Zola is one of Montreal’s most politically and socially involved artists. She describes her art as “Anti-oppressive street art”. She has been involved in the Decolonizing Street Art convergence of artists and in OffmuralEs, a collective aiming to offer a non-corporate alternative to the Mural Festival. She was voted by Complex as one of the 15 Emerging Street Artists to Watch in 2015 (that’s not just in Montreal but internationally).

For more information on Zola, see this interview given to Complex (in English) and this interview published in La Presse (in French), or visit her Facebook and Tumblr pages. Photos of her work, including a lot of off-street creations, are up on Instagram. She sells stickers, patches, posters, zines, t-shirts, etc through Storenvy.

Zola est une des artistes les plus politiquement et socialement engagé.e.s à Montréal. Elle décrit son art comme étant du “street art anti-oppression”. Elle est impliquée dans la convergence d’artistes Decolonizing Street Art ainsi que dans OffmuralEs qui propose une alternative non-commerciale au Festival Mural. Elle a été votée parmi les 15 artistes émergents à surveiller en 2015 par Complex (pas seulement à Montréal, mais internationalement).

Pour plus d’information sur Zola, lire cette entrevue (en français) publiée dans La Presse et cette entrevue (en anglais) donnée à Complex, ou visitez ses pages Facebook et Tumblr. Des photos de son art, incluant beaucoup de créations off-street sont disponibles sur Instagram. Zola vend des autocollants, patches, affiches, zines, t-shirts, etc via Storenvy.

wheatpastes / collages

Tribute to Auntie Janet in Hochelaga.

A smaller version of the above.

After contributing this garage door to the 2020 edition of Canettes de Ruelle (see pre-vandalism shot at the bottom of this page), someone who disapproved with her anti-police message vandalised it, calling her a ‘cretin’. Instead of ‘fixing’ the work, Zola retaliated by wheatpasting over the vandalism and hijacking the vandal’s work to her benefit.

For the 2020 edition of Canettes de Ruelle.

With Swarm on the left.

Collaboration with Swarm.

A cheeky one…

Probably Zola’s smallest wheatpaste!

This photo © Zola

Skull on the right is by Rey Midax.

Collaboration between Swarm (portal) and Zola (person).

Another collaboration with Swarm (slightly damaged in this shot). A sticker variation of this piece also exists, scroll down to the stickers section.

Also visible top right: Stela

Also visible bottom left: Stela; this photo © Zola

Underneath balcony of industrial office building.

This photo © Zola

Also visible, stickers for Decolonizing Street Art and by Waxhead, Stela, Tik Tok, ROC514

In alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Also visible, paste-ups by Red Bandit (beneath Zola) and Meat (bottom).

This photo © Zola

This photo © Zola

This photo © Zola

This photo © Zola

Zola for OffmuralEs.

stickers / autocollants

This one’s a holographic sticker.

Collaboration with Swarm.

Collaboration with Swarm. This design originally existed as a wheatpaste (scroll up this gallery to view).

This one is presumed to be from Zola.

Zola, Riot Apologist.

Decolonizing Street Art stickers distributed by Zola.

painted / peint

For the 2022 edition of Canettes de Ruelle, with a piece by Collages Féminicides Montréal on the door.

For the 2021 edition of Canettes de Ruelle.

For the 2020 edition of Canettes de Ruelle.

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