New street art August 2014

Click on any image below to see in full size
Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour voir en grand format

Axe (for Muralité) mural is finally finished, Waverly North of Fairmount

Chris Dyer / Positive Creations, Jay Adams memorial at Parc Olympique

Labrona, Caron, Kashink, Notre-Dame corner Lévis
(this is from earlier this summer, but I couldn’t photograph it properly until now because of cars parked in front)

Waxhead and Gawd, Duluth west of St-Laurent
(only Waxhead portion [bottom right] is new; it replaces earlier work also by Waxhead)

WhatIsAdam, inside mural for Buck 15 Espresso, rue Notre-Dame O.
(photo © WhatIsAdam)

WhatIsAdam, dressed-up garbage cans, parc Jeanne-Mance
(photos © WhatIsAdam)

Tava for Festival Mode & Design, wood panel

Stikki Peaches for Festival Mode & Design, wood panels

unknown artist, printed text on pasted paper Marie-Anne x Laval

Kat, pasted poster rue St-Dominique

wheatpaste by unidentified artist on Parc corner Van Horne

Madame Gilles, pasted posters, rue Rachel
(many other variations exist, new and older)

left: paste-up by ROC514 with Cup O’Joe and Purplesmoke17 (Sleepy Bunny), various locations
right: wheatpaste by Sien514, various locations downtown

unknown artist, wheatpaste in alley west of St-Denis

new stickers by Futur Lasor Now and Waxhead

mini paste-ups by Ohwell and Waxhead

unknown artist, alley west of St-Denis


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