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Serak is a Montreal graffiti writer from the KG and K6A crews. He has very little presence on the internet, to see more of his work than what is shown here, check out his Instagram account.

Serak and un graffeur montréalais faisant parties des crews KG et K6A. Il est très peu présent sur l’internet, pour en voir plus que ce qui est présenté ci-dessous, jetez un coup d’oeil à sa page Instagram.

Pieces in this section are shown in approximate reverse chronological order, so the most recent are at the top.

Les pièces de cette section de la galerie sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse approximatif, de la plus récente à la plus vieille que j’ai eu la chance de photographier.

Serak (top) and Awe (ground level) in the Plateau.

Awe (top) and Serak (ground level) in the Plateau.

From a K6A crew production in St-Henri.

From a production in Hochelaga for Miser‘s going away.

Off-Mural piece in a central back alley.

In Rosemont.

In the Old Port.

For the Estival de Canes 2018 production.

With a Earth Crusher character in St-Henri.

On the Lachine Canal bike path.

In Côte St-Paul.

In Côte St-Paul.

In Côte St-Paul.


Same spot as above, a few months later with a new piece at the base.

In upper Plateau.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

One for the crew (K6A) in Centre-sud.

In Miami during the 2017 edition of Art Basel.

On an abandoned Plateau house awaiting demolition.

Tribute to Scaner in the South West.

Serak’s part in the Time Is Gold production.


Tribute to Scaner in St-Henri.

At the PSC legal graffiti wall.

In Côte St-Paul.

From a K6A crew production in St-Henri.

At the Rouen legal graffiti tunnel.

Rooftop piece downtown.

In the Lachine Canal.

By the Lachine Canal.

Along the Lachine Canal.


Train piece.

Train piece

In Mile End.

In Côte St-Paul, above a piece by Sewk.

In Hochelaga.

With Axe Lalime on a Hochelaga rooftop.

In Hochelaga.

With Zek on the right, in Griffintown.

In St-Henri, with a flop by Otak, a bandaid logo by Axe Lalime and a tag by Hsix above.

Rooftop downtown.


On an abandoned building in St-Henri.

In Hochelaga.

In Rosemont.

The Serak piece at the very top of this shot from the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival dates back to 2011 or even before.

contributions to multi-artist walls

Pieces in this section are shown in approximate reverse chronological order, so the most recent are at the top.

Les pièces de cette section de la galerie sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse approximatif, de la plus récente à la plus vieille que j’ai eu la chance de photographier.

The K6A crew wall from the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Serak bottom middle as well as Monk.e, Ankh One, Axe Lalime, Fleo, Otak, Awe, Snikr, Royal, Rekal and Saer. See below for close-up on Serak’s part.

Close-up on Serak’s and Awe‘s part in the K6A crew wall from the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

The K6A crew wall for the 2017 Festival de Canes features Serak on top letters alongside Axe Lalime, Dodo Osé, Fleo, Saer, Monk.e and Osti One.

The K6A crew wall for the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features letters by Serak bottom left, as well as Axe (raccoons), Otak (middle left), Satyr (top left), Fleo (top right), Dodo Osé (middle right) and Fluke (bottom right). See below for close-up on Serak’s piece.

Close-up on Serak’s piece on the K6A crew wall for the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

The K6A crew wall for the 2014 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. Serak’s name is inside the central character’s shirt.

This wall from the 2013 edition of the Under Pressure Festival features Serak top left, Ether (middle letters), Scaner (ground letters), Axe Lalime (bottom left) and Hsix (right).

Serak is visible at the very top of this shot from the 2013 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. Also visible are Shalak (behind car), Smoky (bottom right), XRAY (above Smoky), Crane (far bottom left) and many others.

This K6A crew wall in Côte St-Paul features Serak at the top, Fleo in the middle and Oser aka Dodo Osé at ground level.

throws and tags

Under Pressure Festival 2018

Here’s a photo gallery featuring all the works produced during the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. For earlier editions see the following posts:
2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 editions.

Cet article-photo présente les oeuvres produites au cours de l’édition 2018 du Festival Under Pressure. Pour les éditions antérieures, voir les articles suivants:
Éditions 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013.

The 203 crew wall featuring Lyfer, Ekes, Arnold, Borrris, Flying Eric, Opire, Algue.

Detail of the above 203 crew wall showing the 2 aliens from the crew’s wall on the 2017 edition.

The K6A crew wall featuring Monk.e, Ankh One, Axe Lalime, Fleo, Serak, Otak, Awe, Snikr, Royal, Rekal and Saer. Scroll down for 4 details.

Detail 1/4 of the above K6A crew wall. This section is mostly Monk.e and Ankh One.

Detail 2/4 of the above K6A crew wall. The Scaner chain is by Awe.

Detail 3/4 of the above K6A crew wall.

Detail 4/4 of the above K6A crew wall.

Collaboration between Scribe and Tchug. See below for an alternate angle and a close-up.

Alternate angle of the Scribe and Tchug collaboration.

Close-up of Tchug‘s central character on the collaboration wall with Scribe .

The Boro wall featuring Cemz (top letters), Esprit (left half) and Sight (bottom right letters).

Korb and Crane representing the Crazy Apes.

The left half of the mosaic wall featuring EK Sept (top left), Serum (middle left), Heks (bottom left), Seork (top character), Aces (middle right letters), Elfu (bottom central character) and Bask (bottom right). Scroll down for close-ups of all the pieces.

EK Sept (top) and Serum (bottom).

Seork (character) and Aces (letters).




The right half of the mosaic wall featuring Serna (top left), Resok (top right), Temps (middle left), Nor (middle), Myrage (middle right), Rizek (bottom left) and Eskro (bottom right). Scroll down for close-ups of all the pieces.








Snok (middle), Ason (top left), Deaf (top right), Pito (ground letters) and James Dillon (characters).

Mad Rats Gaulois (left) and Boporc (right). See below for close-ups of each individual namepieces.



Collaboration between Paynt (top right), Hozek (bottom left), Sepan (top left), Magic (bottom right) and Gost (bottom letters). Because Magic’s part is at a disadvantage in this shot, see below for close-up.

Close-up on Magic‘s piece.

Christina Mazzulla and Willy Wales.

Bibi Una

Segment 1/5 of a very long wall featuring Haks, Capes, Nemo, Lapin and Vedas. This segment is mostly Lapin on character, Haks on letters and Capes on neon top right.

Segment 2/5 of a very long wall featuring Haks, Capes, Nemo, Lapin and Vedas. Letters by Vedas.

Segment 3/5 of a very long wall featuring Haks, Capes, Nemo, Lapin and Vedas. This part is mostly by Capes.

Segment 4/5 of a very long wall featuring Haks, Capes, Nemo, Lapin and Vedas. Nemo on letters, Haks on neon.

Segment 5/5 of a very long wall featuring Haks, Capes, Nemo, Lapin and Vedas. Mostly Lapin with the help of Jaz and Aude Robert-Gingras.

Collaboration between Ankh One and Osmoze.

Habit (top) and Acro (ground).

Imp (top) and Rask (ground).



Le Monstr


Chris Dyer

Raphaël Dairon


M’Os Geez

Fokus and Deps.




MAGillustrator. Unsurprisingly, this only lasted a few days before the owners painted over it in black.

Alex Produkt



Paulie Heart

MC Baldassari wheatpastes in the windows and a painted piece at ground level.

Mono Sourcil wheatpastes.

Adida Fallen Angel

Three posters by Adida Fallen Angel in the windows (scroll down for the painted ground pieces).

Jasper wheatpaste. See below for a painted piece.

Jasp. See above for a wheatpaste.

Kat. See below for close-ups.

Close-up on one of the posters by Kat.

Close-up on one of the posters by Kat.

Nikki Kuentzle


Alex Grilanc

Sewp on two sides of a garbage container.

Collaboration between Axe Lalime and Fokus a week ahead of the festival.

Time Is Gold – the artshow

Le Livart, a Montreal gallery located at 3980 St-Denis, is presenting a tribute show dedicated to Montreal graff legend Scaner who passed away a year ago. Titled Time Is Gold, the show was put together by his widow, friends and collaborators and brings together about 50 pieces from the graffers/artist’s personal archive: painted work, graffiti sketches, metal sculptures as well as photos of his graffiti work. There is even a room featuring tribute pieces by fellow Montreal graffers and artists.

The show begins with a vernissage on 24 August and ends on 8 September, the eve of the first anniversary of Scaner’s death. Don’t miss this historical moment!

Le Livart, une gallerie montréalaise située au 3980 St-Denis, présente une nouvelle expo consacrée à la légende montréalaise du graff Scaner qui nous a quitté il y a maintenant un an. Intitulée Time Is Gold, l’expo a été mise sur pied par sa conjointe, ses amis et ses collaborateurs. On y présente une cinquantaine d’oeuvres tirées des archives personnelles de l’artiste: toiles peintes, dessins de graff, sculptures de métal ainsi que plusieurs photos de son oeuvre graffiti. Il y a même une pièce de la galerie consacrée à des oeuvres hommages créées par plusieurs de ses pairs du milieu de l’art urbain montréalais.

L’expo débute par un vernissage le 24 août et se termine le 8 septembre, la veille du premier anniversaire du décès de Scaner. Ne manquez pas ce moment historique!

Estival de Canes 2018

The second edition of the Estival de Canes (formerly known as the Festival de Canes) was held July 6-8, 2018 in Longueuil. This year the site of the festival was the Parc de la Cité in St-Hubert. This new edition was again curated by Acek and about 25 artists from the greater Montreal participated, mostly from the crews 203, Crazy Apes, K6A, Next Time, RCD and of course Acek’s N2N.

See also:
Festival de Canes – 2017 edition

La seconde édition de l’Estival de Canes (anciennement le Festival de Canes) a eu lieu du 6 au 8 juillet 2018 à Longueuil. Cette année le festival s’est tenu au Parc de la Cité à St-Hubert. Cette nouvelle édition a été supervisée par Acek et a réuni environ 25 artistes du grand Montréal, principalement des crews 203, Crazy Apes, K6A, Next Time, RCD et bien sûr N2N.

A voir aussi:
Festival de Canes – édition 2017

General view of the pond side of the production. At the center is the 203 Crew collective piece, above the water are Crazy Apes Narc, Havok and Akuma, and top right is Serak. Scroll down for close-ups of all of these.

Close-up of the 203 Crew part of the production, a tribute to the mullet (the “coupe Longueuil”). Artists who participated are Flying Eric, Arnold, Borrris, Ekes, Lyfer and Algue.

Close-up on Crane‘s piece above water level.

The Crazy Apes had the water level, this is a close-up of Crane, Narc and Havok.

The Crazy Apes’ Narc, Havok and Akuma.

The other Crazy Apes in this prod is Korb.

Serak is on the top level of the building.

Axe Lalime between his K6A Crew buddies. This is a work-in-progress, more will eventually be added to it. Stay tuned for the final pic.

Fleo also there to represent K6A.

The N2N crew section of the production. From left to right: Acek, Arose and Janek (sideways). See individual close-ups below.

Acek‘s segment of the N2N contribution.

Arose‘s segment of the N2N contribution.

Janek‘s segment of the N2N contribution (work-in-progress shot, final piece photo coming soon).

Dré on letters and character, with Five Eight above.

Royal at ground level with Nor above.

The RCD Crew wall: Yema at ground level, Snok on top letters and Beaf on bird.

Sank on letters and Germdee on character.



the boards

Four additional 2-sided boards were available onsite for other artists to contribute.

Quatre panneaux recto-verso étaient aussi disponibles pour des artistes voulant contribuer.

Mono Sourcil on character and Hsix on letters (a tribute to German graffiti artist Loomit).

Mad Rats Gaulois (in blue) and Bopor (in pink).

More by the Mad Rats.





unidentified artist

Help fund a commemorative mural in honour of Scaner

Money is currently being raised to fund a commemorative mural in honour of Alex Scaner aka SCAN who passed away last year following a long battle with cancer. The huge 7250 square foot mural will be visible from one of MTL’s busiest highways. All 30 artists involved will be contributing their time for free, but $10 000 are needed to help finance the rental of aerial work platforms, scaffolding, safety equipment as well as for paint and transportation for artists.

If you are a regular at, Scaner needs no introduction. He has helped define the MTL graffiti and urban art scenes and his influence and respect extends way beyond the limits of our city. He was also known and loved for his great generosity and now the community has decided to return the love and honour the memory of its lost brother.

For all information and to contribute, go to:

Une collecte de fonds est présentement en cours dans le but de financer une murale commémorative en l’honneur d’Alex Scaner / SCAN qui est décédé l’an dernier suite à une longue bataille avec le cancer. L’énorme murale de 7250 pieds carrés sera visible du nouvel échangeur Turcot, une des routes les plus achalandées de MTL. Les 30 artistes impliqués dans le project contribueront leur temps gratuitement, mais $10 000 sont nécessaires pour la réalisation du projet, en l’occurrence la location de plate-formes mobiles, des échafaudages, des équipements de sécurité ainsi que pour la peinture et le transports d’artistes.

Si vous êtes un régulier de Montréal Mur à Mur, Scaner n’a pas besoin d’introduction. Il a fortement contribué à définir la scène montréalaise du graff et de l’art urbain et son influence et le respect qu’il génère dépassent largement les bornes de notre ville. Il était aussi connu et aimé pour sa grande générosité et maintenant c’est au tour de la communauté de lui retourner son amour en honorant la mémoire de son frère perdu.

Pour plus d’information ou pour contribuer, voir

Mural Festival 2018

This article features the new murals created during the 2018 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic from June 7th to 17th.

Six earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the Ricardo Cavolo and Insa from the 2017 edition, the XRAY and Ms Teri walls from the 2016 edition, the Young Jarus wall from the 2015 edition, and the Other mural from the 2013 edition.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2018 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement du 7 au 17 juin.

Six murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Ricardo Cavolo et de Insa de l’édition 2017, celles de XRAY et de Ms Teri de l’édition 2016, celle de Young Jarus de l’édition 2015 ainsi que celle de Other datant de l’édition 2013.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre reliant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier.

the murals

Michael Reeder, who also supplied the Festival’s artwork for this year’s edition (as seen on the top banner of this post).


Tristan Eaton


Drew Merritt


Waxhead. See below for close-ups of this huge contribution.

Close-up of Waxhead‘s huge contribution.

One more close-up of Waxhead‘s huge contribution.

Waxhead‘s wall also includes a guest appearance of Ekes on letters.

Jeremy Shantz. See below for a ‘fenceless’ close-up of Fonki and Serak‘s tribute to Scaner at the base of the mural.

Tribute to Scaner by Fonki and Serak, a detail of Jeremy Shantz‘s wall (see above).

Axe Lalime



Ben Eine

A collaboration between Poni and Cyrielle Tremblay.

Sandra Chevrier

Le Monstr


Sara Erenthal


This Marc Sirus wall was not on the official programme but it was still part of the festival.

ASVP’s sidewalk pieces

In 2018 it was ASVP‘s turn to supply the sidewalk pieces in the Mural zone. He did seven in total, all on St-Laurent between Milton and St-Joseph.

En 2018 c’était au tour de ASVP de créer les pièces de trottoir pour le Festival Mural. Il en créé sept, toutes sur St-Laurent entre Milton et St-Joseph.


The 123Klan painted the outside of this shuttle that brings people to the Alouettes (football) games. Two more buses were done during the festival but I was not able to photograph them.

SBU One, MSHL and Naimo collaborated on this truck for a Rosemont café. The side here is mostly by SBU One with a bit by MSHL, and the back is all by MSHL. See below for the opposite side mostly by Naimo.

This is Naimo‘s side of the above truck for a Rosemont café. SBU One and MSHL have also contributed a bit to this side.

information/ad boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information and advertisement boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent. A few are missing from the gallery below as I was unable to photograph them before they got tagged.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information et de publicité du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellent initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais. Quelques pièces, que je n’ai pas eu la chance de photographier avant qu’elles ne soient tagguées, manquent à la galerie ci-dessous.

Mr Crocks and Kwartz collaboration.

Nikki Kuentzle


MC Grou

Max Prevo

Raphael Dairon

Alice Demee

Carolane Bélanger

Dominique Montesano

Geneviève Bigué

Jo Mendel

Julia GR

‘your face here’ boards

Just like the info/ad boards above, these ‘your face here’ boards are great canvases for local artists to show their craft during the festival. I’ve only photographed a few of these this year.

Tout comme les revers de panneaux d’information et publicitaires ci-dessus, ces panneaux permettent à des artistes locaux de montrer leur talent pendant la durée du festival. Je n’ai malheureusement photographié que quelques uns cette année.


Alexis Vaillancourt

Montreal Hippodrome

In 2009, after more than 100 years near the corner of Décarie and Jean-Talon, the Montreal Hippodrome (formerly known as Blue Bonnets) closed its doors. The site comprised mainly a huge race track for horses, with on one side a main building including bleachers, betting rooms, bars and restaurants, and on the other side, various stables and sheds.

It didn’t take very long following the closing of the Hippodrome for graffers and other artists to hit the abandoned buildings. While the stables and some of the sheds were immediately taken over, the main building remained off-limits. Although there was security on site, it was generally lax in the supervision of the abandoned stables. This was not the case for the main building; it was impossible to approach it without security showing up. It remained off-limits until the beginning of 2018 when, a few months away from a planned demolition to make space for a complex of condos and commercial buildings, security appears to have been dropped.

As it had become the holy grail of abandoned buildings in Montreal, following the disappearance of security it wasn’t long before graffers finally made it inside the main building. The first ones appear to have been Shok, Sewk and Arek, in early March 2018. Through social media the word quickly spread and within a few weeks the spot was completely taken over. The party lasted for about three weeks until late March when a fence was put up around the whole site and everything, including most the stables this time, became off-limits again. The city supplied security from the SPVM, so very few writers and explorers tried to make it inside after that.

The photos of graffiti and other artistic pieces from the Hippodrome are split over three posts:

  • the main building
  • the 2 saddling stables (to be published soon)
    (where the horses are brought for preparation before racing)
  • the 6 regular stables (to be published soon)
    (where the horses are kept in stable boxes when not racing)

En 2009, après plus de 100 ans près du coin Décarie/Jean-Talon, l’Hippodrome de Montréal (anciennement Blue Bonnets) a fermé ses portes. Le site de courses de chevaux consistait principalement en une grande piste avec d’un coté l’édifice principal incluant estrades, salles de paris, bars et restaurants, et de l’autre côté diverses écuries et hangars.

Suite à la fermeture de l’Hippodrome, les graffeurs et autres artistes ont immédiatement envahi l’endroit. Les écuries et hangars ont été les premiers à avoir été explorés. Cependant l’édifice principal est demeuré inaccessible. Bien qu’il y ait eu de la sécurité sur le site, celle-ci était généralement tolérante autour des écuries. Par contre, c’était tout le contraire en ce qui concerne l’édifice principal, il était impossible de l’approcher avant l’arrivée d’un.e agent.e de sécurité. L’édifice est ainsi demeuré inaccessible jusqu’au début de 2018 quand, à quelques mois d’une démolition longtemps planifiée, les autorités semblent avoir abandonné la sécurité.

Puisque cet édifice principal était devenu le spot le plus convoité par les graffeurs à Montréal, suite à l’interruption des services de sécurité ceux-ci ont pris l’endroit d’assaut. Les premiers à y avoir accédé semblent avoir été Shok, Sewk et Arek, en mars 2018. Via les médias sociaux la nouvelle s’est rapidement répandue et en l’espace de quelques semaines plusieurs douzaines d’artistes y ont laissé leur marque. La fête a duré environ 3 semaines, jusqu’à la fin de mars quand une cloture a été installée autour du site. L’édifice principal ainsi qu’une partie des écuries sont alors redevenues inaccessibles. La sécurité étant assurée cette fois par le SPVM, très peu de graffeurs et d’explorateurs urbains ont tenté d’y pénétrer par la suite.

Les photos de graffitis et autres pièces artistiques trouvées à l’Hippodrome sont présentées ici en trois sous-sections:

  • l’édifice principal
  • les 2 écuries de réchauffement (publié sous peu)
    (où les chevaux étaient préparés en vue d’une course)
  • les 6 écuries régulières (publié sous peu)
    (où les chevaux étaient gardés entre les courses)