New street art and graffiti March-April 2015

Here’s a feature on new works that have popped up on our streets in April, plus a few from March that I had missed in my last ‘new works’ post. With the long-awaited arrival of favourable weather conditions, we finally saw the return of many of our best and better known artists. It’s still a bit early for large murals, but we have been treated to some new painted pieces (figurative and lots of graffiti) as well as some wheatpastes and lots of stickers.

Cet article présente les nouvelles créations apparues dans nos rues en avril, plus quelques unes datant de mars qui ont échappé à mon dernier article couvrant les nouvelles oeuvres. Avec l’arrivée tant attendue de conditions météo favorables, nos meilleurs artistes ont enfin repris le travail. Il est encore un peu tôt pour la création de grandes murales, mais nous avons découvert un bon nombre de nouvelles pièces peintes (figuratives ou graffiti) ainsi que des collages et évidemment énormément d’autocollants.

Painted pieces

Mono Sourcil in Rosemont. This piece was unfortunately quickly painted over and is already gone.

Mastrocola wall next to the above Mono Sourcil piece. Just like the latter, this one was quickly painted over.

Alex Produkt (left) and Labrona (right) in Mile End.

Waxhead on the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen

Another (the 3rd) El Moot Moot piece was done in the infamous alley between St-Laurent and Clark. This French artist has taken over our streets and alleys lately with a few dozens of his creature (see my New Works February-March 2015 post).


XRAY is off to a great start for 2015 with a handful of painted wood cut-outs installed here and there in the central neighbourhoods of Montreal. The themes are familiar ones from his iconography and the very brightly coloured pieces were installed over drab backgrounds to make them stand out even more. Waxhead and Starkey had given us a handful of wood-ups last autumn and winter and in April they collaborated again and gave us a few more joint creations, again very bright splashes of colour over dull backgrounds.

XRAY connait un super début de saison 2015 avec l’installation de cinq pièces de bois peintes dans divers quartiers de Montréal. Les pièces en question présentent des thèmes familiers de l’iconographie de XRAY, elles sont peintes de couleurs très vibrantes et installées sur des supports de couleur terne pour en accentuer l’impact. Waxhead et Starkey, qui nous avaient présenté une poignée de pièces de bois taillées et peintes au cours de l’automne et l’hiver dernier, ont renoué leur collaboration et nous ont servi quelques nouvelles pièces de leur cru. Encore une fois celles-ci ajoutent une touche très colorée sur des décors en manque de vie.

XRAY on the George General d’Auto Reparation (piece is already gone).

XRAY off Ontario in Centre-sud.

XRAY off Viger.

XRAY in the Quartier Des Spectacles.

XRAY in Chinatown.

Waxhead and Starkey in HoMa.

Waxhead and Starkey in HoMa.

Starkey without Waxhead in HoMa.


Fluke contribution to a new A’Shop x 123Klan wall on the Plateau (see also 3 images below).

Scien contribution to a new A’Shop x 123Klan wall on the Plateau (see also image above and 2 below).

Klor contribution to a new A’Shop x 123Klan wall on the Plateau (see also 2 images above and 1 below).

Zek contribution to a new A’Shop x 123Klan wall on the Plateau (see also 3 images above it).

Another one from Zek, this time at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen (bottom half).

Crane, a regular at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Highly noticed piece by Ma Licious (bottom left) at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen (bottom half). Also visible are pieces by SNR, Hers and GSUP (203 Crew).

New pieces by Debza (bottom left) and Sewer (bottom right) at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen, plus an older one by Crane and a wheatpaste from Lovebot from a few months ago.

Another piece by Debza at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.




Algue from the 203 Crew in Rosemont.

Joint piece by Crane and Wonez.


Serak on the track.

Kelen on abandoned warehouse wall.

Dear in alley between St-Laurent and Clark.


Kat‘s first work of the 2015 season.

Madame Gilles has also taken the streets again with his pasted posters. The one above and the two below appear to be new ones.

Stickers and small paste-ups

New sticker by Futur Lasor Now.

New small paste-up by Futur Lasor Now.

A new theme for this Futur Lasor Now sticker.

You know it’s spring when the birds are back. ROC514 on the George General d’Auto Reparation.

More by ROC514.

More by ROC514.

Collaboration sticker between ROC514 and Nustwo.

A new sticker party by Stela and friends. Recognizable are Stela (top left), Swarm (top right), Waxhead (bottom right) and Naps (bottom left).

New stickers by Zola.

Zola, Jessica Sabogal and Lianne Charlie representing Decolonizing Street Art. The top one and the one on the right are older. These stickers are actually being sold to help finance Unceded Voices 2015 in August (click on latter link for full info).

Three new variations on older themes by Swarm.

Handmade sticker by Five Eight.

Left: new sticker by G.Knight, various locations
Right: paste-up by Homsik.

Il Flatcha sticker set.


Many variations of these stickers by an unidentified artist have been found.

Above and below: Grimjob69 aka Michael Shantz‘s dickheads.

Ekro, Arson and Nustwo have been slapping together (above and below).

Above and below: 123Klan have been busy promoting their new line of products with a lot of new and old stickers (the ones shown here appear to be new) as well as the pieces shown in the ‘Graffiti’ section above.

Left: new AM crew sticker
Right: sticker for Branche.

Manyoly is a street and studio artist from Marseilles, but so far only these promo stickers have been found on our streets. We are looking forward to some wheatpastes…


You Go Girl off roof edge, visible from Sherbrooke.


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