Canettes de Ruelle 2020

This image gallery brings together photos of all the pieces created for the 4th edition of Canettes de Ruelle. Because of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this 2020 edition was on a much smaller scale than the ones that came before it. Most of the walls painted in 2020 were in the alley south of Masson, between 5th and 6th avenues.

Cette gallerie-photo présente toutes les oeuvres créées dans le contexte de la 4e édition du festival Canettes de Ruelle. A cause des restrictions découlant de la pandémie de Covid-19, l’édition 2020 s’est déroulée à une plus petite échelle que les éditions précédentes. La plupart des murs peints en 2020 se trouvaient dans la ruelle sud de Masson, entre la 5e et la 6e Avenue.

Above 3 photos: collaboration of Cyndie Belhumeur, Alexis Vaillancourt and Izabelle Duguay over two perpendicular walls; full shot and frontal shots of each side. Le Renard Fou‘s rooftop piece is also visible in the first shot, scroll down for a proper photo of it.

Grils on garage doors and Louis Letters on awning.

Zoltan on the left, Bosny on the right and Louis Letters on awning.


Above 3 photos: Nikki Kuntzle (left) and Caitlin McDonagh (right). First shot shows both walls and the two others are frontal photos of each.

Kor, Seano, MSH and perhaps more on a rooftop.

Julian Palma


Hob. Also visible far left is a small throw by Lora.



A rare painted piece by Zola. It was vandalised soon after by someone who disagreed with the message (and who also assumed the artist was a man!), see below for Zola’s clever retort with a wheatpaste.

Zola‘s clever answer to the anonymous person who vandalised her contribution.

Zola‘s second contribution to this edition of the festival was this wheatpaste.

Le Renard Fou‘s rooftop piece. My ground level shot was not the best, so instead here’s this photo © Olivier Bousquet.

Louis Letters, Tshoko and Adi. This is the only new wall not in the same alley as all the others. It is one block East in the alley south of Masson between 6th and 7th avenues.

The 203 crew’s contribution to the previous year’s edition of the festival was slightly tweaked with addition of Cler (bottom right) to the previous year’s line-up of Ekes, Borrris, Lyfer, Algue and Flying Eric. This wall is also out of the 2020 festival zone, it is two blocks East in the alley south of Masson between 7th and 8th avenues.

Lorem Ipsum did the calligraphy on the front of the festival’s pop-up shop / headquarters.

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