Whatisadam (WIA)

wia-tagWhatisadam – who also sometimes goes by the shorter ‘WIA’ – is one of Montreal’s stars of street art. He uses a pop art approach to his work which is heavily inspired by Canadiana: hockey, maple syrup, woodsmen, wildlife such as deers, buffalos, wolves, mallards, fish, etc. Off the streets he is into silkscreen printing and produces various objects, but on the streets his medium has been mostly wheatpasting.

For information on what he is up to, see his personal and Facebook pages. For more photos of his work, see his Instagram and Flickr pages. A bit of Whatisadam at work can be seen in this video on Vimeo.

Whatisadam, aussi connu sous le diminutif WIA, est une des étoiles du street art à Montréal. Il utilise une approche pop art et son esthétique est très canadienne, ses thèmes récurrents étant le hockey, le sirop d’érable, le bucheron et la faune telle que le cerf, le bison, le loup, le canard colvert, les poissons, etc. Hors-rue il produit beaucoup de sérigraphies et divers objets, mais sur la rue son medium principal est le wheatpasting.

Pour plus d’information sur cet artiste, voir ses pages personnelle et Facebook. Pour des photos de son art, voir ses pages Instagram et Flickr. Une video de Whatisadam peut être vue sur Vimeo.


Contribution to the 2018 edition of Mural Festival.

2017 mural in Mile-Ex.

Mural in Wynwood, Miami for the 2017 edition of Art Basel.


Sidewalk stencils for the 2018 edition of Mural Festival.

Sidewalk stencils done on the night of the announcement of the programme for the 2018 edition of Mural Festival.

More sidewalk stencils ahead of the 2018 edition of Mural Festival.


maple sizzurp

Artist on the right in unidentified.

other wheatpastes

Futur Lasor Now‘s dog Patch (left) and two by Whatisadam (centre, right).

Stikki Peaches (top) and WhatIsAdam (kids).


Posters on the boarded up Club Sandwich for the 2016 edition of the MTL En Arts festival.

The two smaller pieces on the left are by unidentified artists.


In the summer of 2014 Whatisadam wrapped garbage cans on Mont Royal to create 3D versions of his iconic Maple Sizzurp cans. Photo © Whatisadam.

One more shot of WhatIsAdam’s 3D versions of his iconic Maple Sizzurp cans. Photo © Whatisadam.

Oversized Maple Sizzurp can sold at the Station 16 gallery out on the street; photo © Whatisadam.

The Oversized Maple Sizzurp can, 2015 edition.

Painted version of the oversized Maple Sizzurp can.

In the summer of 2013 Whatisadam put up arrow installations as seen above, but they were eventually broken off and nowadays all that is left are the bases, as seen in the photo below. Photo © Whatisadam.

See comment above.

One more arrow installation. Photo © Whatisadam.

Broken arrow installation.

Roxy bust as seen above the door of the Station 16 gallery.

Boat painted for the Chromatic block party.


Slight variation on the above.

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