Canettes de Ruelle 2018

This image gallery brings together photos of all the pieces created for the 2nd edition of Canettes de Ruelle, which was actually the first edition under that name, as the first one was called Chats de Ruelle (Alleycats). For this 2018 edition the festival took place in the 7th/8th alley between Masson and Laurier, and the 6th/7th alley between Laurier and St-Joseph. The gallery below is presented from North to South, so from Masson to Laurier in the 7th/8th alley and then from Laurier to St-Joseph in the 6th/7th alley.

Cette gallerie-photo présente toutes les oeuvres crées dans le contexte de la 2e édition du festival Canettes de Ruelle, en fait la première sous ce nom puisque la première édition s’appelait Chats de Ruelle. Pour cette édition 2018, le festival s’est déroulé dans la ruelle 7e/8e de Masson à Laurier et la ruelle 6e/7e de Laurier à St-Joseph. Les photos de la galerie ci-dessous sont présentées du nord au sud, donc descendant la ruelle 7e/8e de Masson à Laurier, puis la ruelle 6e/7e de Laurier à St-Joseph.

Font-fest by Ofusk, EK Sept and Hoar.



Ofusk (top) and EK Sept (ground).



Above 4 photos: full shot on the 203 Crew wall followed by close-ups on the parts of Ekes, Borrris and Lyfer.

Paynt and Seork‘s rooftop collaboration.

Mad Rats

Above 2 photos: Swarm.

Collaboration of MAF, Mesh and Seano.

EK Sept

Louis Letters


Le Monstr

Bibi Una assisted by Vazy.

Nikki Küntzle

Collaboration of MSHL and SBU One.

Collaboration of YU8’s Eskro (middle and bottom right), Resok (mostly left) and Apok (top right).


Quatre and Nancy.


Char Bataille

KT Pag


Eskro and Resok representing their crew YU8.

Above 3 photos: this super long semi-private wall was painted by Adida Fallen Angel (left-1st shot, right-3rd shot) and Aldarwin (middle-2nd shot).

Wistipouf and Nero.



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