Top 25 pasted pieces of 2014

This is part three of Wall2WallMTL’s Top 100 Montreal street art of 2014. See also:
part 1: top 25 big murals
part 2: top 25 small painted pieces
part 4: top 10 graffiti, top 10 stickers, top 5 other

Series on the same theme are treated as one entry in the Top 25. Works are presented in random order. Click on images to see full size.

Voici le top 25 des pièces collées de 2014 à Montréal. Voir aussi:
1ère partie: top 25 des grandes murales
2ième partie: top 25 des petites pièces peintes
4ième partie: top 10 graffitis, top 10
stickers, top 5 autre

Les séries sur un même thème comptent pour une seule entrée dans le Top 25. Les oeuvres sont présentées sans ordre précis. Cliquez sur les images pour voir en plus grand.

Enzo & Nio armed girl series

Kashink head series
(many more variations exist)

Stikki Peaches and friends
more info here

Graffiti Knight hipster chimp series
(many more variations exist)

Lily Luciole and Swarm for Off MuralEs

Turtle Caps series
(many more variations exist)

Zola, other variations exist

Tava‘s screaming heart series, 2014 variations
(more exist)

Lovebot series
variations exist, some featuring Turtle Caps as seen in third image below

Miss Me‘s contribution to the 2014 edition of the Mural Festival

Futur Lasor Now multi-sticker series

WhatIsAdam aka WIA one-off on St-Urbain door

Tava‘s sharp-dressed fox series
(variations exist)

Kat‘s captive animals series

Ohwell‘s ‘Less Gas More Ass!’ series

Stikki Peaches one-off in alley behind Parc

Futur Lasor Now and Turtle Caps one-off in Chinatown

Mimi for Off MuralEs
(variations exist)

Swarm series
(many more variations exist)

Stikki Peaches one-off on St-Urbain

Miss Me‘s contributions to the Cabane à sucre secret gallery

Tava‘s melting cat series, variations exist

Baubô for Off MuralEs

Pyramid Oracle for Decolonizing Street Art

Bryan Keith Lanier ‘Ages’ series

So what wheatpastes did *you* prefer this year? Was there anything that should have made this list? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page…

Quelles pièces collées ont été *vos* préférées cette année? Que manque-t-il à cette liste? Commentaires bienvenus dans la section en bas de page…


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