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Mural Festival 2019

This article features the new murals created during the 2019 edition of Mural Festival as well as the other temporary art found on the site (St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal) while it was closed to traffic from June 6th to 16th.

Five earlier Festival murals have been replaced with new ones this year. These are the Demsky and Michael Reeder walls from the 2018 edition, Scribe’s mural from the 2017 edition, and the Natalia Rak and Jonathan Bergeron creations from the 2016 edition.

You may want to check out this walking tour map connecting all Mural Festival creations and other major murals in the area.

Cet article présente les nouvelles murales créées dans le cadre de l’édition 2019 du Festival Mural ainsi que les oeuvres temporaires trouvées sur le site (St-Laurent entre Sherbrooke et Mont-Royal) pendant la tenue de l’événement du 6 au 16 juin.

Cinq murales ont été remplacées par de nouvelles cette année: celles de Demsky et de Michael Reeder de l’édition 2018, celle de Scribe produite au cours de l’édition 2017, et celles de Natalia Rak et de Jonathan Bergeron datant de l’édition 2016.

Vous êtes invités à jeter un coup d’oeil à cet itinéraire pédestre reliant toutes les murales produites dans le cadre de toutes les éditions du Festival ainsi que les autres créations majeures dans le même quartier.

the murals


Miss Van

Ben Johnston

Germ Dee, with name pieces by Deep (left) and Serak (right) in the bottom corners.

Close-up on Serak‘s part on the above mural by Germ Dee.

Bryan Beyung

Insane51. This mural is also meant to be seen through the coloured lens of 3D glasses, see below.

The Insane51 mural seen through the red lens of 3D glasses.

The Insane51 mural seen through the blue lens of 3D glasses.

Ola Volo

Leon Keer‘s anamorphic street piece. The piece is painted stretched and distorted, but looks 3D when viewed through the lens of a camera.


Nikki Küntzle

Marc-André Lamothe

Spidertag‘s neon mural, only visible after nightfall.

Joshua Vides painted the entirety of this car wash to give it a look straight out of a black and white graphic novel.

the tribute alley to Scan

For the 2019 edition of Mural, a long segment of the graffiti alley behind St-Laurent was dedicated to Scan. Name pieces by the two dozen-plus artists involved are presented below from the left to the right end of the alley.

Pour l’édition 2019 du festival, un long segment de la ruelle graffiti derrière St-Laurent a été dédiée à Scan. Les pièces de la trentaine d’artistes impliqués sont présentées ci-dessous en ordre tel qu’elles apparaissent sur le mur (de gauche à droite).



Pito (top), Killa EF (ground).









Sage (name piece) and Zoltan (ear).


Axe Lalime (name piece) and Tchug (character).






Vect (in black and blue) and Ewol (in green).

F.One and Ewol doing Scan’s name.


Legal (ground) and Kwun (above). There is also Jake above those two, but his piece is not yet completed. This photo will be replaced by a definitive one after Jake completes his part.

A bit of bonus material by Odrus, a brazilian writer in town at the time of the festival, and Deep with a gold throw.

Waxhead’s sidewalk pieces

In 2019 it was Waxhead‘s turn to supply the sidewalk pieces in the Mural zone. He did thirteen hopscotch pieces in total, all on St-Laurent between Milton and Laurier.

En 2019 c’était au tour de Waxhead de créer les pièces de trottoir pour le Festival Mural. Il a créé treize marelles, toutes sur St-Laurent entre Milton et Laurier.

information/ad boards

Every year the backs of the Festival’s many information and advertisement boards are painted by a selection of mostly local artists, a great way to showcase a lot of additional Montreal talent.

A chaque année le revers des panneaux d’information et de publicité du Festival sont peints par divers artistes locaux, une excellente initiative permettant de présenter une grande quantité de talent montréalais.

Emily Read

Andy Dass

M’Os Geez

Nikki Küntzle. Nikki was actually on the programme and did her own mural, scroll up to view.


Raphaël Dairon


Marine Martinelli


Nicolas Bertrand

Anne-Julie Dudemaine

Arielle Coté


Caitlin McDonagh

Camille Perro

Denise Duong

Dominique Montesano


Phil Math


One of two truck sides by Wuna. See the other side below.

The other truck side by Wuna. Scroll up for the other side.

The back of the above truck was painted by Hest.

This is some sort of open photo booth by LP Montoya. Visitors to the Mural site would have their photo taken or take selfies from close enough to only see the psychedelic background and nothing else. See example below.

Example of the above installation by LP Montoya, featuring the artist himself. This photo © LP Montoya.


Retrospective of 2018 pasted street art

This image gallery brings together 100 pieces of Montreal street art from 2018 that were created in a studio, then pasted, glued, screwed in or cemented into a public place. It is not necessarily the best of the year because taste is a subjective thing and I was obviously not able to photograph everything. The selection was done partly from my own personal favourites but mostly from those of my followers on Instagram. Of course this list was put together from what I was actually able to photograph, so keep in mind that it may lack some great work that just slipped between the cracks.

The pieces are shown here in alphabetical order of artist name. To ensure that the list wasn’t filled with only work from a few popular artists, I have set a maximum of 4 pieces per person. Collaborations by two or more artists count as one entry.

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Cette galerie-photo présente 100 pièces de street art produites en 2018 à Montréal, créées en studio avant d’être collées, vissées ou fixées dans le ciment dans un endroit public. Cette liste n’a pas la prétention d’être un best of de l’année puisque les goûts sont personnels et je n’ai évidemment pas eu la chance de tout photographier. La sélection s’est faite en partie parmi mes pièces favorites, mais surtout parmi les préférées de mes abonnés Instagram. Cette liste a bien sur été créée à partir de ce que j’ai eu la chance de trouver et de photographier, ce qui signifie que quelques chef d’oeuvres de 2018 pourraient ne pas y figurer.

Les pièces apparaissent ci-dessous en ordre alphabétique de nom d’artiste. Pour que cette liste ne soit pas totalement accaparée par quelques artistes populaires, j’ai fixé un maximum de 4 pièces par personne. Les collaborations entre deux ou plusieurs artistes ne comptent que pour une entrée.

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Adida Fallen Angel wheatpastes for the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. Adida also made it into the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art.

Wheatpaste/stencil combo by Cam.

Chat Perdu poster. I’ve encountered many variations of this, each one with a different caption.

I believe this paste-up is by Chat Perdu.

We were blessed with a visit by internationally renowned artist Clet this year.

Clet‘s take on a classic local traffic sign alteration.

Clet came up with a new design specifically for us Canadians.

Classic Clet in Montreal.

CSRK wheatpaste in a Plateau alley.

CSRK wheatpaste found in central Montreal.

CSRK wheatpaste found in Little Italy. Scroll down this list to ‘ROC514’ for a collaboration.

You can count on New York’s Elsol25 to pay us a visit during Mural Festival. Here’s some of the work he brought for us this year.

More pasted work by Elsol25, this one from another visit in July.

One more wheatpaste by Elsol25 from his July visit.

Elsol25 wheatpaste, drips by Mavi.

False Idols sticker.

Above 2 photos: Five Eight came out with new slick stickers this year. Check out the Retrospective of 2018 graffiti for more by this artist.

FKDL aka Franck Duval was in town during Mural and put up a few of his posters. Variations exist.

One more poster by FKDL, variations exist.

Futur Lasor Now is unfortunately not as active as he once was, but we still got treated to a few pieces around the time of Mural.

A Futur Lasor Now poster.

A new design for this Futur Lasor Now sticker.

A Futur Lasor Now poster.

Gascon created 2 new mosaic pieces honouring local legends this year. This one found in Ville-Marie celebrates Québec singer Diane Dufresne.

Germ Dee was very much into bootleg art this year and came out with this bootleg friends sticker. He has also made it into the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art.

This installation in a Mile End alley is by Josef Helie.

Poster by Jasper for the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Jest started putting up stickers in 2018, here’s one of the three designs I managed to find. He has also made it into the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art.

Above 3 photos: Kat participated in the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival with these 2 posters (in situ and close-ups are shown above)

Labrona was very busy putting up ‘peatwastes’ (as he calls them) this year.

This Labrona wheatpaste comes with a calligraphic tag by Lorem Ipsum.

Nothing better than a Labrona wheatpaste to embellish a closed business front. Funny how the characters here seem to be pointing at the tags and litter.

One more Labrona wheatpaste in one of his regular spots. Labrona has also made it into the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art.

The very active Lost Claws has become one of Montreal’s top pasters this year with a selection of bigger and wittier but often pessimistic pieces.

A touching wheatpaste by Lost Claws.

Lost Claws‘ death character likes its coffee black, what did you expect?

Commentary by Lost Claws next to a Sara Erenthal piece.

LSNR, who’s had a great year with participations in both Mural Festival and Under Pressure, also put up a bunch of hand drawn stickers in 2018. This is one example. This artist has also made it into the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art as well as the Retrospective of 2018 graffiti.

A Madame Gilles poster from this year’s run.

Above 2 photos: Two angles of this clever fake security camera installation by Makenoize at the Lachine Canal. The installation stayed up for many weeks before it was finally taken down or stolen.

Makenoize got very busy again this year, this sticker is a new variation on one of his earlier designs.

MC Baldassari contributed an awesome combo of wheatpastes (top windows) and painted work (bottom right window) to the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival.

Above 2 photos: This ‘sweet’ icing sugar piece by Shelley Miller (full piece and close-up shown above) was put up during Mural Festival. It was nice to watch its interaction with weather, graffers and insects over the weeks that followed its installation.

Mirov wheatpaste found in Mile End.

Mirov poster found in Mile End.

Mirov wheatpaste found in Plateau End.

Mirov wheatpaste found in Mile End.

Miss Me wheatpaste combo in a Mile End alley.

A set of Mono Sourcil wheatpastes for the 2018 edition of the Under Pressure Festival. Check out the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art for more by this artist.

A National Zombi paste-up.

Nether410 spent some time in Montreal in September and put up a bunch of wheatpastes. This one was found in the Plateau.

Nether410 wheatpaste found in Petite-Patrie.

Nether410 wheatpaste found in Petite-Patrie.

One more Nether410 wheatpaste, this one in the Plateau.

Peau wheatpaste in a prime Plateau location. Scroll down to Le ‘Renard Fou’ for one more piece by this artist.

A wheatpaste montage by Rage5 in Côte des Neiges.

A cool wheatpaste by Jos Ramirez in a Mile End alley.

This wheatpaste found on a Mile End container appears to have been put up by someone working under the name Remains(?).

Above 2 photos: two shots of this great installation by Le Renard Fou found cemented in an empty lot in Mile End.

Le Renard Fou got a bit horny in his work this past year, here he is getting it on while Peau watches… Scroll up for one more piece by Peau.

This poster by Le Renard Fou is not about organic farming…

A naughty wheatpaste combo of Le Renard Fou and Lakos.

Ribambelle Nomade has kept busy this past year putting up these paste-ups showing vintage toys.

One more Ribambelle Nomade paste-up.

A paste-up by Ribambelle Nomade.

A Ribambelle Nomade paste-up.

ROC514 returned to Montreal this year and didn’t waste any time getting busy in our streets and alleys again. This is one of the new designs.

This is a collaboration sticker between ROC514 and CSRK. Scroll up for more by the latter artist.

ROC514 loves collaborating with other artists, this paste up is with Pua (other character) and 6ara9e (van). Scroll down for more by ROC514 under ‘Starkey’.

Rope Love put up a bunch of paste-ups this past summer, here’s one of them.

One more paste-up by Rope Love found in central Montreal.

A Rope Love paste-up keeping company with this old sticker of mine.

Jessica Sabogal put up a series of different posters on this subject this year, but most of them were surprisingly and unfortunately defaced before I managed to photograph them.

A public service announcement by Shifty Cat.

Sinister Kid got busy with a bunch of mini-posters put up off-Mural.

Sinister Kid mini-poster found in the Plateau.

One more mini-poster by Sinister Kid found in the Plateau

A Sloast wheatpaste found in Mile End.

Sloast wheatpaste found in the Plateau.

An off-Mural Sloast wheatpaste found in the Plateau.

A wood-up collaboration between buddies Starkey and ROC514. Scroll up for more by ROC514.

A Stay Beautiful poster found in Central Montreal.

Two variations of this new poster design by Stay Beautiful.

Stikki Peaches‘s tribute to Bob Marley put up in a Mile End alley.

Freedom Frida wheatpaste by Stikki Peaches.

A huge Stikki Peaches wheatpaste of young Dali put up during Mural Festival.

Stikki Peaches in Little Italy.

Swarm out of one portal and into the next, in Hochelaga.

Swarm wheatpaste found in Plateau End.

Swarm wheatpaste found in central Montreal.

Swarm on fire in Mile End.

A funny wheatpaste by Tutanka found in a Mile Ex alley.

Above 2 photos: Waxhead created a handful of birdhouses this year. This one found in Chinatown is unfortunately the only one I managed to photograph before they were taken down or stolen…

A new sticker by Waxhead. Check out the Retrospective of 2018 murals and other painted street art for more by this artist.

A Zola wheatpaste found in Hochelaga.

A Zola wheatpaste found in Parc-Ex.

A more lightweight Zola wheatpaste found in Petite-Patrie/Rosemont.

A Zola wheatpaste somewhat different to the rest of her production, but still very relevent.

Unless Nietzsche is alive and living in Montreal, this wheatpaste found in Mile Ex is by an unidentified artist.

A few variations on this design by an unidentified artist were pasted around Mile End.