On the streets of Montreal, Vilx is basically a muralist. Actually, when he’s not doing commissioned work, his art is a two-headed beast, half-mural and half-graffiti. His unique style is an acquired taste, I’ve been told, but then isn’t this said of the best things in life?

To view more of his art than what is featured here (including a lot of studio work), see his Facebook and Instagram pages. To learn a bit more about the artist, see this interview published in 2013 on Vandalog. Vilx’s art is sold on Big Cartel.

Dans les rues de Montréal, Vilx est à toutes fins pratiques un muraliste. En fait, lorsque non-commandé, son art est une bête à deux têtes, mi-murale mi-graffiti. On m’a déjà dit que son style unique est un goût qui s’acquiert, mais enfin, n’en est-il pas ainsi des meilleures choses?

Pour en voir plus que ce qui est présenté dans la galerie-photo ci-dessous (incluant son travail en studio), voir ses pages Facebook et Instagram. Pour en apprendre un peu sur l’artiste, voyez cet entrevue publiée en 2013 sur Vandalog. L’art de Vilx est vendu sur Big Cartel.

In alley behind Ste-Catherine, near Desjardins.

Next to Lhasa De Sela park.

On Coloniale.

On Mentana.

In alley between Esplanade and Waverly.

On Mullins in Pointe St-Charles.

Collaboration between Vilx (left), Mathieu Connery (tree) and Nelio (rest). The left half of the Vilx piece (beneath the fence) is now unfortunately painted over in white. Photo © Vilx.

Graffiti behind building on Sherbrooke in Homa.

Vilx’s contribution to the 2014 edition of Mural Festival.

Commissioned work in Rachel back alley, near Joliette, for the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough.

At the back of an industrial building in Rosemont

At the back of an industrial building in Rosemont

On a back wall of a school.

In alley between Clark and St-Urbain, near Villeneuve. I didn’t expect this to be by Vilx, but it is featured on his webpages. It was presumably commissioned by the kids’ store whose wall this is.

Another angle of the piece above.

On train.


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