Alex Produkt

Alex Produkt’s main means of expression on the streets of Montreal is painting and drawing. He’s also pasted some of his work, but I’ve unfortunately never been able to photograph any of it. There are therefore no wheatpastes in the gallery below. He shines on canvas even more than he does on city walls, a rare thing among our street artists in my opinion. Actually, I love his studio work so much, I can only imagine what he could come up with if he was given a big wall and enough time to cover it with scenes and characters from his crazy imagination. Meanwhile, learn more on the artist and check out his studio work on his Facebook, Instagram (Alex Produkt) and Instagram (Ricky Tuesday) pages. See him at work in “End Orphans”, a 10-minute short film directed in 2014 by Ian lagarde.

Dans les rues et ruelles de Montréal, Alex Produkt crée surtout des pièces murales et des dessins. Il a aussi pratiqué le collage, mais je n’ai pas encore eu la chance de prendre une de ses oeuvres collées en photo, ce qui explique l’absence de collage dans la galerie ci-dessous. Il brille encore plus sur canevas que sur les murs de notre ville, un phénomène rare parmi nos artistes street selon moi. En fait, son travail en studio me fascine tellement que je ne peux qu’imaginer ce qu’il en serait si on lui donnait un grand mur et assez de temps pour le couvrir de scènes et personnages issus de son imagination. D’ici là, vous pouvez en apprendre un peu sur l’artiste et voir de quoi il est capable sur toile en visitant ses pages Facebook, Instagram (Alex Produkt) et Instagram (Ricky Tuesday). Vous pouvez aussi le voir à l’oeuvre dans “End Orphans”, un cours film réalisé par Ian Lagarde en 2014.

In Mile End.

Contribution to the 2019 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

On a Mile End alley door.

For the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

On a Plateau End alley door.

In a Mile End alley.

Semi-official contribution to the 2014 edition of Mural Festival, in narrow alley behind Duluth. Unfortunately this piece was painted over by the owner of the wall within a month or two of its creation.

Contribution to a Chromatic block party.

In St-Henri.

Contribution to the Cabane à sucre secret gallery (sorry, I didn’t manage to get a great shot of this). Also visible top left: Citizan.

Produkt (left) and Tyler K Rauman (right) for the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

From left to right: Mono Sourcil, Labrona, Turtle Caps, Produkt. For the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Contribution to the 2015 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Labrona (top and bottom centre), Gawd (bottom right) and Produkt (bottom left) in alley off St-Denis. See close-up of Produkt’s contribution next.

Detail of above mural showing Produkt’s contribution.

In alley between St-Laurent and Clark, near Fairmount. Blue paste-up in the top right corner is by Pnda.

Produkt (white bovine head in top half), Rage5 (bottom right wheatpaste), Waxhead (bottom left drawing) as well as piece by unknown artist (centre left) and lots of tags. In alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Produkt (top half), Labrona (bottom half) and a quickie by Snail from the WC Crew in the top left corner.

Produkt (left) and Labrona (right).

Produkt’s contributions (in white/blue) to this door are surrounded by pieces from Labrona (bottom), Other (top right), Gawd (centre left) and unidentified artist (top left).

Produkt (centre creature plus text) and Meat (little pink worm).

Produkt (top half) with Cryote (bottom left) and, presumably, Waxhead (bottom right).

In alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Produkt (main piece in white/blue) and unidentified artist (bottom right) in alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

In a Mile End alley.

Produkt (in white/blue plus text above) and unidentified artist (all white) in alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Back of information panel for the 2015 edition of Mural Festival.

Back of information panel for the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.

For the 2017 edition of MTL En Arts.

In Mile End.

In Mile-Ex.

Echoes of what once was, on Beaubien.

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