New street art June-July 2015 part 2

Here’s a gallery of new street art that has appeared in the streets and alleys of Montreal during July 2015, with a few leftovers from June. Many murals and mural pieces were created over the past few weeks, and a lot of wheatpastes were put up. However, there has a been a surprisingly small amount of new stickers on traffic signs and other ‘urban furniture’. This is presumably because the city has been more pro-active in removing stickers lately, but also because our most active slappers are out of town or busy with personal projects. Again, there was enough graffiti to justify a separate post which will be published within the coming week.

Stay tuned for some very big murals which should be completed in time for my next ‘new works’ post. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram and view the progress of these murals, or see photos of the best of new street art as soon as I discover it.

La galerie-photo ci-dessous présente les nouvelles pièces de street art apparues dans nos rues et ruelles en juillet 2015, avec quelques restes de juin. Ces dernières semaines ont été marquées par la création d’un grand nombre de murales et de pièces murales, ainsi qu’un grand nombre de collages. Etonnamment, nous avons trouvé très peu de nouveaux autocollants. Ceci est probablement dû à une action plus aggressive de la ville contre ce medium (panneaux nettoyés ou remplacés, poteaux repeints), mais aussi au fait que nos ‘slappers’ les plus actifs étaient à l’extérieur ou occupés par divers projets personnels. Il y a eu assez de nouvelles pièces de graffiti pour justifier la publication d’un article séparé, à paraitre au cours de la semaine qui vient.

Quelques murales de très grande envergure sont en cours de production en ce moment. Elles devraient être complétées à temps pour mon prochain article présentant les nouveautés. D’ici là, vous être invités à me suivre sur Instagram. Vous pourrez ainsi suivre l’avancement de ces murales et voir l’essentiel des nouvelles créations aussitôt découvertes.


Dodo Osé for Ashop on St-Denis.

The Santropol Roulant building was given a new look by Pantonio.

Carlito Dalceggio on a temporary board wall next to Place des Arts.

Luc Bouchard (left) and Monk.e (right) in Hochelaga. See frontal photos of individual walls below.

Monk.e in Hochelaga.

Luc Bouchard in Hochelaga (although I expect this wall may be older than Monk.e’s).

Stare in Centre-Sud. Notice how the artist used the sign next to his wall to imitate the ID label (stating artist name, title, format, etc.) found next to art pieces in museum.

FelixDTK and MiguelDTK mural in Little Italy with officially sanctioned pieces by Pask and Koal at the bottom.

Nixon in Petite-Patrie, presumably done in June.

other painted pieces

Much noticed piece by Alber at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

Is it graffiti? Is it figurative? Max representing his YMCA crew at the PSC legal graffiti wall.

Another lettering/figurative hybrid by Max representing his YMCA crew at the PSC legal graffiti wall.

Miow at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

More Miow at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen, with a piece by Skope on the right.

Waxhead (left), Starkey (centre) and Oram79 (right) for the percussion festival in the Old Port.

Royal (top left), Imp (bottom left) and IAmBatman (right) for the percussion festival in the Old Port.

Mr Chose for the percussion festival in the Old Port.

The second character from the left is by Waxhead. This panel was part of a workshop with kids.

Loks in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Bonie at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen.

wheatpastes and large paste-ups

We were spoiled in July by treats from three of this city’s major pasting artists: Stikki Peaches, Miss Me and Turtle Caps. All three had been relatively quiet in Montreal so far this year. Miss Me returned with a mix of older and new designs. The older ones were offered in new colours while the new designs were picked from the work she had created for her “Saints Of Soul” indoors expo last winter. Turtle Caps returned with mostly older designs, but the ones shown below were new to Montreal, at least in these formats.

Nous avons eu la chance en juillet de voir le retour de trois des plus importants artistes de Montréal s’exprimant par collage: Stikki Peaches, Miss Me et Turtle Caps. Tous les trois avaient été relativement absents des rues de Montréal cette année. Miss Me nous est revenue avec un mélange de nouveaux et d’anciens designs. Les anciens nous ont été offerts dans de nouvelles couleurs tandis que les nouveaux provenaient principalement de l’expo intérieure “Saints Of Soul” de l’hiver dernier. Turtle Caps nous a resservi beaucoup d’anciens designs, mais ceux présentés dans la galerie ci-dessous étaient nouveaux pour Montréal ou offert en nouveau format.

This wheatpaste showing Marvin Gaye by Miss Me was found in St-Henri but another specimen found in Mile End was already featured in my previous ‘new works’ post. The small paste-up in the bottom right corner is an older one by Zu.

This Miss Me wheatpaste showing Nina Simone was found in Mile End.

Wheatpaste by Miss Me showing Tupac, found in Griffintown.

Wheatpaste by Miss Me showing Michael Jackson, found in the Rosemont neighbourhood.

Wheatpaste by Miss Me showing Helen Keller, found in the Plateau.

Wheatpaste featuring Miles Davis by Miss Me, found in Griffintown.

Another Miles Davis wheatpaste by Miss Me, this one in Mile End.

Stikki Peaches in Mile End.

Stikki Peaches in Old Montreal.

Stikki Peaches in Chinatown.

Stikki Peaches, photo © Stikki Peaches.

New G.Knight currency wheatpaste found on the George General d’Auto Reparation.

Turtle Caps in Mile End.

Turtle Caps in Mile end, tickling’s Miss Me‘s thigh with its mustache.

Turtle Caps in Mile End.

We’ve seen this Turtle Caps design as a sticker, but presumably not in this format in Montreal.

Futur Lasor Now paste-up in Parc Jeanne-Mance.

Wheatpaste by Le Renard Fou, presumably put up at the same time as the ones I documented here and here.

Solal Comics

Solal Comics

Unidentified artist.

Unidentified artist.

Mary Mulderry.


Futur Lasor Now sticker.

Montage by Stela.


The design of this G.Knight sticker has previously been seen as a poster.

Shifty Cat


A Free Willy sticker found after publication of my previous ‘new works’ post.

Another Free Willy sticker.


Unidentified artist.

One more by the same unidentified artist as above.

One more by the same unidentified artist as above.


July also saw the return on the mountain of the garbage barrels made to look like ‘Maple Sizzurp’ cans by WhatIsAdam aka WIA. For a limited time only!

Starkey‘s ‘wabbit’ wood-ups are reproducing faster than rabbits, so it’s hard to figure out which ones are new and which ones are not. This one and the one below appear to be relatively new.

Starkey‘s ‘wabbit’ wood-up at the legal graffiti tunnel on de Rouen. This one was cut out of an old ‘no parking’ sign.

Stencil in St-Henri by an unidentified artist.

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  1. Nice post – as usual 🙂
    Pour le “Unidentified artist with a bit of Waxhead (cat/human hybrid head) during the percussion festival in the Old Port”, et bien c’était un atelier avec des enfants et Waxhead les a aidé un peu.

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