New street art and graffiti July-August 2014

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Murals, doors, roofs, etc.

Rafael Sottolichio, mural on St-Dominique north of Mont-Royal
(started 2013, finished in July 2014)

Cam Novak mural on St-Marc corner Ste-Catherine

Ella & Pitr (France), rooftop ‘mural’ on Ontario corner Moreau
[photo © Ella & Pitr]

Ella & Pitr (France), rooftop ‘mural’ downtown Montreal
[photo © Ella & Pitr]

Painted door by Waxhead on St-Laurent.

Painted door by unidentified artist on a Plateau door.

Collaboration between Pask and Robe/Fore (1/3).

Collaboration between Pask and Robe/Fore (2/3).

Collaboration between Pask and Robe/Fore (3/3).

Paste-ups, posters

Paste-up by Ohwell on Mont-Royal near St-Urbain.

Paste-up by unidentified artist on Ste-Catherine in the Village.

Poster by Graffiti Knight, various locations in Plateau/Mile-End (each one is in different colours).

Wheatpaste by an unidentified artist on Mont-Royal.

Wheatpaste by Psychotuna on Coloniale corner Duluth.

Paste-up by Zola, various locations.

Poster by Josh MacPhee, various locations.


Futur Lasor Now



Snugglz1 (NYC).

Ella & Pitr (France; see also two rooftop ‘murals’ by Ella&Pitr near the top of this post).


Stencil for No Borders, various locations.


Garbage Beauty, Rachel circa St-Denis (lucky catch, garbage ‘transformed’ by this collective does not remain in the streets for long before it gets picked up or someone takes it back inside!)

Painted mirror by Le Diamantaire (France), this one on Mont-Royal. New diamonds were put up by the artist in conjunction with the expo at Station 16.

Framed newspaper cutting with stickers, by unidentified artist, on the George General d’Auto Reparation.

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