Under Pressure Festival 2013

The Under Pressure festival brings together street artists with DJs, dance crews, B-boys, B-girls and skaters in one big interdisciplinary event. The official festival zone is Ste-Catherine street between St-Laurent and Berri, but the walls on which the street artists produce their art are found on Boisbriand (the street that runs behind Metropolis and Foufounes) between St-Dominique and Hotel De Ville, on De Bullion and Ste-Elisabeth between Ste-Catherine and Boisbriand and on either side of the parking space between De Bullion and Hotel De Ville. Additional smaller spaces are offered on the ground level windows of the building situated at 180 Ste-Catherine East, and since 2014, beneath the windows of the building at 210 Ste-Catherine East.

All the graffiti and other works displayed in the image gallery below are from the 2013 edition of the festival and do not exist anymore, as the walls are covered in black every year to make space for new pieces. For subsequent editions see the following posts:
2017 edition
2016 edition
2015 edition
2014 edition.

For more information on the convention’s programme, indoors exhibits, concerts and shows, etc, check out the Under Pressure webpage.

Le festival Under Pressure est un événement artistique multidisciplinaire réunissant ‘sous un même toit’ des artistes visuels, des DJs, des breakdancers, des skaters, etc. La zone officielle du festival est la rue Ste-Catherine entre St-Laurent et Berri, mais les murs où les graffeurs et autres artistes visuels s’expriment se trouvent sur Boisbriand (la rue derrière le Metropolis et les Foufounes) entre St-Dominique et Hotel de Ville, sur de Bullion et sur Ste-Elisabeth entre Ste-Catherine et Boisbriand ainsi que des deux cotés du stationnement se trouvant entre de Bullion et Hotel de Ville. Des surfaces additionnelles sont offertes sur les fenêtres au niveau sol de l’édifice situé au 180 Ste-Catherine est, et depuis 2014, sous les fenêtres du 210 Ste-Catherine est.

Les graffitis et autres oeuvres à l’affiche dans la galerie-photo ci-dessous sont de l’édition 2013 du festival. Ils n’existent plus parce que les murs sont repeints en noir à chaque année pour faire place à de nouvelles créations. Pour les éditions subséquentes, voir les articles suivants:
édition 2017
édition 2016
édition 2015
édition 2014.

Pour plus d’information sur le festival (programme, expositions intérieures, concerts et spectacles, etc.), voir le site web d’Under Pressure.

Under Pressure 2013 logo, art by Earth Crusher

Click on images to see in full size
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rue Boisbriand x de Bullion x Ste-Elisabeth

Featuring Fonki (center), Legal (top left), Jaker (bottom left), Dare (top right), etc.

Ether TFB (middle letters), Scaner (bottom letters), Axe (bottom left), Serack (top letters), Hsix (right).

Turtle Caps (bottom left), Asyne (top letters), Mark Esprit (bottom letters), Mastrocola (partial, far right).

Five Eight and Earth Crusher.

Futur Lasor Now (bottom characters) and unidentified artist (character above door).

Unidentified writers/artists.

Left part by Mastrocola, right part by Cens, Euphone, Strike and Mike.

Wuna (bottom right), Cole, Clouds, Poutine, etc.

Shalak (behind car), Smoky (bottom right), XRAY (above Smoky), Crane (far bottom left), Serak (top letters), and many others.

Unidentified artist(s).

Regimental One Ton (bottom), Seaz and Flow (top letters).

Horus (top left), Maysr (top middle), Jaber (in blue and yellow behind cars), and many more.

Unidentified artist(s).

210 Ste-Catherine est


A Positive Creation by Chris Dyer

artist unknown

MC Baldassari

Cam Novak



Adida Fallen Angel

Other / autre

Foufounes Electriques wall by Le Monstr

container on Boisbriand by M.Abstrakt(?)


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