Basel.

In the Plateau.

Chris’ contribution to the 2018 edition of Art Basel, in Wynwood Miami.

Chris’ contribution to the 2013 edition of Mural Festival.

Contribution to a 2015 Chromatic block party.

Piece in alley between St-Laurent and Clark (two pastes top right are by Turtle Caps).

Same spot as above, but repaired and slightly altered in the autumn of 2015. The piece on the right is by Chris’ brother Peru143.

Collaboration with Barry Walsh in the Plateau. This was a memorial piece for departed friend Akira.

Another tribute to Akira, this one from a year later and a collaboration with Kevin Ledo on portrait of Akira.

One more piece in the same alley as above, dedicated to the departed Akira.

For the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

House front in Plateau End.

Plateau business front.

Same business as above, redone in 2017.

Plateau business front.

Door frame in Petite-Patrie.

On St-Laurent business storefront.

In Petite-Patrie alley.

On a Plateau house.

Storefront in Little Italy.

Storefront in Little Italy.

Very long mural on the wall of a skateboarding centre.

Sidewalk piece in St-Leonard.

Memorial to skateboarder Jay Adams at Parc Olympique.

Extra piece next to Jay Adams tribute above.

Same spot at above, a few years later.

In Hochelaga, with background by Monk.e.

In Griffintown.

On back of private residence in a Petite-Patrie back alley.

On the terrasse of a Vietnamese restaurant on St-Denis.

Small piece done during the 2013 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Piece done on construction site board wall during the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Contribution to the Cabane à sucre secret gallery.

Chris Dyer on wheels.

Back and opposite sides of the above.

Another one on wheels.

This was done for the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.

Back side of the above vehicle for the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.

Chris Dyer (left) and Germ Dee (right) both doing a bootleg Bart in their own style.

2015 group ‘autoportrait’ by:
top row: Shalak from Clandestinos, Jason Botkin, Kevin Ledo, Chris Dyer, Bruno Smoky from Clandestinos
bottom row: Lovebot, Turtle Caps, Linsey Levendall, Marina Capdevila, Labrona, Waxhead, Dave Todaro.


This was found near the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen. Also visible are tags by Nixon and Crops.


Work-in-progress during the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.

Painted horse for the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.


2018 edition.

2017 edition.

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