Door 2 door Montreal

Painted, pasted over or stencilled, here are the best door in Montreal, past and present, in as many different styles as possible. Enjoy!

Peintes, collées ou faites au pochoir, voici une sélection des plus belles portes à Montréal. Bon porte à porte!

Click on any image below to see in full size
Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour voir en grand format


Alex Produkt on the left and a collaboration between Germdee and Mono Sourcil on the right.

Miss Me wheatpastes.


Tava wheatpastes.

Stikki Peaches wheatpastes with friends’ stickers.


Left: Alex Produkt
Right: Alex Produkt (top), Cryote (bottom left)

Left: Waxhead
Right: Waxhead (red) and Cryote (blue)

Wheatpastes by Rage5 (left) and Zola (right)

Left: En Masse
Right: MissFit



LMNOPI wheatpastes; image on the right also features pastes by Red Bandit (top left) and Swarm (bottom). All these artists were associated with Decolonizing Street Art at the time of creation.

Left: Gawd
Right: Queer Sprayers (EHT, Zilch, Sad Punx, Listen; plus paste-up by Swarm)

WhatIsAdam wheatpastes.

Left: Mathieu Connery
Right: Zilon for Mural Festival

Stikki Peaches wheatpastes.

Left: Mateo stencil.
Right: Laurence Vallières at the Cabane à sucre secret gallery

Two by Waxhead over Mastrocola background on doors of Plateau house.

Unidentified artists on the same door, for the 2013 edition (left) and 2014 edition (right) of the Under Pressure Festival (both images are details of bigger work).

Enzo & Nio (left) and Enzo Sarto (right) wheatpastes on a door of the George General d’Auto Reparation. The two photos are one year apart. Also visible bottom left is a wheatpaste by ROC514.

Left: a wood-up by XRAY.
Right: Ktvert.

Carlito Dalceggio (left) and Shane Watt (right).

Left: unidentified artist on de Bullion.
Right: Vesk from AG Crew.

Miss Me wheatpastes.

Scaner graffiti and tag.



Left: stencil by unidentified artist
Right: Zen in alley between St-Denis and Drolet(right).

Labrona; the female character on the door on the right is by an artist who wants to remain anonymous.

Cousin_It (left) and C-215 (right).

Clever Octopus (left) and Ozmos (right).

Unidentified artists.

Left: Ben from Le Monstr and LSNR
Right: unknown artist.

Two by Swaz.


Enzo Sarto.

Miss Me wheatpastes.

Left: Labrona
Right: Alex Produkt (top) and Labrona (bottom).

Left: Earth Crusher
Right: Homsik

Scaner (left) and Deep (right).

Labrona (bottom left and right) with Gawd (top left) and Kim (top right).

Same spot, two different pieces by Waxhead.

Stikki Peaches

Wheatpastes by unidentified artist.

Minimalism, presumably by Zaki.


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