New street art August-September 2014

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K6A mural by Monk.e and Axe on Fafard in Hochelaga.

Trackside mural by Cems for A’Shop (#1 of 3, see below).

Trackside mural by Zek for A’Shop (#2 of 3, see above and below).

Trackside mural by Dodo Osé for A’Shop (#3 of 3, see others above).

Mural by unknown artist, Monuments Berson, rue St-Laurent.

The Phlegm mural from the 2013 edition of Mural Festival, at Monuments Berson on St-Laurent, has been ‘repaired’ (the bottom part was covered in graffiti).

Wheatpastes and paste-ups

new wheatpastes by Tava, in McGill ghetto and Griffintown

Futur Lasor Now, various locations Plateau/Mile-End

wheatpastes by Kat (left) and Swarm (right; not new) on Mont-Royal

new wheatpastes by Il Flatcha, rue St-Laurent (left) and parc Jeanne-Mance (right)

new wheatpastes by Madame Gilles, various locations, many other variations exist

Left: wheatpaste by unknown artist, near St-Laurent x Mont-Royal
Right: Decolonizing Street Art, rue Clark

wheatpaste by You Go Girl, various locations
(this one on rue Coloniale)

wheatpastes by unknown artists, both available in many variations in the Plateau

small paste-ups by unknown artists in the Plateau and Mile-End


Left: Futur Lasor Now, ‘cereal’ offender
Collaboration sticker between HoarKor aka HRKR and ROC514

After an apparent break, ROC514 has been busy again sharing previously seen and new designs (left sticker is a collaboration with 69 aka 6ara9e).

Collaborations between ROC514 and D-Evil (left) and Cup O’Joe (right).

Stela stickers, rue Mont-Royal

Homsik stickers, rue Mont-Royal

Waxhead stickers

Miss Me has the whole world in her hands

Shifty Cat (left), IAmBatman (right)

Il Flatcha sticker sheets in Parc Jeanne-Mance

Left: K6A collective
Centre: unknown artist
Right: not art, pure promo!


Waxhead drawing on Clark

Left: stencil by unidentified artist in alley between St-Laurent and Clark

Le Chateau ‘Art Décroché’ / ‘Art Unhinged’ event

Le Château is holding an art exhibition titled “Art Unhinged” in their Entrepot on Jean-Talon until the end of September. Although the following works are technically not street art, most of the artists featured in the expo are key figures in the Montreal street art scene. Only works by the latter artists are displayed below. More information here.

Une exposition d’artistes montréalais a été mise sur pied par Le Château et peut être vue dans leur entrepôt de la rue Jean-Talon jusqu’à la fin-septembre. Bien que les oeuvres présentées ne sont pas du street art, la majorité des artistes à l’affiche font partie de la scène montréalaise d’art public. La gallerie-photo ci-dessous n’inclut que des oeuvres de ces derniers. Plus d’information ici.

Futur Lasor Now

Turtle Caps


Emmanuel Laflamme

banner by Mastrocola outside the store



Nixon (sorry about the glare)

M. Abstrakt (sorry about the glare)

windows by Garbage Beauty

windows by Garbage Beauty


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