St-Laurent|Clark back alley between Laurier and St-Viateur

The back alley that runs behind the western side of St-Laurent is one of Montreal’s great hotspots for commissioned and non-commissioned street art. Two stretches of that alley are particularly interesting: the one from Duluth to Des Pins (subject of a different post) and the one from Laurier to St-Viateur which is covered here. Some of this city’s greatest artists have left their mark there in the form of murals, smaller figurative pieces, graffiti, wheatpastes, stencils and of course the unavoidable stickers.

Each segment of the alley has a different feel, so this post is divided accordingly: Laurier to Fairmount, Fairmount to St-Viateur, and above St-Viateur.

La ruelle se trouvant derrière le coté ouest de la rue St-Laurent est une des meilleures galeries à ciel ouvert à Montréal. Deux portions de cette ruelle sont particulièrement intéressantes: celle comprise entre Duluth et Des Pins (le sujet d’un article à part) et celle comprise entre les rues Laurier et St-Viateur, que nous traitons ici. Plusieurs parmi les meilleurs artistes à Montréal y ont laissé leur marque (commandée ou non) sous forme de murales et pièces figuratives de plus petite envergure, graffitis, collages, pochoirs, et évidemment les inévitables autocollants.

La gallerie-photo ci-dessous est divisée en chapitres reflétant le caractère différent de chaque segment de cette ruelle: Laurier à Fairmount, Fairmount à St-Viateur, et nord de St-Viateur.

Between Laurier and Fairmount

Nixon in alley north of Laurier.

Keos in alley north of Laurier.

Foret and Keos in alley north of Laurier.

AG Crew featuring Snipe and Senck.

Vhat, part 1/3.

Vhat, part 2/3.

Vhat, part 3/3.

Door featuring mainly a wheatpaste by Lily Luciole, stickers by Tik Tok, Cif and Meat and lots of tagging including Tik Tok in bottom right corner. Close-ups of various parts below.

Close-up of Lily Luciole wheatpaste. Stickers on the left are by Tik Tok and Cif.

Close-up of the Meat sticker on door above.

Alex Produkt amongst lots of tags.

Sloast paste-up.

Sloast paste-up.

ROC514. Also visible on the right is an earlier stencil by an unidentified artist (scroll down a bit for close-up).


Pnda over tags.

Pnda and lots of tags.

Graffiti by Olo.


Drawing by Other, with tags by House and Hirok amongst others.

Stencil by Dookie3.

Koni HTU

Greasy Jim

Stencil for Pro-Can Ibalizm.

Works by unknown artists, bombed (left) and pasted (right).

Stickers by Tik Tok (top left), National Zombi (top right), 52Hz (fish) and Fleb (bottom right), plus pasted card by Pnda (blue).

Tava sticker.

Between Fairmount and St-Viateur

Anna Meinong ?

Five Eight (left) and Peru143 (right).

Closer view of the Peru143 portion.


Screm, Visual Pollution, Toast.


Visual Pollution

Waxhead, Cryote and perhaps other members of the then Wzrds Gng. For the paste-ups visible beneath the stairs, scroll down.

Same location as above, one year earlier, just Waxhead.

Turtle Caps

Tava (hearts at the top), Futur Lasor Now (bottom) and unknown artist in between. A close-up of the mini-sticker in the top left corner is shown further down in this gallery.

Left: Alex Produkt, plus Pnda paste-up in the top corner
Right: collaboration wheatpaste between ROC514 and Mr Chose.

Lily Luciole poster.

Le Renard Fou

Miss Me wheatpaste (left) and Pnda (right).

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now (left) and 52Hz (right)



Naps, plus what’s left of a Graffiti Knight wheatpaste.

Stela, at the Fairmount end of this alley.

Stela again, this time at the St-Viateur end of the alley. With Selena Gomez, together representing the Witch Gang. Flags in bottom left corner are by Swarm for Decolonizing Street Art.

Collaboration wheatpaste between ROC514 and 69 aka 6ara9e.

Swarm (left) and Futur Lasor Now (right).

Wheatpaste by an unidentified artist.

Wheatpasting collaboration between Lily Luciole and Swarm.

Gial wheatpaste.

Wheatpastes by Futur Lasor Now (centre), Swarm for Decolonizing Street Art (bottom) and paste-up by Pnda (top). See next photo for close-up of stickered piece in the bottom left corner.

Close-up of stickered piece in previous photo.

Wheatpastes by Turtle Caps (left) and Toronto’s Lovebot (right).






Pasted cardboard by Mono Sourcil.

Sloast in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

ROC514 and Flavor wheatpastes.

Sloast in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Sloast in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark, partially over an old sticker from yours truly.

Starkey wood-up.

Left: wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight
Right: pasted poster by Muesli.

Unidentified artist.

Pasted bagel prints at the St-Viateur end of the alley, artist unknown.

Unidentified artist.





Gawd (left) and Labrona (right) on Mile End back alley doors.

In white/blue: Alex Produkt. All white drawing on door in photo on the right is by unknown artist.

ROC514 in bottom left corner of these two doors. The door on the left also shows tags by Five Eight and others. The door on the right also shows drawings by Cryote (in black) and Monkey King (in blue) and paste-ups by Stela and Swarm in the bottom right corner. See next photo for close-up of the latter paste-ups.

Paste-ups by Stela (left) and Swarm (right).

Paste-ups by Zu (left) and Swarm (right).

Paste-up by Zu (top) and Monkey King sticker (bottom).

Paste-up by Zu.

Above 4: Stela on pasted doilies.

Paste-ups by Stela and Selena Gomez presumably vandalised by someone who disapproves of their message.

Stickers for Decolonizing Street Art.

Unknown artist.

Graffiti by Sayko, and paste-up by Baubô in top left corner.

Greasy Jim graffiti.

Graffiti by House.

Grams graffiti.

A quick one by Gawd.

Stencils by Dookie3.

Stencil by Dookie3.


Clay piece by Zenka at the St-Viateur end of the alley.


Waxhead in red, amongst lots of tags.

Left: Waxhead in red, amongst lots of tags. Artists responsible for the blue piece and the white drawing above it is unknown.
Right: Unidentified artist.

Artist unknown.

Swarm paste-up in air vent.

Same air vent as above, Pnda in blue, stickers by unidentified artist (black) and Tik Tok (white and purple).

Artist unknown.

Mend graffiti.


Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.


Toobad, with tags from Greasy Jim, Nestor, Hitem, etc.

It looks this is Pnda’s playground. White drawing is by unidentified artist.


Artist unknown.

Chalk tag by You Go Girl.

Chalk tag by You Go Girl.

Left: stickers and drawings by unidentified artists
Right: Paste-ups and stickers by Bird (top), ROC514 and Sien514 (pumpkins), Swarm (right of pumpkins), Waxhead (bottom left), Turtle Caps (bottom centre) and Fortin Marchand (bottom right).

Stickers by unknown artists.

Above St-Viateur

Wheatpastes by Stikki Peaches (left) and Graffiti Knight (right). Mock ‘record and needle’ on the far right is by unknown artist.

Wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight.

Wheatpastes by WhatIsAdam aka WIA.

Pasted poster by Muesli.

This is presumably by Snail from the WC Crew.

Wheatpaste by G.Knight.

Kat poster.

Unknown artist.

Unknown artist.



Stickers by Tik Tok (left) and unidentified artist (right).


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