SBU One was born in France but moved to Montreal in 2004. For many years his street work walked the line between figurative and abstract, never quite one or the other. In the past few years he appears to have been doing a bit more figurative work, as least as far as his street work is concerned. It often features animals and zoomorphic characters and mashups, although it tends to remain closer to abstract when he works with frequent collaborator MSHL. In recent years his notorierity has increased rapidly, leading him to participate to festivals such as Under Pressure and Amalgam and then Mural Festival in 2017.

To see much more than what is featured in the photo gallery below (including studio/gallery work, animation, comics, and a lot of amazing street work outside Montreal), check out as well as his Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr pages.

SBU One est né en France mais habite Montréal depuis 2004. Pendant plusieurs années son art de rue balançait entre le figuratif et l’abstrait, jamais tout à fait l’un ou l’autre. Depuis quelques années l’artiste penche un peu plus vers le figuratif, du moins en ce qui concerne son art urbain. Animaux et personnages zoomorphiques y font des apparitions fréquentes. Ceci étant dit, celui-ci redevient plutôt abstrait lorsqu’effectué conjointement avec son fréquent collaborateur MSHL. SBU One a gagné beaucoup en notoriété ces dernières années, menant à des participations remarquées à des festivals tels que Under Pressure et Amalgam, et à l’édition 2017 du Festival Mural.

Pour en voir bien plus que ce qui est présenté dans la gallerie-photo ci-dessous (incluant des oeuvres en studio/gallerie, de l’animation, de la bande dessinée et beaucoup d’oeuvres urbaines géniales hors-Montréal), jetez up coup d’oeil à ainsi qu’à ses pages Facebook, Instagram et Tumblr.

murals and other painted pieces

Pieces in this section are shown in approximate reverse chronological order, so the most recent are at the top.

Les pièces de cette section de la galerie sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse approximatif, de la plus récente à la plus vieille que j’ai eu la chance de photographier.

Collaboration with Monk.e at the PSC legal graffiti wall. See below for 2 close-ups on SBU One’s parts.

Close-up 1/2 on SBU One’s part in a collaboration with Monk.e at the PSC legal graffiti wall.

Close-up 2/2 on SBU One’s part in a collaboration with Monk.e at the PSC legal graffiti wall.

Collaboration with MSHL in Pointe St-Charles.

Floors 2 and 3 added to the back of this Plateau building. Scroll down for a close-up of Level 1 from a year earlier. Level 2 is a collaboration with MSHL.

Contribution to the 2017 edition of Mural Festival.

On a house awaiting demolition in the Plateau.

Collaboration with Scribe in a Rosemont back alley.

In a Rosemont back alley.

In Petite-Patrie.

Collaboration with MSHL in the Plateau.

SBU One in the Plateau. More was added to this piece the following year, scroll up to view.

SBU One’s contribution to Plaza Walls.

Contribution to the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Contribution to the 2016 edition of Amalgam Festival.

Contribution to the 2016 International Percussion Festival.

Collaboration with MSHL in a Plateau alley.

Collaboration with Waxhead in a multi-artist mural project for Sun Youth. Visible bottom left is one of Starkey‘s wabbits.

A side piece done during the 2016 edition of Mural Festival.

This garage door was done off-Mural Festival in 2016.

Collaboration with MSHL in Mile End.

In St-Henri.

SBU One’s part in a multi-artist production in Old Montreal.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

Behind a studio in St-Henri.

Underneath expressway.

Underneath expressway.

Underneath expressway.

On a concrete block found in an abandoned lot in Hochelaga

Very old piece dated 2006 in the Plateau.

Videshi babaji

SBU One has this recurring character which he calls “Videshi babaji” serving as some sort of logo and which he seems to use in the way graffiti writers would with a throw (quickly sprayed piece with outline and uniform fill). Most of the time the character is a bearded head with a hat, but in at least one instance (top of the gallery below), it was given a whole body. It also often comes with a speech bubble.

SBU One a un personnage récurrent appelé “Videshi babaji” lui servant en quelque sorte de logo, ou d’équivalent du throw (pièce rapidement exécutée ne consistant que d’un contour et un remplissage uniforme) chez les graffeurs. Dans la majorité des cas le perso est une tête d’homme barbu arborant une casquette, mais dans au moins un cas (première entrée dans la gallerie ci-dessous), SBU lui a donné un corps. Le personnage vient souvent avec une bulle de texte (façon bande dessinée).

drawn pieces

Found inside the abandoned Transco.

Found inside the abandoned Transco.


Most, perhaps all pieces below are in collaboration with MSHL.

La majorité, sinon toutes les pièces ci-dessous sont des collaborations avec MSHL.



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