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Mural Festival 2019

This article features the new murals created during the 2019 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic from June 6th to 16th.

Five earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the Demsky and Michael Reeder walls from the 2018 edition, Scribe’s mural from the 2017 edition, and the Natalia Rak and Jonathan Bergeron creations from the 2016 edition.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2019 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement du 6 au 16 juin.

Cinq murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Demsky et de Michael Reeder de l’édition 2018, celle de Scribe produite au cours de l’édition 2017, et celles de Natalia Rak et de Jonathan Bergeron datant de l’édition 2016.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre reliant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier.

the murals


Miss Van

Ben Johnston

Germ Dee, with name pieces by Deep (left) and Serak (right) in the bottom corners.

Bryan Beyung

Insane51. This mural is also meant to be seen through the coloured lens of 3D glasses, see below.

The Insane51 mural seen through the red lens of 3D glasses.

The Insane51 mural seen through the blue lens of 3D glasses.

Ola Volo

Leon Keer‘s anamorphic street piece. The piece is painted stretched and distorted, but looks 3D when viewed through the lens of a camera.


Nikki Küntzle

Marc-André Lamothe

Spidertag‘s neon mural, only visible after nightfall.

Joshua Vides painted the entirety of this car wash to give it a look straight out of a black and white graphic novel.

the tribute alley to Scan

For the 2019 edition of Mural, a long segment of the graffiti alley behind St-Laurent was dedicated to Scan. Name pieces by the two dozen-plus artists involved are presented below from the left to the right end of the alley.

Pour l’édition 2019 du festival, un long segment de la ruelle graffiti derrière St-Laurent a été dédiée à Scan. Les pièces de la trentaine d’artistes impliqués sont présentées ci-dessous en ordre tel qu’elles apparaissent sur le mur (de gauche à droite).



Pito (top), Killa EF (ground).









Sage (name piece) and Zoltan (ear).


Axe Lalime (name piece) and Tchug (character).






Vect (in black and blue) and Ewol (in green).

F.One and Ewol doing Scan’s name.


Legal (ground) and Kwun (above). There is also Jake above those two, but his piece is not yet completed. This photo will be replaced by a definitive one after Jake completes his part.

A bit of bonus material by Odrus, a brazilian writer in town at the time of the festival, and Deep with a gold throw.

Waxhead’s sidewalk pieces

In 2019 it was Waxhead‘s turn to supply the sidewalk pieces in the Mural zone. He did thirteen hopscotch pieces in total, all on St-Laurent between Milton and Laurier.

En 2019 c’était au tour de Waxhead de créer les pièces de trottoir pour le Festival Mural. Il a créé treize marelles, toutes sur St-Laurent entre Milton et Laurier.

information/ad boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information and advertisement boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information et de publicité du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellente initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais.

Emily Read

Andy Dass

M’Os Geez

Nikki Küntzle. Nikki was actually on the programme and did her own mural, scroll up to view.


Raphaël Dairon


Marine Martinelli


Nicolas Bertrand

Anne-Julie Dudemaine

Arielle Coté


Caitlin McDonagh

Camille Perro

Denise Duong

Dominique Montesano


Phil Math


One of two truck sides by Wuna. See the other side below.

The other truck side by Wuna. Scroll up for the other side.

The back of the above truck was painted by Hest.

This is some sort of open photo booth by LP Montoya. Visitors to the Mural site would have their photo taken or take selfies from close enough to only see the psychedelic background and nothing else. See example below.

Example of the above installation by LP Montoya, featuring the artist himself. This photo © LP Montoya.


Door 2 door MTL – garage edition

Last year’s post titled “Door 2 door Montreal” was a particularly popular one, so here’s a follow-up presenting some of the best garage and delivery doors in Montreal.

L’article de l’année dernière intitulé ‘Door 2 door Montreal” présentant les plus belles oeuvres de street art sur des portes de Montréal ayant été particulièrement populaire, voici une suite consacrée cette fois aux portes de garage et de livraison.

Pieces are shown in approximate reverse chronological order, so the most recent are at the top.

Les pièces sont présentées ici en ordre chronologique inverse, de la plus récente à la plus vieille.

Elfu’s part on the LTG wall for the Canettes de Ruelle block party.

Eskro and Resok doing the name of their crew YU8 for the Canettes de Ruelle production.

Nikki Küntzle for the Canettes de Ruelle alley production in Rosemont.

Adida Fallen Angel in a Rosemont alley.

Raphael Dairon for the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Collaboration between Tava and Bishop in Little Italy.

Germ Dee in a Plateau alley.

Peru143 in a Plateau alley.

Waxhead and Cryote collaboration in Hochelaga.

Maliciouz in Mile End.

By an unidentified artist in Mile End.

Labrona in the Plateau.

Maliciouz in the Plateau.

SBU One in Hochelaga.

An unidentified artist in a Hochelaga alley.

Germ Dee at Plaza Walls.

Mngelekrak and Epos on a delivery door in Mile Ex.

Fokus in Hochelaga.

Haks in Mile-Ex.

Jest and Sloast collaboration in a Plateau alley.

Mono Sourcil for the Gatos Callejeros production in a Rosemont alley.

Jee tribute to Leonard Cohen in Mile End

SBU One in Rosemont.

Ms Teri on a delivery door in Mile Ex.

Kevin Ledo in a Plateau alley.

Stela on an abandoned warehouse in Hochelaga.

Maliciouz in the Plateau.

Hater in a central graffiti alley.

Fokus on the garage door of a park building in the Nouveau Rosemont.

Fokus, Gaulois and Boporc on a set of garage doors in Hochelaga.

Keos in a Plateau alley.

Nixon (top) and Sober (ground level) for the Scan You Rock jam.

Germ Dee in a Plateau back alley.

Koal on a delivery door in Mile Ex.

Wuna in a Plateau alley.

Unidentified artist at Plaza Walls.

Bosny in Plateau End.

Wheatpaste over painted door by Dial M for the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Legal (letters) and Jmoe (character) in Monkland Village.

Ms Teri in Monkland Village.

Dodo Osé in Hochelaga.

Pask in industrial Rosemont.

Germ Dee in a Plateau alley.

Naimo’s contribution to a K6A wall in St-Henri.

Mad Rats Gaulois and Boporc on a set of garage doors in Ville-Marie.

Monk.e in the Plateau.

MC Baldassari and Hot Sluts’n’Poutine collaboration in the Plateau, part 1/2.

MC Baldassari and Hot Sluts’n’Poutine collaboration in the Plateau, part 2/2.



Turtle Caps in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark. Also visible around are older pieces by Waxhead (left), Sake (top) and Peru143/Wastoids (right).

Raes in Mile End.

123Klan in the fashion district.

Five Eight (letters) and Earth Crusher (character) in the Plateau.

Turtle Caps in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Maliciouz in Mile End.

Shane Watt in Petite-Patrie

Cryote modified this garage door in the alley between St-Denis and Drolet when he repaired it post-vandalism. Scroll down for original.

Kevin Ledo in the Plateau.

Futur Lasor Now in the Plateau.

Unidentified artist in the Plateau.

Skam in Petite-Patrie.

Tava and Detto in Little Italy.

Cryote, at the time in the Wzrds Gng, in the alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

Labrona (humans) and Gawd (felines).

Monk.e in the Plateau.

Monk.e for K6A in St-Henri.

Unidentified artist for K6A in St-Henri.

Mono Sourcil in the Plateau.

El Moot Moot (left) and Waxhead (right) in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

El Moot Moot in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Riode in an abandoned industrial building.

Tava in Little Italy.

MSHL in St-Henri.

Zoids in St-Henri.

Unidentified artist in Plateau-End.

Koal and Snob on the delivery door of an abandoned warehouse.

MC Baldassari for En Masse in an alley off de Castelnau.

Waxhead over background by Mastrocola, on St-Dominique.

Unidentified artist in the Plateau.

Omen (main image) and Kashink (bottom corners) on the George General d’Auto Reparation.

Keos in Mile End.

Footloose Yooth Crew, left half.

Footloose Yooth Crew, right half.

Vhat in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Swaz on St-Dominique.

These garage doors in Hochelaga look like they are from Mateo‘s hand, but they are actually from a friend of his using some of his stencils.

Gawd, detail of a collaboration with Labrona (not visible in this detail) in the Cité du Multimédia.

Maddog and Namer in Hochelaga.

Unidentified artist in Mile End.

Andy Dass in Plateau/Rosemont.

Peru143 in the Plateau.

Peru143 in the alley between St-Laurent and Clark.

Waxhead (at the time representing the Wzrds Gng) in the alley between St-Denis and Drolet.

Le Renard Fou in upper Plateau.

Le Renard Fou in upper Plateau.

Unidentified artist in Mile End.

Dfek and Zek for Trife Life in the Plateau.

David Farley in the Plateau.

Collaboration between Waxhead (beige) and Birdo (green) in the McGill ghetto.

Unidentified artist in the Plateau.

Unidentified artist in the Plateau.

Peru143 helped by Fiefo in Monkland Village.

Fiefo in Monkland Village.

Royal Kingbee at the Cabot x Gilmore walls.

Bruno Smoky and Shalak, with Monk.e between doors, in Hochelaga.

Promethee Huard in Petite-Patrie.

A great piece by Omen in the Plateau.

Striker in Hochelaga.

Peru143 for En Masse on St-Laurent.

Maniak (top) and Zek (bottom) at the Cabot x Gilmore walls.

Stape and Fabu, Plateau.

Someone for Unc in Griffintown.

Astro in Montreal West.

Omen in the Plateau.

Omen downtown.