Vilx in a French artist who spent some time in Montreal until late 2014 or early 2015 when he returned to France. During his time here he was commissioned for a number of murals but, as can be seen in the photo gallery below, he also did a bit of graffiti and unofficial figurative/graff pieces.

To view more of his art than what is featured here (including a lot of studio work), check out his Facebook and Instagram pages. To learn a bit more about the artist, see this interview published in 2013 on Vandalog. Vilx’s art is sold on Big Cartel.

Vilx est un artiste français ayant passé quelques années à Montréal jusqu’à son retour en France vers la fin de 2014 ou le début de 2015. Pendant son séjour à Montréal il a produit un bon nombre de murales et, tel que vu dans la galerie-photo ci-dessous, un peu de graffiti et des pièces figuratives non-officielles.

Pour en voir plus que ce qui est présenté dans la galerie-photo ci-dessous (incluant son travail en studio), voir ses pages Facebook et Instagram. Pour en apprendre un peu sur l’artiste, voyez cet entrevue publiée en 2013 sur Vandalog. L’art de Vilx est vendu sur Big Cartel.

Vilx’s contribution to the 2014 edition of Mural Festival.

Commissioned work for the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough.

In a Hochelaga alley.

Next to Lhasa De Sela park in Mile End.

In the Plateau.

In the Plateau.

In a Mile End alley.

In Pointe St-Charles.

Collaboration between Vilx (left), Mathieu Connery (tree) and Nelio (rest). The left half of the Vilx piece (beneath the fence) is now unfortunately painted over in white. Photo © Vilx.

At the back of an industrial building in Rosemont.

At the back of an industrial building in Rosemont.

In a Plateau End alley. I didn’t expect this to be by Vilx, but it is featured on his webpages. It was presumably commissioned by the kids’ store whose wall this is.

Another angle of the piece above.

On train.

On a back wall of a school.

Graffiti behind abandoned building in Ville-Marie.

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