Mural Festival 2018

This article features the new murals created during the 2018 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic from June 7th to 17th.

Six earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the Ricardo Cavolo and Insa from the 2017 edition, the XRAY and Ms Teri walls from the 2016 edition, the Young Jarus wall from the 2015 edition, and the Other mural from the 2013 edition.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2018 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement du 7 au 17 juin.

Six murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Ricardo Cavolo et de Insa de l’édition 2017, celles de XRAY et de Ms Teri de l’édition 2016, celle de Young Jarus de l’édition 2015 ainsi que celle de Other datant de l’édition 2013.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre reliant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier.

the murals

Michael Reeder, who also supplied the Festival’s artwork for this year’s edition (as seen on the top banner of this post).


Tristan Eaton


Drew Merritt


Waxhead. See below for close-ups of this huge contribution.

Close-up of Waxhead‘s huge contribution.

One more close-up of Waxhead‘s huge contribution.

Waxhead‘s wall also includes a guest appearance of Ekes on letters.

Jeremy Shantz. Fonki, Smak and Serak did the tribute to Scaner at the base of the mural.

Axe Lalime



Ben Eine

A collaboration between Poni and Cyrielle Tremblay.

Sandra Chevrier

Le Monstr


Sara Erenthal


This Marc Sirus wall was not on the official programme but it was still part of the festival.

ASVP’s sidewalk pieces

In 2018 it was ASVP‘s turn to supply the sidewalk pieces in the Mural zone. He did seven in total, all on St-Laurent between Milton and St-Joseph.

En 2018 c’était au tour de ASVP de créer les pièces de trottoir pour le Festival Mural. Il en créé sept, toutes sur St-Laurent entre Milton et St-Joseph.


The 123Klan painted the outside of this shuttle that brings people to the Alouettes (football) games. Two more buses were done during the festival but I was not able to photograph them.

SBU One, MSHL and Naimo collaborated on this truck for a Rosemont café. The side here is mostly by SBU One with a bit by MSHL, and the back is all by MSHL. See below for the opposite side mostly by Naimo.

This is Naimo‘s side of the above truck for a Rosemont café. SBU One and MSHL have also contributed a bit to this side.

information/ad boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information and advertisement boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent. A few are missing from the gallery below as I was unable to photograph them before they got tagged.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information et de publicité du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellent initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais. Quelques pièces, que je n’ai pas eu la chance de photographier avant qu’elles ne soient tagguées, manquent à la galerie ci-dessous.

Mr Crocks and Kwartz collaboration.

Nikki Kuentzle


MC Grou

Max Prevo

Raphael Dairon

Alice Demee

Carolane Bélanger

Dominique Montesano

Geneviève Bigué

Jo Mendel

Julia GR

‘your face here’ boards

Just like the info/ad boards above, these ‘your face here’ boards are great canvases for local artists to show their craft during the festival. I’ve only photographed a few of these this year.

Tout comme les revers de panneaux d’information et publicitaires ci-dessus, ces panneaux permettent à des artistes locaux de montrer leur talent pendant la durée du festival. Je n’ai malheureusement photographié que quelques uns cette année.


Alexis Vaillancourt

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