Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo is more active in the studio than he is in the streets of Montreal. However, the quality and size of his murals in this city makes up for the small number of pieces offered. He has also become one of Montreal’s street art ambassadors by producing murals all over the world. You can view these other murals as well as his studio work at Ledo’s personal webpage and his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Kevin Ledo produit plus en studio que sur les murs de Montreal, mais la qualité et la taille des murales qu’il a produites ici compensent largement pour leur faible nombre. Il est un ambassadeur de Montréal sur la scène internationale du street art, ayant produit des murales un peu partout autour de la planète. Ces dernières ainsi que son travail en studio peuvent être vus sur son site web personnel ainsi que ses pages Instagram et Facebook.

24 days in the making, Kevin’s mural for the 2017 edition of Mural Festival is among the biggest in Montreal.

Contribution to the 2014 edition of Mural Festival.

In a covered parking space in the alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

Mural in Little Burgundy honouring Daisy Peterson Sweeney, for Mu.

Huge mural on Décarie in Côte-des-Neiges.

For the 2016 edition of Art Basel in Miami.

Tribute to actress Janine Sutto in Centre-Sud.

Plateau alley piece about the pain and anguish brought on by the increase of hatred and intolerance in today’s society.

Collaboration with Zoltan V in the alley between St-Denis and Drolet. Ledo painted the woman on the right.

Contribution to the Cabane à sucre secret gallery.

Contribution to the 2015 VHS – Van Horne Station event.

In the Plateau.

Kevin on portrait of the departed Akira, with Chris Dyer on the right.

2015 group ‘autoportrait’ by:
top row: Shalak from Clandestinos, Jason Botkin, Kevin Ledo, Chris Dyer, Bruno Smoky from Clandestinos
bottom row: Lovebot, Turtle Caps, Linsey Levendall, Marina Capdevila, Labrona, Waxhead, Dave Todaro

On the side of a Plateau business.

This detail of the Scan You Rock tribute wall to Scaner shows Kevin Ledo’s part. Click on the latter link to view the complete wall.

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