New street art July 2014

Here are a few new pieces of public art that have popped up around town over the past few weeks. I’m sure there’s tons more that should be mentioned here, but this is what I have been blessed to find in the central neighborhoods of Montreal over the past few weeks. You are welcome to write to me at to let me know about anything else that might be interesting to report. Click on any image below to see in full size.

Voici quelques nouveautés intéressantes apparues au cours des dernières semaines à Montréal. Il y a surement beaucoup plus que ce que je vais mentionner ici. Vous êtes invités à m’écrire à pour me faire part des nouvelles oeuvres que vous avez découvert au hasard de vos déplacements. Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour voir en grand format.

Mural by Labrona and Gawd in Plateau End.

“50 Cakes Of Gay” mural by Kashink in the Village.

Stela on an abandoned building in Rosemont.

Lasorbird wheatpaste by Futur Lasor Now.

Lasorbird wheatpaste by Futur Lasor Now.

Wheatpaste by Tava

Wheatpaste by Graffiti Knight

Ohwell wheatpaste on St-Urbain.

Ohwell wheatpaste on Rachel.

Poster by Kat on the corner of Marie-Anne and St-Dominique

Waxhead drawing on Clark door

Graffiti Knight stencil on Clark sidewalk

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