New street art November-December 2014

Winter has arrived early so there isn’t much painted work to be shown in this ‘new works’ installment, but artists have still been busy pasting and slapping (some much more than others!).

L’hiver est arrivé tôt, ce qui signifie qu’il y a très peu d’oeuvres peintes à présenter dans cet article consacré aux nouveautés récentes. Par contre, les oeuvres collées y figurent en grand nombre.

Zoltan V replaced his three mural pieces on Rachel for Le Hachoir with three new ones.

Maik on Masson near des Érables

Above and below: intallation in front of Mont-Royal metro by Stéphanie Leduc and Manuel Baumann; information ici.

Fake boxing day poster ads by Miss Me. Photo on the right © Miss Me.

This WhatIsAdam creation could be seen at Station 16 for some time now, but it became new street art when it was put outside.

Another discovered clay piece by Zenka; this one states “#dancepartyspot”. See also stickers section further down this post for more by the same artist.

Stencil by unidentified artist, various locations.

Pasted art

The wall featuring the deteriorating wheatpastes by RR & DB done for the 2014 edition of the Mural Festival was taken over by the Inside Out Project.

Wheatpastes by Lovebot (left) and Turtle Caps (right). I believe these were actually done in October. Also see stickers section further down this post for more by Lovebot.

One more wheatpaste by Toronto’s Lovebot.

We’re used to Citizan stickers, but these are larger paste-ups.

I thought Kashink was done in Montreal, but as her earlier paste-ups are either gone or slowly deteriorating, this one seems to have popped up on Mont-Royal.

Small paste-up by Stela.

Two pasted pieces by the same unidentified artist, both found in the Plateau / Mile-End neighbourhood.

Drawing by unidentified artist found on the George General d’Auto Reparation

Drawing by unidentified artist found on the George General d’Auto Reparation.

Same unidentified artist as the two above, but found not very far on St-Dominique.

Pasted piece by unidentified artist found in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark

Stickers and smaller paste-ups

Futur Lasor Now has been coming up with new owls besides the one shown in the last ‘new work’ installment.

This new Futur Lasor Now owl paste-up is keeping an eye on a sticker by Turtle Caps.

Birds of a feather stick together.

New variations on older Futur Lasor Now designs.

Futur Lasor Now.

New Lovebot stickers. See wheatpastes in the previous section of this post for more by Lovebot.

More new Lovebot stickers put up while the artist was in town.

More new stickers by Toronto’s Lovebot.

Nesar One was also very busy slappin’ around the Plateau.

New stickers by Tava. The one on the left is in anticipation of the artist’s upcoming trip to Barcelona, the one on the right is a variation on a previously seen theme.

Three more stickers by Zenka. Also see clay piece by the same artist near the top of this post.

Two mini-paste-ups by Turtle Caps.

Two by Zola. The sticker on the left is for Decolonizing Street Art.


Stela (left) and Swarm (right)

This Waxhead sticker features a previously seen image on the left and a new one on the right.

Left: Halloween variation of a recurrent theme by WhatIsAdam.
Right: sticker by Xray.

Ether TFB (left) and HoarKor aka HRKR (right).

These Paul McCartney heads have popped up all over the Plateau / Mile-End neighbourhoods. Artist needs to be identified.

Hit and runs

Cryote and someone from the WC Crew have been busy repeating the following themes over central Montreal. Only a few presented here, but more were discovered.

Cryote representing the Wzrds Gng.

Cryote representing the Wzrds Gng, plus a stencil stating ‘Jesus Règne’.

Cryote representing the Wzrds Gng.

Cryote representing the Wzrds Gng.

Cryote representing the Wzrds Gng, plus at the top on the right side something by Snail from WC.

Two by Snail from the WC Crew.


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