New street art July 2014 part 2

It’s not construction holiday for our street artists, as they have been particularly busy the past few weeks. Here are my favourite new creations amongst what I was lucky to stumble upon on my daily errands.

Ce ne sont pas les vacances de la construction pour les artistes montréalais, puisque plusieurs d’entre eux ont été particulièrement occupés au cours des derniers jours. Voici le meilleur des nouvelles oeuvres découvertes au hasard de mes déplacements récents.

Click on any image below to see in full size
Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour voir en grand format

A dozen or two of stencilled Darth Vader heads by Graffiti Knight have appeared on the sidewalks of Montreal

wheatpastes by Graffiti Knight (left) and Zola (right), various locations

wheatpastes by Ohwell in the St-Laurent / Rachel / St-Dominique area

mural by Zoltan V and Kevin Ledo in alley between St-Denis and Drolet

mural by Nixon in alley between St-Denis and Drolet

wheatpastes by Stikki Peaches (left; in alley between St-Denis and Drolet) and Miss Me (right)

stickers by Futur Lasor Now

wheatpaste by Futur Lasor Now off St-Laurent

Neocowpoy stencil (left) and Kat poster (right), both on abandoned garage on the corner of Marie-Anne and St-Dominique

Left: Mathieu Connery applying his style to a Gawd tag, rue St-Dominique
Right: wheatpaste by City Kitty from New York, rue St-Dominique

Left: Bludog10003 from New York on wrapping paper, rue St-Dominique
Right: unknown artist, various locations


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