Estival de Canes 2018

The second edition of the Estival de Canes (formerly known as the Festival de Canes) was held July 6-8, 2018 in Longueuil. This year the site of the festival was the Parc de la Cité in St-Hubert. This new edition was again curated by Acek and about 25 artists from the greater Montreal participated, mostly from the crews 203, Crazy Apes, K6A, Next Time, RCD and of course Acek’s N2N.

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La seconde édition de l’Estival de Canes (anciennement le Festival de Canes) a eu lieu du 6 au 8 juillet 2018 à Longueuil. Cette année le festival s’est tenu au Parc de la Cité à St-Hubert. Cette nouvelle édition a été supervisée par Acek et a réuni environ 25 artistes du grand Montréal, principalement des crews 203, Crazy Apes, K6A, Next Time, RCD et bien sûr N2N.

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General view of the pond side of the production. At the center is the 203 Crew collective piece, above the water are Crazy Apes Narc, Havok and Akuma, and top right is Serak. Scroll down for close-ups of all of these.

Close-up of the 203 Crew part of the production, a tribute to the mullet (the “coupe Longueuil”). Artists who participated are Flying Eric, Arnold, Borrris, Ekes, Lyfer and Algue.

Close-up on Crane‘s piece above water level.

The Crazy Apes had the water level, this is a close-up of Crane, Narc and Havok.

The Crazy Apes’ Narc, Havok and Akuma.

The other Crazy Apes in this prod is Korb.

Serak is on the top level of the building.

Axe Lalime between his K6A Crew buddies. This is a work-in-progress, more will eventually be added to it. Stay tuned for the final pic.

Fleo also there to represent K6A.

The N2N crew section of the production. From left to right: Acek, Arose and Janek (sideways). See individual close-ups below.

Acek’s segment of the N2N contribution.

Arose‘s segment of the N2N contribution.

Janek‘s segment of the N2N contribution (work-in-progress shot, final piece photo coming soon).

Dré on letters and character, with Five Eight above.

Royal at ground level with Nor above.

The RCD Crew wall: Yema at ground level, Snok on top letters and Beaf on bird.

Sank on letters and Germ Dee on character.



the boards

Four additional 2-sided boards were available onsite for other artists to contribute.

Quatre panneaux recto-verso étaient aussi disponibles pour des artistes voulant contribuer.

Mono Sourcil on character and Hsix on letters (a tribute to German graffiti artist Loomit).

Mad Rats Gaulois (in blue) and Bopor (in pink).

More by the Mad Rats.


Germ Dee



unidentified artist

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