Chats de Ruelle (Canettes de Ruelle 2017)

This image gallery brings together photos of all the pieces created for the 1st edition of Canettes de Ruelle, which at the time was actually called Alleycats (aka Chats de Ruelle aka Gatos Callejeros). For this 2017 edition the festival took place in the alley between 7th and 8th Avenue, from Masson to Laurier.

Cette gallerie-photo présente toutes les oeuvres crées dans le contexte de la 1ere édition du festival Canettes de Ruelle qui s’appelait à l’époque Chats de Ruelle (ou Alleycats ou Gatos Callejeros). Pour cette édition 2017, le festival a eu lieu dans la ruelle entre la 6e et la 7e Avenue, de Masson à Laurier.

Lyfer (top) and Ekes (ground).

Above 2 photos: Hoar.



Collaboration wall between EK Sept (top), Fokus aka Ofusk (middle), Seork (bottom left) and Germ Dee (bottom right).

Mono Sourcil


Naimo (ground), Royal (middle) and Arose (top).

Cryote (central character and top background) and Waxhead (snake and bottom background).

Seano (top) and Asher (door).

Adida Fallen Angel

K6A crew wall featuring Monk.e, Fleo and Dodo Osé.

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