New street art June-July 2015

This post features works which appeared in the streets of Montreal in June and the first week of July 2015 (and that I was lucky enough to catch, of course). Our artists have been very busy and a lot of others were in town for Mural Festival, so this post is another big one! Graffiti was left out, there’s so much of it that it deserves its own separate post.

Cet article présente des oeuvres apparues dans les rues de Montréal en juin et pendant la première semaine de juillet 2015 (ce que j’ai eu la chance de trouver, bien sur). Nos artistes ont été très occupés et plusieurs autres de l’extérieur étaient en ville pour le Festival Mural, cet article est donc très chargé! Les pièces de graffiti seront traitées dans un article séparé.

painted and drawn

Axe and Oser aka Dodo Ose for K6A in St-Henri.

Earth Crusher for K6A in St-Henri (next to above).

Monk.e for K6A in St-Henri (next to above).

Unidentified artist for K6A in St-Henri (next to above).

Otak, Fleo and Oser aka Dodo Ose for K6A in St-Henri (next to above).

Fleo (left), Cens (right) and Cassandra Leigh D for K6A in Old Montreal .

Axe for K6A in Old Montreal (next to above).

SBU One in Old Montreal (next to above).

Unidentified artist in Old Montreal (next to above).

Unidentified artist in Old Montreal (next to above).

This is a close-up of the piece shown in the image above. Click image to see details of this piece’s incredible texture.

Tava in Little Italy.

Astro on container in Plateau park (other sides below).

Astro on container in Plateau park (other sides above and below).

Astro on both ends of container in Plateau park (other sides above).

Monk.e in HoMa next to Mono Sourcil piece below.

Mono Sourcil in HoMa next to Monk.e piece above.

Mono Sourcil in the Plateau.

Mono Sourcil in HoMa.

The Chris Dyer piece (left) done last month for Chromatic 2015 has since been ‘extended’ with contribution from his brother Peru143 (top right) and MSHL (bottom right).

Around the corner from the above is a contribution by Wastoidz (Peru143‘s ‘crew’) and George S Blott. A bit of the MSHL from the other side is also visible bottom left).

Same location as above, George S Blott piece wrapped around an older Lovebot wheatpaste on the building’s chimney.

Benny Wilding with Hsix in the Plateau.

New Mathieu Connery piece over an old one from last year’s Mural Festival.

Another new Mathieu Connery piece over an old one from last year’s Mural Festival.

Mange Le Krak on Rachel. Also visible on the door are wheatpastes by Miss Me and Kafka, and lots of stickers.

MSHL near the PSC legal graffiti wall in Pointe St-Charles.

Lovebot (right) and presumably Grominator (left) on St-Marc. The Lovebot portion was vandalised before I could photograph this wall, so I’m showing this photo © PiaMTL.

Piece by Ali on the ground in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Mr Chose is taking over the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen, literally.

Mr Chose on bin at legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

El Moot Moot on front of Plateau house.

Timmy Drift (left) and Swarm (right) on train in Petite Patrie.

Painted sidewalks on de Castelnau.

Painted sidewalks on de Castelnau.

Painted sidewalks on de Castelnau.

Fasi (left) and Naia (right) beneath expressway.

Many new occurrences of Phantom Cat have popped up here and there in central Montreal.

This is actually from slightly earlier than the period covered within this blog post, but I thought it was a one-off joke until I found more. Artist unknown.

More by the above unidentified artist.


A giant new piece by Stikki Peaches in the fashion district.

Stikki Peaches with Dain from NYC in Plateau/Mile End.

Turtle Caps is back in action. The piece on the left appears to be new, at least for Montreal, while the other one is not. Many other previously seen designs by this artist have been pasted around the Plateau and Mile End in the same week.

Finally some new Miss Me, with Turtle Caps in Mile End.

Poster by Enzo Sarto and Jilly Ballistic in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

More from Le Renard Fou that did not make it into my previous post.

Lovebot wheatpaste which has probably been pasted in Toronto, but this was new for Montreal.

Poster mural by Chat Perdu. Sorry, this is hard to photograph in good quality; click on image to view bigger.

Poster by Chat Perdu.

Pasted poster by Madame Gilles.

Large paste-up version of a previously seen sticker by Swarm. Also visible on its left is a new sticker by Loks.

Paste-up by Swarm. Other variations have been found. Also visible is a slightly older sticker by Clovis.

New ‘dripping’ version of a paste-up by Starkey.

Paste-up by unidentified artist.

wood-ups, wood cut-outs

Huge wood cut-out created by XRAY for the MTL En Arts event. This piece was interactive as people would mount the skateboard to be photographed as if they were being pulled by the revving ship.

Collective wood-up featuring Starkey‘s Wabbit (top), anonymous (middle left), Waxhead (middle right), Kind (bottom left) and IAmBatman (bottom right)

At the speed rabbits reproduce, it’s no surprise that Starkey‘s Wabbits are evolving.

Another one by Starkey, this one in alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

Unidentified artist over wooden piece.

Garbage Beauty

July 1st is moving day in Montreal, which means a lot of old furniture left on the sidewalks and a lot more opportunities for Garbage Beauty to do their thing. Below is just a small fraction of what they did in our streets in the past few weeks. Their best work does not remain outside very long before it gets picked up and given a new home (or the same home from whence it came!).

Le 1er juillet est jour de déménagement à Montréal, donc beaucoup de vieux meubles se retrouvent sur les trottoirs et deviennent canevas pour Garbage Beauty. Seulement une infime fraction de ce que Garbage Beauty a fait au cours des dernières semaines est présenté ici. Le meilleur de leur travail ne reste pas sur les trottoirs très longtemps avant d’être récupéré par de nouveaux (et parfois les anciens) propriétaires.


Unidentified artist in St-Henri.

Unidentified artist in St-Henri.


Futur Lasor Now

ROC514 (lft) and G.Knight (right).

Collaborations between Waxhead and El Moot Moot.

As above, different colours.

As above, different colours.

El Moot Moot

El Moot Moot



Shifty Cat has come up with many new stickers.

More Shifty Cat.

More Shifty Cat.

New stickers showing previously seen themes by WhatIsAdam.

MC Baldassari (left) and Caratoes (right) both contributed walls to the most recent edition of Mural Festival but they also left their stickers.

Many handmade stickers by Free Willy appeared all over central Montreal and beyond. Above and below is a selection of what I found. Free Willy tags have also been spotted.

More Free Willy.

More Free Willy.

More Free Willy (left). Night Fairy (right).

Two Sev.

Stickers by Deux Ben (left, tall white creature) and Tits(?) (right).

Unknown artists.


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