New street art and graffiti winter 2014-2015

After a break of 2 months, here’s the first ‘new works’ post of the year. Now that spring is at the door and our artists are going to hit the streets again, I should be able to go back to posting one or two of these every month.

A few murals and painted pieces were produced during the unusually warm final week of 2014. Then January and February were bitterly cold so not much happened besides stickers and tags. It takes a lot to stop Futur Lasor Now and Stela, so the ‘stickers’ section of the image gallery below includes a lot of their stuff. Waxhead is another of the braver ones. He probably nearly froze his fingers off making sure we got our fix of new painted pieces during the time of the year when others hibernate or go work in warmer climates.

Après un répit de 2 mois, voici le premier article de l’année présentant les nouveautés apparues dans les rues de Montréal. Maintenant que le printemps est à notre porte et que nos artistes vont reprendre la rue, je devrais être de nouveau en mesure de publier un ou deux de ces articles par mois.

Le temps doux que nous avons connu au cours de la dernière semaine de 2014 a rendu possible la création de quelques murales et autres pièces peintes de plus petite envergure. Ensuite les températures se sont maintenues sous les normales pour la majorité de janvier et février, et conséquemment les découvertes ont surtout été des autocollants et des tags. La section ‘stickers’ de la galerie-photo ci-dessous inclut beaucoup de pièces par Futur Lasor Now et Stela parce que rien ne semble arrêter ces deux irréductibles. Waxhead est aussi parmi nos plus braves artistes. Alors que la plupart ont plutôt décidé d’hiberner ou d’aller travailler sous des ciels plus cléments, il s’est gelé les doigts pour que les accros comme moi puissent recevoir leur dose de nouvelles pièces peintes.

Murals and smaller painted pieces

This mural on Sherbrooke is credited to SoRaw and @SamyBaichy, but a search returned nothing for those names.

This small house on Duluth was given its bi- or tri-annual facelift by Waxhead. Also visible at the top is an older piece by Gawd. Check out the evolution of the house in Waxhead’s spotlight.

This new creation by Waxhead is a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and was found in the McGill ghetto.

New Waxhead found in an alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

This huge graffiti by the 1017 Crew popped up on an abandoned gas station on Mont-Royal.

A quick throw by Nixon dedicated to Scaner, next to the Jean-Talon market.

Graffiti from early in the winter by an unidentified artist (left) and Listen (right), off St-Laurent.


This poster credited to Muesli appeared here and there in central Montreal in the week following the events at Charlie Hebdo. This particular one was found in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Swarm (left) and Stela (right) in phone booth on Ontario.

This sign on Parc bears Ms Teri‘s name, but it is not clear whether or not she is the one who put up the arrow wheatpaste beneath it. Also visible is a sticker by Crue.

Above and below: wheatpastes of bagels recently popped up all over Bagelhood, mostly on St-Viateur, Parc and Fairmount. Artist unknown.

This particular creation was found in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

More bagels.

More pasted bagels. Also visible are stickers by Tik Tok (top) and Greasy Jim (bottom).

One more pasted bagel.

Stickers and small paste-ups





Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

New variation on an older theme by Futur Lasor Now.

Futur Lasor Now





Stela (top) for Queer Sprayers (bottom).

Stela times two.


Stela (middle and bottom), Homsik (middle right), Naps (top centre), Futur Lasor Now (top left), Yunotdoc? (middle left) and other unidentified friends




ROC514 collaboration with Purplesmoke17 (Rupert Plinkerton).

Turtle Caps


Above and below: 4 variations by Five Eight were found around the St-Laurent x Mont-Royal corner.

Five Eight

Five Eight

Five Eight

Shifty Cat

Spoof of protest stickers found on buses and police cars; this is for the time being to be credited as having been created by #jairiencollé.

Tag paste-up by Scaner.



El Moot Moot

El Moot Moot

El Moot Moot

Many new stickers have been found from this unidentified artist who slaps mostly around Mile End.

Two more by the above unidentified artist.

It looks like Mony Zakhour was in town.

One more by Mony Zakhour.

Chris RWK aka Robots Will Kill


Zenka. See ‘Other’ section below for more by this artist.


Unidentified artist.

Yunotdoc (?)


Greasy Jim’s stickers have evolved from being only pasted tags.

Two more by Greasy Jim.

Tags and drawn pieces

More than just a hit-and-run by Scaner.

Five Eight

Futur Lasor Now

Futur Lasor Now

Snail/Coz from the WC Crew (left) and someone from the Wzrds Gng (right) in Parc Jeanne-Mance.

Snail/Coz from the WC Crew on St-Dominique.

Snail/Coz from the WC Crew.

Greasy Jim’s tags are getting bigger. Not shown in this gallery are the hundreds of tags of his name that have popped up all over the city this winter.

One more by Greasy Jim.

Many Maturnin tags have popped up around the lower Mile End in February. A few have text (as above) but in most cases it’s just the symbol seen below.




Chalk tag by You Go Girl in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

One more chalk tag by You Go Girl in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.


Waxhead on a thick wood cut by Starkey put up on Bernard on the night of the opening of their joint exhibition.

One more wood-up by Waxhead and Starkey on Bernard.

Clay piece by Zenka found on Mont-Royal.

Yarn bombing found on de Gaspé. Artist(s) unknown.

One thought on “New street art and graffiti winter 2014-2015”

  1. Les tags de FLN sont vraiment cools! Et j’ai remarqué le “maturnin” aussi récemment, de plus en plus présent.

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