George General d’Auto Reparation

This awkwardly named abandoned garage is found on the corner of Marie-Anne and St-Dominique. It offers therefore two walls for display, one on each of those two streets. It has been abandoned for a number of years now. It was put up for sale around 2007-2008 but apparently a buyer was never found. Expectedly, as it fell in a state of abandonment, it was gradually taken over by graffiti and tags. Then wheatpaste and sticker artists took over, making it one of the neighbourhood’s biggest open-air gallery for these artforms.

Photos of the garage in the spring of 2012 and the summer of 2014 can be viewed in the gallery below. In 2012 the garage only had a bit of graffiti and a few wheatpastes (by Stikki Peaches in this particular photo) while by 2014 most of its available surface had been taken over. New pieces appear on it every week from spring to autumn.

This photo gallery brings together shots of painted and pasted art taken between the summers of 2014 and 2016. Click on any image to see in full size.

Ce garage abandonné au nom bizarre est localisé au coin des rues Marie-Anne et St-Dominique, offrant conséquemment deux murs pour affichage. Il est fermé depuis plusieurs années. Il a été mis en vente vers 2007-2008, mais de toute évidence aucun acheteur ne s’y est intéressé. Il a été laissé à l’abandon et son état s’est graduellement détérioré. Avec la détérioration sont d’abord apparus les graffitis et les tags. Les artistes s’adonnant aux collages et autocollants sont ensuite arrivés en masse et en ont fait une de leur galleries préférées dans le quartier.

Des photos du garage prises au printemps 2012 et à l’été 2014 sont présentées en tête de la gallerie ci-dessous. On peut voir comment la situation a changé en deux ans: en 2012 on y trouvait des graffitis et quelques wheatpastes (en l’occurrence Stikki Peaches sur cette photo) mais en 2014 presque toute la surface disponible est utilisée. De nouvelles oeuvres y apparaissent à chaque semaine du printemps à l’automne.

La gallerie c-dessous présente des photos d’art peint et collés sur ce garage entre les étés 2014 et 2016. Cliquez sur les images pour voir en grand format.

general view / vue d’ensemble

the garage in 2012

the garage in 2014

painted work / oeuvres peintes

Collaboration between Omen and Kashink on garage door, St-Dominique side

Scaner quickie.

Piece by El Moot Moot

Omen drawing on post in front of the garage

wheatpastes / collages

Wheatpastes by Enzo & Nio (centre), Miss Me (left), ROC514 (birds) and lots of tags on the garage’s corner.

Evolution of the above corner: poster by Albar.

Same corner as above, later: wheatpaste from Enzo Sarto.

Evolution of the corner door continued: the Enzo Sarto wheatpaste above was within a week covered with this large G.Knight currency wheatpaste.

Same corner, summer 2016: Enzo Sarto is back in the spot with a new one.

Another G.Knight currency wheatpaste, this one above one of the garage doors. Below are tags by Scaner and Getsa.

Another G.Knight currency wheatpaste, this one smaller than the one above it in this list.

Another G.Knight currency wheatpaste.

Mock political poster by Futur Lasor Now.

Wheatpaste by WhatIsAdam

Wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight.

Wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight.

Wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight.

Wheatpaste by Cazo.

Poster by Kat.

Poster by Kat.

Rey Midax (sorry for the finger keeping the wheatpaste from curling onto itself).

CSRK wheatpaste.

CSRK wheatpaste.

Poster by Swarm for Decolonizing Street Art.

Paste-up by Stela

Pasted doilie by Stela

Paste-up by ROC514 in collaboration with Purplesmoke17 (Sleepy Bunny) on building next to garage on Marie-Anne.

Paste-up by ROC514 in collaboration with Cup O’Joe.

Paste-up by Swarm.

Paste-up by unidentified artist.

Foamy paste-up by Solal Comics.

Paste-up by unidentified artist on building next to garage on Marie-Anne.


Poster by unidentified artist.

Poster by same unidentified artist as above.

Poster tagged by Scaner.

Wheatpaste by Scaner.

Wheatpaste by Scaner.

wood-ups and other pasted objects

Painted wood-up by Xray

Painted wood-up by Xray

Chess board installation by G.Knight

Painting on board by Hannah Natali.

Framed newspaper cutting with stickers, artist unidentified.

stickers / autocollants

Sticker by Futur Lasor Now.

Stickers by 52Hz (left), ROC514 (centre) and Swarm (right).

Sticker by Waxhead.

Sticker by Zola.



Mono Sourcil

Political sticker by an unidentified artist.

Political sticker by an unidentified artist for Decolonizing Street Art.

Unidentified artist.

Sticker by Glu10.

stencils / pochoirs

Stencil on sidewalk by G.Knight.

Stencil on sidewalk by G.Knight.

Stencil by unidentified artist.


other / autre

Across the street from the garage: house painted by Zilon for the 2014 edition of Mural Festival.

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