New street art and graffiti September 2014


The first two murals below are part of the revitalization programme of rue Savoie, behind the Bibliothèque Nationale. More murals are in the works on that street, so stay tuned.

Les deux premières murales ci-dessous font partie du plan de revitalisation de la rue Savoie, derrière la Bibliothèque Nationale. D’autres murales sont en cours de production sur cette même rue, j’en parlerai lorsqu’elles seront complétées.

Gene Pendon mural on Savoie corner Ontario. The mural is a tribute to Innu women.

Mural on Savoie South of Ontario by Les Hommes De Lettres.

Mural by Zoltan V in St-Denis|Drolet alley between Duluth and Roy.

Mural by En Masse featuring Dan Buller (woman in helmet), Cheryl Voisine (woman with hair), Turtle Caps (middle), Jeremy Shantz (top), Cryote (right) and of course Jason Botkin tying it all together, in an alley off de Castelnau in Villeray. This mural, like the next two on this page, was created during the recent street fair titled “A pieds ou à vélo”.

Mural by En Masse featuring Dan Buller and others, in an alley off de Castelnau in Villeray.

‘Mural’ on garage door by MC Baldassari for En Masse, in an alley off de Castelnau near Henri-Julie; this one is found to the right of the mural above.

Mathieu Connery installation on the corner of St-Christophe and Marie-Anne. I was told the installation is not finished, but the artist has not worked on it in about a month.

Tribute mural to Oliver Jones by Dan Buller and Five Eight on Georges-Vanier corner Lionel-Groulx.

The Hsix (for Muralité) tribute mural to Lea Roback on St-Dominique corner Mont-Royal appears to be finally finished.

Mural by Benjamin Picard, Mylène Chabrol, Mathias Vouters et Marie Gosselin (for Muralité) on Duluth corner Laval.

Smaller piece by Emmanuel Laflamme in the Under Pressure Festival zone 2014 at 210 Ste-Catherine East (done in september after the end of the festival).

Lith and Fezat at the Cabot x Gilmore walls in the South-West.

123Klan graffiti mural at the Cabot x Gilmore walls in the South West.

Five Eight graffiti on St-Rémi corner St-Ambroise in the South West.

Graffiti mural by Hary in St-Denis|Drolet alley between Duluth and Roy.

Wheatpastes and small painted/stencilled works

Above 4: Miss Me has been taking her new ‘girls’ out on the town; wheatpastes found on Fairmount (top left), Marie-Anne (top right), St-Viateur (bottom left) and Bernard (bottom right). Other variations/locations surely exist.

Tava‘s Screaming Hearts paste-ups now exist in new colour variations; these two were found in Griffintown but more are available elsewhere.
(see also stickers below)

Wheatpaste by Nova in alley off Fairmount, near Clark.

Labrona (right) and Mono Sourcil (left) wheatpastes, rue Clark.

Labrona (right) and Mono Sourcil (left) wheatpastes, rue St-Dominique.

Painted construction sign on the corner of St-Denis and Marie-Anne and wheatpaste on wall in alley behind St-Denis, both by unidentified artist who may be associated with Decolonizing Street Art.

Wheatpaste by Pyramid Oracle in Rosemont tunnel on St-Laurent.

Wheatpaste by Swarm in alley between St-Laurent and Clark, for Decolonizing Street Art

Left: wheatpaste by Mono Sourcil on Ontario (already gone).
Right: Il Flatcha art on sticker sheet.

Makenoize pasted and stencilled in Rosemont tunnel on St-Laurent

Pétanque à la place d’Youville

The Old Montreal SDC has been setting up place d’Youville for a string of events called ‘Pétanque à la place d’Youville’. In the process they hired Montreal artist Tava to add some colour to the area. He has spray-painted his art on the concrete beams closing off Place d’Youville and on its picnic tables. The image gallery below shows five of the beams and two of the tables. Work was in progress at the time these photos were taken, so more is to come.

La SDC du Vieux-Montreal a réaménagé la place d’Youville pour une suite d’événements intitulée ‘Pétanque à la place d’Youville’. L’artiste montréalais Tava a été engagé pour mettre un peu de vie dans cet espace urbain. Il a peint à la cannette les blocs de béton délimitant la place ainsi que les tables de pique-nique qui s’y trouvent. La gallerie-photo ci-dessous montre cinq blocs de béton et deux tables de pique-nique. D’autres sont à venir, le travail étant en cours d’exécution au moment où ces photos furent prises.


Left: one of Tava‘s many new colour variations for his Screaming Hearts (see also paste-ups above)
Right: sticker by unidentified artist

Four new stickers by Futur Lasor Now
(all but top left are new variations on older designs)

Left: sticker by Mono Sourcil
Centre: sticker by Mouthful
Right: mini-sticker by David Coté

The western Plateau/lower Mile-End has been plastered lately with variations of these stickers by an unidentified artist.


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