Mural Festival 2017

This article features the new murals created during the 2017 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic from June 8th to 18th.

Seven earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the sponsored one by Meggs and the Pantone mural from the 2016 edition, the Nychos, Melissa del Pinto and Eric Clément murals from the 2015 edition, and the Squid Called Sebastian and Astro/La Paria ones from the 2013 edition. The Ashop mural on Napoleon, which is older than the festival, was also covered to make space for a new one.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2017 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement du 8 au 18 juin.

Sept murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Meggs et de Pantone de l’édition 2016, les murales de Nychos, de Melissa del Pinto et d’Eric Clément produites pour l’édition 2015 ainsi que celles de A Squid Called Sebastian et d’Astro/La Pariadatant de l’édition 2013. La murale d’Ashop sur Napoleon, datant d’avant le Festival, a aussi été recouverte par une nouvelle création.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre reliant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier.

the murals

This mural by Kevin Ledo, which was started a week before the festival and completed a week after, was at the time our city’s biggest mural.

Ricardo Cavolo.

Ron English

Onur‘s mural in Chinatown. This one was painted with blacklight-sensitive paint, see nighttime shots of it on the artist’s webpage.

1010‘s mural is found downtown behind the McCord Museum.

Fintan Magee

Dodo Osé‘s rooftop wall for Ashop.

The street view of the above mural by Dodo Osé shows the gold leaking out of the character’s hand spilling over the side of the house into the street.

Jackie Robinson tribute by Fluke for Ashop.



Ruben Sanchez

Mad C

Insa. Download Insa’s Gif-iti app and see this one come to life (or alternatively, see it here)!

Jason Wasserman

Li-Hill installation done a few weeks before the festival. See below for close-ups.

Close-up of the Li-Hill installation seen above.

Closer-up of the Li-Hill installation seen above.

Mono Sourcil‘s long wall. See below for close-ups in three segments.

Segment 1/3 of Mono Sourcil‘s long wall.

Segment 2/3 of Mono Sourcil‘s long wall.

Segment 3/3 of Mono Sourcil‘s long wall.

Photographer Aydin Matlabi and Miss Me‘s collaboration. See below for close-ups in two segments.

Segment 1/2 of Aydin Matlabi and Miss Me‘s long wall.

Segment 2/2 of Aydin Matlabi and Miss Me‘s long wall.

Ola Volo‘s mural in Mile End.

Nuria Mora


Hoar‘s mural in Chinatown was done a few weeks before the festival.

Joe Iurato’s sidewalk pieces

Following Mathieu Connery and Jason Botkin, in 2017 it was Joe Iurato who supplied the sidewalk pieces for Mural Festival. He did eight in total, all on St-Laurent between Milton and Mont-Royal.

Après Mathieu Connery et Jason Botkin, en 2017 c’était au tour de Joe Iurato de créer les pièces de trottoir pour le Festival Mural. Il en créé huit, toutes sur St-Laurent entre Milton et Mont-Royal.

Cryote’s installations in Parc du Portugal

Cryote was commissioned to create eight ‘sculptures’ (actually installations made from painted wood cutouts) in Parc du Portugal where activities were held all throughout the festival.

Cryote a créé huit ‘sculptures’ (en fait des intallations faites de pièces de bois peintes) qui ont été installées au Parc du Portugal où des activités étaient organisées au cours de la durée du festival.

information/ad boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information and advertisement boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information et de publicité du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellent initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais.

M’Os Geez


Naveen Shakil




Aless MC aka Angler Fish

Djibril M-P and Camille Perreault

Thomas Bertrand aka Totoscope


Franco E

Joffré Roy-b

Nicholas Bertrand

Paulie Heart


Pintar Y Viajar(?)

Arizo (Zoe Boivin, Ariane Coté)

‘your face here’ boards

The Festival increased the number of ‘your face here’ boards this year for kids and adults to interact with the art. Just like the info/ad boards above, these are great canvases for local artists to show their craft during the festival.

Cetta année le festival a augmenté le nombre de panneaux dans lesquels les enfants et adultes peuvent insérer leur visage et se prendre en photo. Tout comme les revers de panneaux d’information et publicitaires ci-dessus, ces panneaux permettent à des artistes locaux de montrer leur talent pendant la durée du festival.

Waxhead, side 1.

Waxhead, side 2.

Borrris, side 1.

Borrris, side 2.

LP Montoya, side 1.

LP Montoya, side 2.

ROC514, side 1.

ROC514, side 2.

Ekes, side 1.

Ekes, side 2.

Ekes, on the reverse of the Naimo one below.

Naimo, on the reverse of the Ekes one above.

IAmBatman, side 1.

IAmBatman, side 2.

Saurin Galloway, side 1.

Saurin Galloway, side 2.

Katie Paglialunga, side 1.

Katie Paglialunga, side 2.

ADZ + ASD, side 1.

ADZ + ASD, side 2.

Marc-André Giguère


Waxhead’s cement blocks

Waxhead was commissioned by the Festival to paint the cement blocks at both ends of the Mural zone.

Waxhead a eu le contrat de peindre les blocs de ciments aux extrémités de la zone du festival.

Sherbooke street end, side 1.

Sherbooke street end, side 2.

Mont-Royal street end, side 1.

Mont-Royal street end, side 2.

Mont-Royal street end, close-up.

Mont-Royal street end, close-up.

Mont-Royal street end, close-up.

Mont-Royal street end, close-up.


Jimmy Chiale mural done behind LNDMRK offices ahead of the festival.

Truck side painted by Fleo. The opposite side was painted by Axe but it was completed during the evening of the festival’s last day and I didn’t manage to get a shot.

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