Canettes de Ruelle 2021

This image gallery brings together photos of all the pieces created for the 5th edition of Canettes de Ruelle. For this 2021 edition the festival took place in the alleys between 5th and 9th avenues, from Masson to St-Joseph. The gallery below is roughly sorted from west to east, down the 5th/6th alley, up the 6th/7th, down the 7th/8th and up the 8th/9th.

Cette gallerie-photo présente toutes les oeuvres crées dans le contexte de la 5e édition du festival Canettes de Ruelle. Pour cette édition 2021, le festival s’est déroulé dans les ruelles entre la 5e Avenue et la 9e Avenue, de Masson à St-Joseph. La gallerie est ordonnée approximativement d’ouest en est, descendant la ruelle 5e/6e, montant la ruelle 6e/7e, redescendant la 7e/8e et enfin remontant la 8e/9e.

Pascal Foisy. The actual piece is on the left, the second photo shows the piece in negative, as it was painted by the artist in reverse.


A huge collaboration between MSHL and Diane Roe.

Above 4 photos: the 4 walls comprising Lama‘s contribution.

Above 4 photos: Vatos Abstractos, the duo of Omar Bernal and Adida Fallen Angel. The first 3 shots were taken at the end of autumn after the leaves were fallen as the piece is normally hidden behind leaves, as can be seen in the 4th shot.



Collaboration of Louis Letters and Adi.





Le Monstr


The left half of the all-female Rude crew wall featuring, from left to right: Tshokodile, Loopkin, Her, Mart, Medusa, Moule as well as Kawaz on RUDE letters.

The right half of the all-female Rude crew wall featuring, from left to right: Lora, Mono Sourcil, Sam’19, Mos Geez, Viviane Fortin.

Flesh and Shek.

Nero and Rival.


Hest on letters and Wuna and characteur, with quickies by Hob and le Renard Fou above.


Mad Rats

Above 2 photos: Julian Palma.

Ilana Pichon

Izabelle Duguay

Nikki Küntzle

LP Montoya

River June and Henri Papy


Louis Letters, Adi and Heras representing TRU crew.

Studio Lag

Dodo Osé and LNK collaboration.


Melissa Menzi


Pane and Regar collaboration.

Grils and EK Sept collaboration.

This tribute is by the “friends of Jenny”.

Renard Fou at ground level with Asher top left and Hob top right.

Ekes and Marchandise TT collaboration.

Trak over a background by LP Montoya.

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