Canettes de Ruelle 2022

This image gallery brings together photos of all the pieces created for the 6th edition of Canettes de Ruelle. This 2022 edition was the biggest so far, with almost 60 walls painted, involving nearly 90 artists. In a year when there was no Under Pressure festival and Mural Festival was branching off more and more into concerts and other events at the detriment of visual arts, the Canettes de Ruelle Festival became the biggest urban art event in the city, not commercially, but in artist participation.

This edition of the festival took place in the alleys between 5th and 9th avenues, from Masson to St-Joseph. The gallery below is roughly sorted from west to east, down the 5th/6th Avenue alley, up the 6th/7th, down the 7th/8th and up the 8th/9th.

Cette gallerie-photo présente toutes les oeuvres crées dans le contexte de la 6e édition du festival Canettes de Ruelle. Cette édition 2022 a été la plus importante à date, impliquant presque 90 artistes sur une soixantaine de murs. En cette année sans festival Under Pressure et pendant laquelle le Festival Mural prenait une tangeante axée de plus en plus vers les concerts et autres événements au détriment des arts visuels, le Festival Canettes de Ruelle est devenu le plus grand événement d’art urbain de la ville, non pas au point de vue commercial, mais au point de vue participation artistique.

Pour cette édition 2022, le festival s’est déroulé dans les ruelles entre la 5e Avenue et la 9e Avenue, de Masson à St-Joseph. La gallerie ci-dessous est présentée approximativement d’ouest en est, descendant la ruelle 5e/6e Avenue, montant la ruelle 6e/7e, redescendant la 7e/8e et enfin remontant la 8e/9e.

This big mushroom-themed mural by a one-off collective features On Verra Bien, Pnzni, Blanche Renarde, Cali, Demie Molle, Tshoko, Moule, Sam’19, Kawaz and Savannah.
Also visible in this shot are bubble throws by Lora and Hob above.

Le Monstr

Ekes, Stock and Airod.


Ms Teri

Above 3: le Renard Fou, full shot and close-ups on each wall.


Jul B

Milk Box



River June, with Henri Papy on text.

Above 2: Origami Explorateur featuring Ekie on stencil.

Zoe Gelfant

Kaori Izumiya. The interesting thing about this piece is that it was painted with a brush instead of a spraycan.

Le Titre Provisoire

Mos Geez‘s rooftop piece.

KT Pag

By Carnales Estridentes, a collective featuring Omar Bernal, Aldarwin and Adida Fallen Angel.




Eve Lag


Louis Letters and Adi

This huge CEK crew piece was done by Resno, Bhar, Jher and Sekel. Click and zoom in.

Above 2: Alors, viewed from the private rooftop where the piece was painted as well as from street level.
Terrasse photo © Olivier Bousquet.

Gaulois and Cleo.


Janna Yotte and So Jack.

Maf and Seano.
Photo © Olivier Bousquet.

Someone representing TRU.

Bad Toyz featuring Hary (left and middle) and Roger84 (right).

Zola above the door, featuring a collage by Collages Féminicides on the door.

Fils And Chips

Metz representing TENS at ground level and Hob above.



Cabe and Faser.

Bibi Una

Above 3: Loopkin, Maylee Keo and Grrraaand, full shot and close-ups on each wall.


Julian Palma

MSHL and Diane Roe.

EK Sept


Jenna Schwartz

Nikki Küntzle and Ilana Pichon.

Hest on letters and Wuna on character.

Awie representing K6A.

Hayer (ground level) and Nero (above).

The RCii crew.


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